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31 Dec 2005 description
report World Bank


TF Name: Special Project to Support the Reintegration of Ex-Combatants in the Framework of the Peace Process in Angola
TF Number: TF052486
Report Date: December, 31, 2005
Program: -
Net Grant Amount: $4,335,000
Donor(s): MDTF (TF050574-- Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, EC)
Approval Date: August, 20, 2003

29 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/29 - The Japanese ambassador to Angola, Suaumo Shibata, this Thursday morning here will hand over to the country's authorities 4,597 tonnes of rice, states a press note.
According to the note, the product is estimated at 250 million yens (about 2 million dollars) and will be sold with the objective of collecting funds to finance projects with social impact.

The donation is to be received by the secretary-general of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Manuel Gomas, in a ceremony that is scheduled for 11 o'clock, in the head-office of this institution.

28 Dec 2005 description

After more than two decades of extended civil war in Angola, over 210,000 Angolans have fled to the western region of neighboring Zambia, where they live in poverty as refugees. Meanwhile, the Zambian communities where refugee camps have been established face the same poverty but do not receive the external aid that is focused on the Angolan refugees. This has created a sense of unfairness among Zambians and has aggravated relations between the two groups.

28 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/28 - The humanitarian situation in Angola has substantially improved in 2005, despite estimates of 700,000 people needing assistance, resulting from hard road access to some localities of the country. This was announced Wednesday in Luanda by the Social Welfare minister, Jo=E3o Baptista Kussumua, while addressing a ceremony of yearend compliments.

28 Dec 2005 description

Weekly Introduction
Update of Seasonal Outlooks at Four-Months Lead: April – June 2006

Northern Horn of Africa

Climatology is expected across most of the region, except locally over northwestern and southwestern Sudan, where there is a slight tilt in the odds favoring below normal rainfall. There is a slight tilt in the odds favoring above normal rainfall locally over eastern Ethiopia, northern Somalia, and portions of Djibouti. Climatology is expected elsewhere.

Gulf of Guinea

23 Dec 2005 description

USAID is the lead agency for the President's $1.2 billion, five-year initiative to control malaria in Africa. The goal of the initiative is to reduce malaria-related deaths by 50 percent in 15 countries by achieving 85 percent coverage of proven preventive and curative interventions. Activities are already underway with spraying and other high-impact interventions in the three, first-year target countries of Angola, Uganda, and Tanzania.

23 Dec 2005 description

Caxito, 12/23 - Twelve journalists from different media organs attended on Thursday, in Caxito, north-central Bengo Province, an upgrading seminar on land mines danger awareness.

23 Dec 2005 description

Lusaka/Geneva, 23 December 2005 - WFP, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Government of Zambia appealed today for US$8.5 million to provide food aid for up to 82,000 Angolan and Congolese refugees in Zambia facing an imminent ration cut of 50 percent.

23 Dec 2005 description

LUSAKA, December 23 (UNHCR) - More than 80,000 refugees in Zambia's five refugee camps and settlements could face malnutrition, triggering social problems like child labour and prostitution, unless international donors provide funds to avert a 50 percent cut in food rations scheduled to take effect in January.

22 Dec 2005 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 181 countries.

21 Dec 2005 description

Update of Seasonal Outlooks at One-Month Lead

January -- March 2006 Southern Africa

The outlook for Jan-Mar 2006 southern Africa rainfall at one month lead shows a low to moderate tilt in the odds favoring below average rainfall over Namibia, portions of southern Angola, southern Botswana, Swaziland, portions of southern Mozambique, the Maize Triangle and the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and locally over southern Madagascar.

20 Dec 2005 description

Huambo, 12/20 - At least 2,510 firearms were voluntarily surrendered this year to the national police in central Huambo province by civilians, Angop learned.

According to a note from the police, the civilians also handed over 477 shells of various calibres and 67 anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, 82 hand-grenades and 33 missiles.

The civilians that surrendered the weapons came from the province's 11districts.

20 Dec 2005 description

LUANDA, December 20 (UNHCR) - The return of a group of Angolan refugees from Botswana on Monday 19 December marked the end of UNHCR's three-year programme of organised convoys to Angola, under a voluntary repatriation scheme that has helped hundreds of thousands of refugees return home.

19 Dec 2005 description

Nutritional assessments undertaken in a number of countries over the past month show an increase in acute malnutrition. In the drought affected areas in Mozambique, acute malnutrition records 5%; the food insecure districts in Zambia show acute malnutrition figures of 7.7%; in Malawi the centre and southern parts recorded increased number of admissions to Nutritional Rehabilitation Units compared to last year; in Zimbabwe vulnerable districts recorded acute malnutrition rates of 9% and in Madagascar, acute malnutrition rates doubled since 1997 to 14% country wide.

19 Dec 2005 description

Caimbambo, 12/19 - At least 20 families repatriated from Zambia and settled in Caimbambo district, in central Benguela province, are benefitting from foods granted by the World Food Programe (WFP) and the local Government, Angop was informed.
The gift comprises maize, beans, seeds, agricultural tools, and cooking oil, said WFP local official, Domingos Francisco.

The mentioned people also benefit from maize seeds, 4,000 hoes, 400 axes and cutlasses, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development.

19 Dec 2005 description

State Department releases chronology of activities spanning 143 years

The United States has spent more than a billion dollars in the past dozen years on humanitarian land mine removal efforts around the world.

This money has been spent to remove land mines, pay for educational messages on the risks posed by mines, help victims of mine injuries, and fund research and development to improve existing humanitarian mine removal programs.

19 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/19 - About 42,561 people are now getting drinking water in the provinces of Huambo and Bie in the ambit of a project of building and rehabilitating fountains in the rural zones, which was carried out this year by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

19 Dec 2005 description

Ondjiva, 12/19 - About USD 490,272 were invested by the World Bank in projects for the socio-economic reintegration of 391 demobilized soldiers and their respective families in the municipalities Ombandja, Kuanhama, Namacunde and Kuvelai, in the southern Cunene Province.