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30 Apr 2009 description
report UN News Service

The United Nations has released over $3 million in emergency relief funding in response to the devastation caused by torrential rains in southern Africa, which have led to the deaths of over one hundred people and left tens of thousands homeless, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today.

The majority of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) disbursement, some $2.3 million, will go to a number of UN agencies providing urgent relief to victims of severe flooding in Angola, where the death toll has climbed to 60 since the beginning of the year.


30 Apr 2009 description

This report covers the period 01/01/08 to 31/12/08

In brief

Programme purpose:

In 2006, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Southern Africa Zone Office (SAZO) launched an innovative and dynamic five-year (2006-2010) regional HIV and AIDS programme. The ten National Societies (1) in the zone embarked on programme consolidation and building capacities to improve the overall implementation and management of the programme, and should resources be made available to eventually scale-up.

30 Apr 2009 description

This report covers the period 01 January 2008 to 31 December 2008.

In Brief

Programme Purpose:

Angola Red Cross Society (ARC) programmes have been developed in line with its Strategic Development Plan 2006 to 2009.

29 Apr 2009 description

When the colonial order ended in Africa, a myriad of problems confronted the new African nations. According to a recent study 16 wars took place between 1990 and 1997 in Africa. Of these, 14 were intrastate conflicts (Algeria, Angola, Chad, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Western Sahara, and the Republic of Congo). Only 2 were interstate (Chad/Libya and Rwanda/Uganda).

29 Apr 2009 description
report World Bank

LUANDA, April 29, 2009 -- A Municipal Health Service Strengthening Project (MHSS) is being prepared for Angola based on the lessons learned from the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Malaria and tuberculosis (HAMSET) due to end in June 2010.

29 Apr 2009 description


1. In the Comoros, the President has declared a national emergency after weeks of heavy rain affected 41 villages.

2. The rainfall season has drawn to a close, and this will be the final Regional Flood and Cyclone Situation Report for 2009, except if further flooding occurs at a regional level. However, national situation reports will continue to be issued. A summary of the season, as well as the current situation, is provided below.



28 Apr 2009 description

Lobito - The European Union (EU) granted over 20 million Euros to be reimbursed in the next four years in the country.

Jo=E3o Gabriel Ferreira, EU ambassador to Angola, disclosed the information to ANGOP on Monday in Lobito city, central Benguela province.

The EU ambassador, who visited the Angolan NGO "Omunga", one that implements social projects in Lobito district funded by the European Union in Angola, considers landmines clearance as an action that enables the free circulation of people, and at the same time allows socio-economic development.

According to the …

27 Apr 2009 description
report British Red Cross

A British Red Cross team specialised in preventing the outbreak of disease is heading to Namibia where the worst floods in decades have forced thousands from their homes.

Flooding on the Zambezi has already affected more than half-a-million people in Namibia and Angola, with the thousands forced out of their homes and now living in camps particularly vulnerable to disease.

To help combat the threat, the five-member British Red Cross Mass Sanitation Module (MSM) is equipped to deal with the sanitation needs of up to 20,000 people, and also works to prevent sanitation related diseases …

27 Apr 2009 description

Contexte général

Alerte maximum et mobilisation générale dans tous les états membres de la Région Africaine de l'OMS suite à l'épidémie de grippe porcine au Mexique et dans d'autres pays. A ce jour, aucun rapport officiel ne fait mention de la contamination d'un pays dans la Région AFRO. D'autres préoccupations majeures sont les épidémies en cours notamment la méningite dans la ceinture méningitique

Situation dans les pays

Crises Aiguës

Angola: Les pluies ont cessé mais les conséquences continuent de frapper les zones touchés.

27 Apr 2009 description

General Context

There is maximum alert and global mobilization in all the member states of the WHO African region following the swine flu epidemic in Mexico and some other countries. There are no official reports of the disease from any of the AFRO countries so far. Other major concerns are the ongoing outbreaks of diseases notably meningitis in the meningitis belt.

Countries Situations

Acute crises

Angola: Floods have subsided but the aftermaths continue to hit the affected areas. According to the local authorities in Cunene, the situation is under control.

24 Apr 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

The fight against malaria

On World Malaria Day in 2009, just over 600 days remain until 31 December 2010, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon's deadline for all endemic countries to achieve universal coverage with essential malaria control interventions.(1) Data presented here highlight major signs of progress across Africa toward this goal.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that between 190 and 330 million malaria episodes occurred in 2006, resulting in nearly 1 million deaths.

23 Apr 2009 description


1. The rainy season is drawing to a close. However, hundreds of thousands of people remain affected by floods throughout the region (see Annex 1).


2. Regional: Seasonably dry weather is settling over southern Africa as the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) continues to move northwards.

23 Apr 2009 description
report Le Potentiel

Pour se faire un peu d'argent, des policiers du Bas-Congo enlèvent des filles et les vendent à des militaires angolais. Dénoncés par des organisations de la société civile, une dizaine d'entre eux ont été arrêtés. Mais la plupart des filles sont toujours aux mains de leurs «maris» en Angola.

L'affaire fait grand bruit depuis le début de cette année dans toute la province du Bas-Congo.

23 Apr 2009 description

WASHINGTON, D.C. - APRIL 23, 2009 - The United States, through the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI), has helped 15 high burden countries in Africa to dramatically scale up highly effective malaria prevention and treatment interventions, according to the PMI third annual malaria report released today.

Working with other development partners, the PMI has helped Rwanda, Zambia, and Zanzibar to achieve major reductions in the number of people infected with malaria. Declines at the regional and district-level have also been reported from Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda.

21 Apr 2009 description
report Oxfam

By Adam Berthoud

Another year, another flood. For the third year in a row now there is flooding across several Southern Africa countries. In Southern Angola, Cunene Province is under water again and the now-ubiquitous tented camps swell in the provincial capital Ondjiva as people arrive in hope of finding some assistance from the government and NGOs like Oxfam.

In neighbouring Namibia, river levels have reached a 40-year high, whilst in Western Zambia the islands in the Zambezi floodplain, where people traditionally seek refuge during the seasonal flooding, have started to disappear.

21 Apr 2009 description

Menongue - The Government of the southern Kuando-Kubango province on Tuesday handed over 17 tons of foodstuff and industrial goods to 1,608 people affected by the heavy rains hitting the region, Angop has learnt.

The goods were handed over by the deputy governor for Social Affairs, José Maria, and comprise rice, salt, soap, beans, kitchen utensils, used clothes and mosquito-nets, for displaced people in Kamgamba and Terra Nova wards, in the surrounding of Menongue city.

Addressing the press, after the ceremony, the provincial director for social welfare, Modesta Ngueve, said the …

21 Apr 2009 description

Fact Sheet #1, Fiscal Year (FY) 2009


Starting in January 2009, heavy rains in the Cunene, Cuvelai, Okavango, and Zambezi river basins caused widespread flooding in southern and eastern Angola and northern and northeastern Namibia. Floods particularly affected Cunene, Moxico, and Cuando Cubango provinces in Angola and Caprivi, Kavango, Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, and Oshikoto regions in Namibia.