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18 Jul 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Busani Bafana

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Jul 18 2017 (IPS)

Southern African countries have agreed on a multi-pronged plan to increase surveillance and research to contain the fall army worm, which has cut forecast regional maize harvests by up to ten percent, according to a senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) official.

05 Oct 2012 description
report The Guardian

By Mark Tran

Report finds discovery of oil and mineral resources doing little to improve prospects for poor people, whose lot may even worsen

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07 Nov 2009 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Nov 07, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- For children living in peace, war is the stuff of fast-paced action movies or high-adrenaline computer games. Yet today, an astounding figure released by UNICEF shows that more than 250,000 children are fighting in wars and armed conflicts worldwide and witnessing atrocities.

From the "little bees" of Colombia to the "baby brigades" of Sri Lanka, boys and girls, some as young as six, have been transformed into small but highly efficient killing machines.

But what happens to child soldiers when the guns fall silent?

18 Oct 2009 description

By Joe Bavier

KINSHASA, Oct 18 (Reuters) - The diamond industry's Kimberley Process is failing due to a lack of accountability and follow-up, paving the way for an illegal trade that could see a return of conflict stones to world markets, campaigners said.

The certification scheme, designed to eliminate the trade in so-called "blood diamonds", was set up in 2003 in the wake of devastating civil wars in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, which were largely financed by the illicit diamond trade.

Before its implementation, conflict stones made up about 15 percent of the …

14 Sep 2009 description

By Kennedy Abwao, PANA Correspondent

Mombasa, Kenya (PANA) - African education ministers kicked off a three-day meeting in Kenya's seaside resort of Mombasa Monday with a plea to the world's richest economies to dedicate at least one percent of their US$1.4 trillion military expenditure to help fight illiteracy in Africa, blamed for fueling conflicts.

Kenya's Education Minister, Prof. Sam Ongeri, told African education ministers meeting here 14-16 Sept.

21 May 2008 description
report Voice of America

By Lisa Schlein

Geneva - The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, warns extreme poverty, climate change and civil strife are generating more refugees around the world. He says the growing number of refugees and migrants is leading to more intolerance and xenophobia. Lisa Schlein reports for VOA from UNHCR headquarters in Geneva.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, says refugee numbers were going down until 2005.

06 Jun 2006 description

By Nick Olivari

UNITED NATIONS, June 6 (Reuters) - A deadly trade in blood diamonds persists three years after African governments and the diamond industry launched an initiative to prevent illicit gem sales from fueling African wars, experts say.

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, set up in January 2003 to provide guarantees that participating nations were not dealing in diamonds financing local conflicts, has helped stem the flow of blood diamonds but millions of dollars in illicit stones are still entering the world market, they say.

"The Kimberly Process has …

20 Aug 2002 description

By Greg Campbell

18 Jul 2002 description

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - World Bank President James Wolfensohn said on Wednesday African countries would have to do more to stop wars and tackle AIDS if they are to develop.

03 Jul 2002 description

Durban, South Africa (PANA) - OAU Secretary General Amara Essy said Wednesday in Durban, South Africa that poverty, conflicts, deprivation and diseases plaguing the continent were a betrayal of Africa's youth.

13 Jun 2002 description

By Ruth Nabakwe, PANA Correspondent

27 Feb 2002 description

MONROVIA, Feb 27 (Reuters) - A study in West Africa has revealed the widespread sexual exploitation of refugee children by aid workers and peacekeepers in exchange for supplies sent to save lives.

The scandal, details of which emerged on Tuesday, is the latest in a series involving sex and corruption to taint aid and peacekeeping operations on the world's poorest continent.

Below are some scandals in recent years:


February - United Nations says investigation reveals that some peacekeeping troops in Mozambique paid for sex with children.


February - Angola …

25 Oct 2001 description

By Robert I. Rotberg

08 Mar 2001 description

2001-03-08 21:25:55 GMT+00:00 (Reuters)

13 Feb 2001 description

Windhoek - An international conference on 'Conflict Diamonds' opened Tuesday in Windhoek with the aim of finding a workable system to stem the flow of the precious stones without hurting the legitimate flow of the trade.

27 Oct 2000 description

Next month the UN may consider a global treaty to govern the diamond trade.

21 Sep 2000 description

Johannesburg (dpa) - African diamond producers on Thursday endorsed the introduction of an international certification scheme as a practical and reliable means of halting the trade in illegal and conflict gems onto the global market.

04 Sep 2000 description

WINDHOEK, Namibia - International diamond producing countries and representatives of various diamond companies began Monday a two-day workshop on "conflict diamonds," hosted by Namibia's mines and energy ministry.
Mines and energy Minister Jesaya Nyamu Monday said the deliberations were important for countless of thousands in Africa where diamonds have become an aggravating factor in civil conflicts.