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27 Jan 2010 description
report Global Witness

Executive Summary

The will and the capacity of the United Nations (UN) and Member States to deal with natural resourcefuelled conflicts is weak. In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), civilians die on a daily basis because of a war that is stoked by the international trade in minerals. The conflict's economic dimension and the identity of those fuelling it have been known for many years; yet increased awareness of the problem has not triggered effective action.

27 Jan 2010 description
report Global Witness

Press Release - 27/01/2010

The lack of a coherent and committed international approach to tackling the role of natural resources in conflict is costing lives in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and heightening the risk of further unrest in other fragile states such as Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea, according to a new report from Global Witness.

Drawing on Global Witness' experience in Angola, Cambodia, DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Sudan, the report, Lessons UNlearned, aims to promote understanding of, and a strategy for dealing with, the problem of natural resource wealth …

30 Nov 2008 description

The illicit trade: Gateway for conflict diamonds

The illicit trade in rough diamonds is one of the greatest threats facing the Kimberley Process (KP) certification scheme. The KP was created to halt and prevent the trade in conflict diamonds that cost so many lives during the last two decades.

22 Oct 2004 description
report Global Witness

Diamond controls in many countries are seriously flawed. But controls alone will probably never work unless diamond digging in some African countries pays more than a dollar a day. These are messages contained in two reports released today, prepared jointly by Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada, NGOs closely involved in the creation of the Kimberley Process diamond certification system.

Leaders of the world's diamond industry and representatives of more than 40 countries will gather in Ottawa on Oct.

19 Oct 2004 description
report Global Witness


This report presents the results of Global Witness and Amnesty International's survey into the diamond jewellery retail sector's implementation of self-regulation to support the Kimberley Process, the international diamond certification scheme launched to combat the trade in conflict diamonds. Many members of all sectors of the diamond industry made three commitments in January 2003:

  • To implement a code of conduct to prevent buying or selling conflict diamonds

28 Oct 2003 description
report Global Witness

The integrity of the Kimberley Process Diamond Certification Scheme (1) will be at stake this week when representatives from governments, the diamond industry and NGOs convene for the Kimberley Process plenary meeting being held from 29-31 October 2003 in Sun City, South Africa.

29 Jan 2003 description
report Global Witness

But More Action Needed to Eliminate Trade in Conflict Diamonds

10 Dec 2002 description
report Global Witness

Global Witness is concerned that the United Nations appears to be re-applying and lifting targeted diamond sanctions in an arbitrary and uncoordinated manner.

20 Nov 2002 description
report Global Witness

Global Witness is calling for the European Commission (EC) and its 15 Member States to adopt a tough regulation to combat the trade in conflict diamonds. The regulation must include the concept of extra-territoriality and must not contain any sunset provisions. Global Witness believes a strong message must be sent out to conflict and illicit diamond traders that their ways of doing business are over and that their illegal business practices in non-EC member countries will no longer be tolerated.

01 Nov 2002 description
report Global Witness

A long-awaited diamond industry 'chain of warranties', aimed at halting the trade in conflict diamonds, is so general that it is virtually worthless, say NGOs that have been campaigning on the issue over the past four years. International negotiations on a certification system for rough diamonds will culminate at a Ministerial Meeting of the 'Kimberley Process', on November 5, in Interlaken, Switzerland.

25 Oct 2002 description
report Global Witness

As the World Diamond Congress (WDC) meets in London on 27-29 October 2002, ActionAid, Amnesty International and Global Witness will be there with a strong message for the diamond industry: the time for talking is over. The diamond industry must act now to eliminate the international trade in conflict diamonds. The NGO coalition will be at the WDC meeting to draw delegate's attention to the fact that there are only 66 days before governments launch the Kimberley Process, an international control system for diamonds.

19 Jul 2000 description
report Global Witness

1) The civil society organisations present at the Antwerp 2000 World Diamond Congress are very pleased with the outcome of the conference and the proposals for reform made by IDMA and WFDB. These proposals will go a long way to meeting many of the concerns about conflict diamonds that have been expressed by NGOs in Europe, North America and Africa.
2) Still, there remains much to be done:

20 Jun 2000 description
report Global Witness

Global Witness' report 'Conflict Diamonds: Possibilities for the Identification, Certification and Control of Diamonds', published today, highlights some of the practical and enforceable solutions to controlling the flow of conflict diamonds in the international diamond industry. Increasingly, the diamond industry is being forced to change the way it does business. Global Witness is suggesting realistic solutions to the deep-rooted problem of diamond-funded conflict.