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27 Jan 2016 description

By Annie Slemrod

JERUSALEM, 27 January 2016 (IRIN) - Between 400,000 and two million Syrians (depending on who’s counting) are living under siege. Madaya forced their plight onto the international stage. Since then, voices calling for airdrops to save starving civilians have only become louder.

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13 May 2010 description

NAIROBI, 13 mai 2010 (IRIN) - Le nombre d'enfants scolarisés a augmenté dans l'ensemble du monde parmi les enfants en âge d'aller à l'école primaire, mais dans les pays touchés par des conflits, un grand nombre d'entre eux restent privés d'éducation, d'après un rapport publié dernièrement.

Sur les 72 millions d'enfants qui ne vont pas à l'école [contre 115 millions en 2006], 39 millions vivent dans des pays touchés par des conflits, selon ce rapport, intitulé The Future is Now ?L'Avenir, c'est aujourd'hui?, et publié le 11 mai par …

24 Oct 2007 description

NAIROBI, 24 October 2007 (IRIN) - Private military contractors (PMCs) are seeking to play a greater role in peacekeeping in Africa to make up for what they claim to be the inability of UN missions and state militaries to ensure the continent's security and humanitarian development.

During a three-day conference in Nairobi that brought together UN agencies, NGOs, officials of numerous governments and several private sector companies, PMCs said they had much to offer in terms of logistics, personnel and expertise.

21 Feb 2005 description

In the hearts and minds of uprooted people, the power and mystique of the word 'home' inspire the greatest efforts to return. However, there are times when the reality of home and the initial euphoria of going back sour and turn to frustration as families struggle to reintegrate into societies ravaged by war and social dislocation.

12 Dec 2003 description

[This article is part of an IRIN web special on the issue of child soldiers published today. In addition to this story, the web special includes a special report on the issue of child soldiers, other country-specific features, background documents and links to resources available for further reading on the Internet. To access the web special please go to: www.IRINnews.org/webspecials/childsoldiers/]