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30 Oct 2000 description

The World Food Programme wishes to thank donors for their continued generosity. This year donors have contributed over US $ 1.3 billion, and WFP has used these resources to mobilise over 3.1 million tons of food aid distributed to needy people.

16 Oct 2000 description

Refugee news briefings

31 Aug 2000 description

New documents published in August and available at EHA:

  • Angola: Update on the Situation of Meningitis in the Country
  • Angola: Epidemic Outbreaks Update
  • Kosovo Health Talks 30 and 31
  • Health Situation Report West Timor
  • Interim Health Policy Guidelines for Kosovo
  • Humanitarian Action and Public Health in Disasters. Allocation of National and International Resources, EHA Paper for the World Congress on Medicine and Health, Hanover 21 July - 20 August
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18 Aug 2000 description

This report includes: A) West and Central Asia: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Iran, B) South Asia Floods: India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, C) Russian Federation / Chechnya, D) Sudan, E) East Africa and Horn: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Tanzania, F) Angola, G) Sierra Leone, H) Congo-Brazzaville, I) Indonesia / East Timor, J) Algeria

14 Jul 2000 description

This report includes: A) Global WFP Funding; B) Asia: Asia Drought, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iran and India; C) DPR Korea; D) Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea; E) Sudan F) Sierra Leone, G) Great Lakes: Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi; H) Angola, I) Nicaragua.

23 Jun 2000 description

This report includes: A) India - drought B) Sierra Leone C) Angola D) Ethiopia E) Somalia F) Burundi.

14 Jun 2000 description

FAO's June Food Outlook report signals a one percent increase in cereal output in 2000, compared to the previous year. However, according to current forecasts, total cereal production will not be enough to cover utilization requirements in 2000/2001 and global cereal reserves will have to be drawn down. If current forecasts materialize, global stocks could fall slightly below minimum safe levels.

14 Jun 2000 description

Rome, June 2000
Extracts from FAO/GIEWS Food Outlook No. 3, 2000


Latest indications continue to point to a larger cereal output in 2000. However, based on the current forecasts, total cereal production would not be sufficient to meet expected utilization requirements in 2000/01 and global cereal reserves would be drawn down again next season.

16 May 2000 description

This report includes: A) Horn of Africa drought: Ethiopia and Somalia B) Sierra Leone C) Angola D) Namibia E) India - drought.

13 Jan 2000 description

This report includes: A) Angola B) Namibia - Angolan refugees C) Burkina Faso D) East Africa: Uganda and Tanzania E) India - Orissa cyclone F)