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14 Oct 2019 description

Ondjiva - The southern Cunene province has recorded moderate rain on Sunday night after 12 months of extreme drought in the region, therefore reviving the hope of more than 800,000 people and nearly one million cattle affected by the drought.

Lack of raifall in the region has disrupted the 2018/2019 agricultural season, making the local inhabitants to fail to harvest in 205,000 hectares of the 99,000 fields.

09 Oct 2019 description

Lubango - The drought-stricken population in Huila province has risen from 173,000 to 206,000, with the arrival of people from Namibe and Cunene, particularly herders looking for cattle pasture in the municipalities of Gambos and Matala.

The information was advanced this Tuesday, in Lubango, by the deputy provincial commission coordinator of the drought, Mariana Soma, stating that most of the people immigrated came from the municipalities of Virei (Namibe), Curoca and Ombandja (Cunene).

04 Oct 2019 description

Luanda - The situation in drought-hit region of the southern Angola will be tackled soon, assured the State Secretary of Interior for Technical Assurance.

Salvador Rodrigues pointed to combined effort involving the Government, private institutions and international organisations.

28 Sep 2019 description

Huambo - Angolan government has spent USD 60 million in recent years to fund the demining process in the country aimed to do away with the anti-personnel mines.

This was confirmed Friday in the central Huambo province by minister of State for Social Area, Carolina Cerqueira, while speaking to the press, as part of Prince Harry's visit to Angola.

Cerqueira said that in addition to the investments, the Angolan Executive also developed international cooperation with the anti-mine movement.

25 Sep 2019 description

Saurimo - The rains that have hit Saurimo in the last 24 hours have left 40 families homeless, said today the spokesman of the Lunda Sul Civil Protection and Fire Service (SPCB), Vitorino Wangunua.

According to the fire service officer, the rains, which were accompanied by strong winds, did not cause human casualties but partially destroyed eight homes.

"The SPCB is working with the Saurimo Municipal Administration to create minimum conditions to support the injured," he said.

25 Sep 2019 description

Sumbe - At least 296,195 children were immunized against polio in the municipality of Conda, province of Kwanza Sul, during the disease blockade vaccination campaign.

According to the head of the Provincial Department of Public Health and Endemic Control of Kwanza Sul, Delfina da Silva, this figure, although provisional, represents 100 percent of the forecast.

She said these provisional vaccination data indicate that the municipality with the lowest vaccination number was Sumbe, with 56 percent.

23 Sep 2019 description

Ondjiva - The drought hitting the southern Cunene Province since October 2018 has gone worse and forced many underage boys and girls, some even younger than fifteen, to get involved in hard physical activities with a view to dealing with the phenomenon and its consequences, such as hunger and thirst.

22 Sep 2019 description

Caxito - At least 2,404,400 square meters in Bengo and Luanda provinces have been cleared of landmines by the 12th brigade of the Special Demining Unit attached to the President's Security House.

The information was given to the press on Friday in Bengo at the end of the act of destroying 1,578 unexploded ordnance, collected from 2006 to 2019, in the area adjacent to the Ambriz municipality vocational training center, on the former transport line of high voltage electricity (kilometer 44) and in the area of the new Luanda airport in Catete.

22 Sep 2019 description

Dundo - The organised repatriation of the 4,000 refugees settled in Lóvua shelter centre, eastern Lunda Norte province, initially scheduled for 18th September this year, was postponed sine die at the request by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The fact was confirmed on Thursday by the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Office, in Lunda Norte, Daniel Roger Tam.

The UNHCR official told Angop that the decision owed to the lack of reception conditions in the provinces of Kassai and Central Kassai in DRC.

12 Sep 2019 description

Dundo - The process of voluntary and spontaneous repatriation of refugees from the DR Congo, who were sheltered at the Lóvua camp, in the north-eastern Luanda Norte Province since May 2017, has ended with the return home of about 14,724 Congolese citizens.

The voluntary repatriation process started last August 19, when a group of refugees unilaterally decided to return to the country of origin voluntarily and spontaneously.

12 Sep 2019 description

Lubango - The National Civil Protection Commission on Wednesday delivered 320 tonnes of foodstuff to support the drought-stricken population in southern Huila province.

The bulk includes 270 tonnes of food and 50 tonnes of clothing and soap.

Some 173,777 people are affected by drought in the province.

The Provincial Commission distributed from February-August this year 555 tons of goods to assist over 40,000 families affected by phenomenon.

05 Sep 2019 description

The 11,910 refugees are part of the bulk settled in Lóvua shelter centre, Angola's eastern Lunda Norte province, who unilaterally decided to return voluntarily and spontaneously to their home land (DRC) on August 19.

Speaking to the press, at the end of his 72-hour working visit to Lunda Norte province, the official regretted the condition of the refugees stranded in that locality, waiting for the Congolese government to create transport conditions for distribution to their respective areas.

04 Sep 2019 description

Dundo - The Secretary of State for Social Action, Lúcio de Amaral, traveled this Tuesday to the border of Tchicolondo, Cambulono municipality, in the course of his working visit to the province of Lunda Norte, to verify in loco the transition conditions of Congolese refugees.

These are the refugees who were settled in Lóvua camp, Lunda Norte, who on 19 August decided unilaterally to return to their country of origin.

03 Sep 2019 description

Ondjiva - At least twelve million Euros were made available for implementation of social projects in the provinces of Cunene, Huíla and Namibe, as part of the implementation of the Program for Strengthening Resilience, Food Security and Nutrition in Angola (FREZAN).

FREZAN is a program launched in October 2018, funded by the European Union, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

31 Aug 2019 description

Dundo - Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo based in Lóvua camp, who have decided to stay in Angola, have the support of the Angolan Government, according to the agreement reached at the tripartite meeting between Angola, UNHCR and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The information was released Thursday in Dundo, by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Angola, Philippa Candler, at the end of a meeting with Lunda Norte governor Ernesto Muangala.

29 Aug 2019 description

Luanda - The United Nations has made available USD 465 million for the implementation of projects designed to mitigate the effects of the drought hitting the southern provinces of Huíla, Namibe and Cunene.

The announcement was made last Wednesday by the UN resident co-ordinator in Angola, Pier Paolo Balladelli, in the end of a meeting with the National Assembly (parliament) Speaker, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

According to the diplomat, the project, dubbed “Resilience Framework”, is to be implemented in a period of four years.

29 Aug 2019 description

Dundo -At least 5.379 refugees have returned to Central Kassai province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as part of voluntary and spontaneous repatriation started on February 19.

The process is underway with the support of the Angolan Government.

To ensure the speed-up of the process, the Angolan government increased to ten the number of trucks that continue to transport refugees who have voluntarily decided to return to their home country.

28 Aug 2019 description

Luanda - At least 1,220 areas of Angola are still affected by landmines, especially the provinces of Cuando Cubango, Moxico, Cuanza Sul and Bie.

This fact was released Tuesday, in Luanda, by the head of the office of Exchange and Cooperation of the National Inter-sectoral Commission on Demining and Humanitarian Assistance (CNIDAH), Adriano Gonçalves.

The official, who was speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the Workshop on the National Strategy for the Mine Action Sector in Angola, said that the country needs US $ 300 million to be mine free by the year 2025.

21 Aug 2019 description

Dundo - Exactly two years ago (2017), the Republic of Angola reached out to 35,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), welcomed in Lunda Norte province, due to the extreme and widespread violence caused by political tensions in their country.

It was undoubtedly the largest migratory movement of DRC citizens towards Angola, according to official data from the authorities of both countries and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

19 Aug 2019 description

Matala - More than 500,000 children aged from six months to five years old, have been vaccinated against poliomyelitis in the provinces of Huambo, Bié, Cuando Cubango, Cunene and Huíla.

According to the Health minister, Sílvia Lutukuta, the vaccination campaign which started last Friday expects to reach 1.184.687 children in the region.

Sílvia Lutukuta disclosed the information to the press on Saturday while visiting the central Huila province to oversee the National Vaccination Programme against Poliomyelitis in southern region of Angola.