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31 Dec 2002 description

The Angolan government and UNITA, together with the United Nations and the three countries tasked with monitoring the Angolan peace process, declared at the end of November that the 1994 peace agreement had finally been implemented. The six parties to the Joint Commission for the Angolan Peace Process - the government, UNITA, the United Nations, Portugal, Russia and the United States - signed the declaration dissolving the Joint Commission and bringing an official end to the 27-year-old civil war November 21st.

31 Dec 2002 description

Sumbe, 12/31 - Education, Health, Energy and Water's sectors, roads and productive infrastrutures' rehabilitation and fight against poverty will be the main priorities of the central-coastal Kwanza-Sul province's Government, in the course of the year 2003.

It was learned on Monday, in capital Sumbe, from the governor of Kwanza-Sul province, Mr Serafim Maria do Prado, on the occasion of new year message, presented in a ceremony witnessed by members of the Government, ecclesiastical and traditional authorities, political parties and civil society representatives.

Mr Serafim …

28 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/28 - Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, Friday in Luanda set the year 2004 as the deadline for the total integration of the victims of the country's armed conflict into the national production process.

In a yearend message to the nation, the head of State said that in the year mentioned the victims will be able to rely on their own with a view to developing their potentials of creation of wealth and generation of incomes, without depending on the national programmes and Government's and international organisations' food aid.

According to the …

26 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/26 - A group of war displaced people from Uige, Kwanza-Sul and Bengo provinces who have been living in Luanda, will return to their homelands from January 2003.

These displaceds will leave Luanda in an evacuation plan of war displaced population, which has started last week thursday in which 3,000 people have already left to northern Kwanza-sul and Malange provinces.

According to the provincial representative of the Social and Welfare Ministry (MINARS), Mrs Maria do Ceu, the Government is evacuating only those who have showed their interest in returning to their …

20 Dec 2002 description

Uije, 12/20 - Inhabitants of Maquela do Zombo district, in Angola's Northern Uije province, are in urgent need of essential commodities, medical assistance and medicines, according to local administrator Tota Faitoma.


20 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/20 - Some 3,000 former UNITA soldiers on Thursday started to be reintegrated into society in Lubango, Angola's Southern Huila province, in a ceremony witnessed by the Social Welfare Minister Joao Baptista Kussumua.

The former soldiers received kits to develop some activities, mainly agricultural ones, which will facilitate their social reinsertion.

Joao Batpista Kussumua denied reports that the Angolan government was not paying the necessary attention to the demobilizedd.

19 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/19 - Ten tons of medicine worth US $500.000 donated by the World Health Organization (WHO) were delivered Thursday in Luanda to the National Health Directorate by the Portuguese Embassy to assist families staying in resettlement areas.

The donation includes drugs such as anti-malaria, antibiotics, measles vaccines, vitamin A supplements and kits to help the work of traditional midwives.

17 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/17 - Fundamental rights of children at sheltering camps and areas newly opened to circulation will be guaranteed and protected by the Government.

This was said Monday in Viana, Luanda outskirts, by Angolan Social Welfare minister Joao Baptista Kussumua.

12 Dec 2002 description

Kuito, 12/12 - At least 39 ex-UNITA under-aged soldiers reunited with their families in November this year, in Angola's central Bie province, under an ongoing programme executed by the Ministry of Social Assistance and Reinsertion (MINARS).

According to MINARS Bie head officer for children Evangelista Chamale, the young men have already been taken to their home areas.

In the same period, she added, they registered 15 children displaced by the war and nive adults who are looking for their families.

Assisting in the programme are UNICEF, ICRC and the Catholic Church.

11 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/11 - Ideas and proposals reflecting the country's current problems were bound into a book titled "Angola - A Paz e os Desafios do Futuro" (Angola - Peace and Challenges of the Future) and launched on Tuesday in Luanda.

Produced by Angola's ruling MPLA party politburo, the book is a compilation of various ideas and proposals presented during the conference on "Angola - Peace and Challenges of the Future" held in Luanda on 27-29 June 2002.

The piece of work results from an MPLA initiative aimed at an ample debate about the most relevant matters …

11 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/11 - At least USD 700,000.00 have been made available by the authorities for the implementation of the "Vem Comigo" (Come With Me) Project.

According to the chairman of the Association of Angolan Disabled People (ANDA), Silva Lopes Etiambulo, the amount was released by the Angolan Government, which approved the project aimed at the creations for the complete rehabilitation of war disabled people currently unemployed.

11 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/11 - Angola's reconstruction was on Tuesday in Luanda pointed out as the main challenge for the country's future.

This view was expressed by Angola's ruling MPLA party secretary general, Joao Lourenco, during the launch of the book "Angola - Paz e os Desafios do Futuro" (Angola - Peace and the Challenges for the Future", produced by the MPLA politburo.

Joao Lourenco on the occasion justified his position with the suffering the country experience during the war that lasted for decades and ravaged Angola.

According to him, his party is …

10 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/10 - UNITA's Secretary for Information, Marcial Dachala, on Tuesday here expressed satisfaction over the lifting of sanctions against his Party and stated that this move will help speed-up the process of peace consolidation in Angola.

Marcial Dachala was addressing ANGOP in reaction to Tuesday's UN Security Council decision to unanimously lift all economic and financial sanctions imposed on UNITA.

These sanctions, some of them dating back from 1993, aimed to block that party's funding and international support during the war period that ended in February …

10 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, Dec 10 - Forty-six tons of assorted goods estimated to cost 580.00 Euros arrived in Luanda today, donated by the Government of Portugal.

The donation, Portugal's third to Angola, will be distributed to the needy populations of Kwanza-Sul, Malanje and Huíla provinces, and comprises such goods as blankets, medicines and farming equipment.

The aid was raised by institutions like the Portuguese Red Cross, Caritas, NGOs, firms, pharmaceutical laboratories, publishers and foundations, in line with a list of needs presented by the Angolan Government.

The consignment, flown in …

09 Dec 2002 description

Cabinda, 12/09 - Angola's ruling MPLA party politburo member, Bornito de Sousa, reiterated Saturday in northern Cabinda province his party and the Government will do their best for a peaceful solution to the so-called "Cabinda Case".

Bornito de Sousa made the statement at the locality of Buco-Zau while chairing the celebrations of the ruling party's 46th anniversary.

06 Dec 2002 description

Luanda, 12/06 - Angola's ruling MPLA party politburo and main opposition UNITA standing committee Thursday in Luanda signed a Memorandum of Understanding that settled outstanding items of the Lusaka Protocol.

The content of the Memorandum was not disclosed to the public but it is believed that a consensus on matters on the meeting agenda has been reached.

28 Nov 2002 description

Luanda, 11/28 - Former UNITA soldiers and their families concentrated at Capaia sheltering centre, Lukapa municipality, in Lunda Norte, are waiting to return to their areas of origin starting today.

The process is divided in two phases. The first will see natives from neighboring Lunda-Sul, Moxico and Malange provinces be evacuated by road, whereas in the second one people from far away provinces will be flown to their zones. (Source: ANGOP)

25 Nov 2002 description

Lubango, 11/25 - UNICEF has invested more than 50,000 in the building of a medical centre at Caconda, in Angola's southern Huila province.

The fully equipped hospital was built in four months and started up services on Friday after essential medicines were supplied.

Caconda local administrator Salomao Agostinho thanked UNICEF for the gesture saying the centre will contribute to improve the quality of medical assistance offered to the population there.

The new infrastructure has brought to 19 the number of sanitary units available at Caconda which lies 236 kilometres north of …

24 Nov 2002 description

Matala, Lubango, 11/24 - Angola's Council of Ministers' Standing Commission Friday approved programmes totalling Usd 100 million meant to improve and increase provision of basic services to the populations of southern Huila, Namibe, Cunene, Kuando-Kubango and northern Cabinda provinces.

The session held at Matala district (Huila) under president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, also made provisions to allocate Usd 20 million to each of the provinces.

According to the session's final communique, ten primary and secondary schools and another 12 will be built at the districts of …

22 Nov 2002 description

Luanda, 11/22 - Education and training of children and adults constitute a priority in the development of Angola, the ministry of education and culture states in a note distributed to Angop on Friday.

The note issued to mark the Angolan Teacher's Day, states as well that education as a far-reaching task should cultivate the sentiment of solidarity and equality towards the development and equilibrium of the Angolan Nation.

The ministry of education and culture is committed to improving teaching facilities and teachers' salaries, the note also says.

With the emergence of …