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03 Apr 1998 description

Washington, D.C. April 3, 1998: Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos met with top level UNITA leaders in Luanda yesterday to discuss the final steps toward a successful conclusion of Angola's peace process, including the extension of state administration into the central highlands of Angola. On April 1, UNITA Vice President Antonio Sebastiao Dembo, Secretary for Foreign Affairs Alcides Sakala Simoes and Political Commission members Francisco Marcolino and Artur Vinama arrived in Luanda to establish UNITA headquarters in the capital.

11 Mar 1998 description

Washington, D.C. March 11, 1998: The Angolan Ambassador to the United States, Antonio dos Santos Franca, announced this morning that the Government of Angola had formally rescinded the ban on the political activities of UNITA, thus legalizing UNITA's status as a political party. In Angola, a political party is not permitted to maintain troops and UNITA's legalization was predicated on its complete demilitarization. "The Angolan Government's action today, brings us one step closer to completing the peace process started three years ago.

10 Mar 1998 description

A Final Timetable for Concluding the Peace Process

The New Year started with a renewed impetus to conclude the Lusaka Protocol. On January 9, the Government, UNITA and the Joint Commission adopted a new timetable calling for the implementation of all outstanding issues by February 28. One of the first items to be concluded was defining the security detachment of Mr. Savimbi. While both sides readily agreed that Mr.

13 Jan 1998 description

President Dos Santos and Dr. Savimbi to Meet in Luanda in February

Washington, D.C., January 13, 1998: The Government of Angola and UNITA have agreed to complete all outstanding issues contained in the Lusaka Protocol peace accord by the end of February. Importantly, President JosJ Eduardo dos Santos agreed with the suggestion of UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi that they should meet in Luanda between February 17-21 (rather than the January 15-20 timeframe that was suggested by the government).

09 Jan 1998 description
1. Conclude demobilization of residual forces including the generals in the framework of reforms. January 28, 1998

2. Define the security detachment of the UNITA President. January 21, 1998

3. Statement on the demilitarization of UNITA. January 31, 1998

4. Complete and total legalization of UNITA. February 4, 1998

5. Promulgation of the Special Status of the UNITA President. February 9, 1998

6. Conclusion of the extension of State Administration. January 27, 1998