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26 Dec 2013 description

Kassongue - The provincial governor of central coastal Kwanza Sul, Eugenio de Brito Teixeira, announced on Monday at Cassongue Village, that the actions of his office in Rural Development Programme and fight against Famine and Poverty, in 2014, will prioritize the aid to drought-hit people in identified zones of the province.

The official said that on the occasion of inauguration of the first extraordinary session of Technical Unit of fight against Poverty (UTPLCP), which is taking place in Cassongue.

10 Dec 2013 description

Huambo - Five new cases of cholera is recorded daily in Hambo Municipality since a cholera outbreak took place last month, which claimed eight lives, according to the provincial supervisor for epidemiology watch, Artur Braga.

Artur Braga told ANGOP on Tuesday that up to date 95 cases has been notified adding that the outbreak started with three cases daily at the beginning.

He pointed out the areas of Calomanda, Macolocolo, Calundo, Santo Antonio Chiva and Benfica Frederico, in the suburbs of the capital city, as the most endemic zones.

01 Dec 2013 description

Luanda - A multi-sector delegation consisting of physicians, nurses and diagnosis technicians, will leave on Wednesday to southern Cunene province to reinforce the teams to engaged in the fight against cholera that has claimed 133 people in 12 months, Angop learned on Monday.

A Health source said that 133 deaths have been recorded from December 2012 out of 751 cases of cholera in Cunene province.

Last week, Cunene province recorded 444 cases with three deaths in hospital and 16 deaths out of hospital, against 428 of previous week, with a death toll of three people.

27 Nov 2013 description

Caimbambo - At least sixteen explosive devices, including ten anti-personnel landmines, have been destroyed over the last eight months in Catengue locality, Caimbambo municipality, 116 km south off the capital of the southern Benguela province.

The data were released by the Halo Trust's head of operations in Benguela, Ezequiel Huambo.

Ezequiel Huambo told Angop that the activity is going smoothly having already covered an area of 72,759 square meters.

He said that 210 mines were destroyed from 2006 to 2010, mostly anti-personnel landmines.

08 Oct 2013 description

The Angolan Executive continues engaged with the process to finalise the situation of prolonged asylum of Angolan refugees.

This was said Wednesday in Geneva (Switzerland) by the Angolan Welfare minister João Baptista Kussumua.

The minister was addressing the 64th session of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

08 Oct 2013 description

The director of National Demining Institute (INAD), Bernabé Frederico, said on Wednesday that his institution is engaged in demining land reserves.

The official said so to Angop when speaking at INAD activities being developed in the central Bié province this year.

Bernabé Francisco stated that, among the activities being developed include the second phase of demining the land reserves of Kaluapanda (Kuito), as well as Kunhinha reserve.

20 Sep 2013 description

Over 100 tones of various products were collected by Catholic Church Caritas in Kwanza Norte, as part of solidarity action for the victims of drought hitting the southern region of Angola, Angop learnt on Friday from a source of the institution.

Data supplied to Angop states that Caritas of Ndalatando Diocese collected from August up to now, over 100 tones of goods and other numbers of mineral water, hygiene products and some money.

29 Aug 2013 description

A technical monitoring team of the National Executive Demining Commission is since Wednesday in southeastern Kuando Kubango province's municipalities that border on Zambia, to assess the landmine clearing operation in the region, Angop learned Thursday.

The mission in the localities of Cuangar, Calai and Dirico, is part of the implementation of the Kkavango-Zambezi cross border tourist project.

21 Aug 2013 description

Luanda - The commander of Fire-fighter Department (SNPCB), Commissioner António Vicente Gimbe, said Tuesday in Luanda hat the institution is ready to assist the population affected by the rain.

The senior officer of SNPCB told Angop that the sector is equipped with staff and means for intervention.

On the other hand, António Gimbe highlighted the initiative by some provincial governments to move residents from risky areas to safer zones.

16 Aug 2013 description

Huambo – Central Huamo province may be free from landmines in the coming four year, due to the works arried out by the non-governmental organization The Hallo Trust, Angop has learnt.

This was said Friday by the head of the headquarter of this organization, Aurélio José Chucúlia, adding that there are only 42 areas suspected of landmine in the province, being that they can be clarified at any moment depending only in finances.

If the 42 areas be clarified the only problem will be explosive devises as they were planted in areas that the population do not know well.

29 Jul 2013 description

Ombadja – The secretary general of ruling party’s women wing (OMA), Luzia Inglês, donated on Sunday in Onepolo locality, southern Cunene province a kit comprised by goods to victims of drought in that region.

Speaking to the press at the end of the handing over ceremony, Luzia Inglês said that the donation will contribute to efforts of the government to minimize the population’s scarcity.

During his stay in Onepolo, the head of OMA learnt about the various social problems that affect victims, such as the lack of drinking water.

26 Jul 2013 description

Kinshasa – An Angolan multi-sector delegation comprising experts from the ministries of Social Welfare, Foreign Affairs and Territory Administration, is visiting the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

For two days, both countries and UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ experts analysed the return to Angola or reintegration in the DRC society of Angolan refugees, under a process that is being discussed during a ministerial meeting taking place Thursday in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa.

16 Jul 2013 description

Menongue - At least 3,863 cases of malaria were diagnosed from January to June this year in Cuíto Cuanavale municipality, south-east Kuando Kubango province, said Tuesday the local administrator.

António Boma said that 58 out of above number, resulted in deaths, among 48 children and ten adults.

Apart from malaria, the administrator told Angop that about 20 new cases of measles were recorded in the first quarter of January in Longa commune, having caused eleven deaths.

12 Jul 2013 description

Lubango - The Angolan government is outlining and implementing this year and 2014 a programme to respond to the drought affecting the families in the southern region of the country.

The assurance comes from the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Afonso Pedro Canga.

The minister was speaking on Thursday to the press at the end of the visits he paid to the municipalities of Chibia and Gambos (southern Huila province).

08 Jul 2013 description

Ondjiva – The minister of Territory Administration, Bornito de Sousa, paid on Saturday a few-hour visit to Ondjiva city, southern Cunene province, aimed to check the impact of the drought in the region.

The official visited some traditional water reservoirs that are dried and some family agricultural fields in Oipembe locality, where he handed over foodstuff to people affected by hunger and the water abstraction and treatment centre.

26 Jun 2013 description

Luanda – An enquiry into the cases and effects of dengue within the families in the municipalities of Belas, Cacuaco and Cazenga, Luanda city and Viana, started Tuesday in Luanda, Angop learned.

A Health Ministry source told Angop that the initiative followed the fact that there is little knowledge about dengue, both within the population and the health professional themselves.

12 Jun 2013 description

Lubango – The National Demining Institute (INAD) announced that it will deliver Thursday a fully mine cleared field to the Government of the southern Huila province.

The 377,256 m2 field is based in Cusse commune, Caconda district, Huila province.

The information was released Wednesday by INAD director in Huila province, Dulce Tito, stressing that the mine clearance works lasted 12 months and removed 556 assorted explosive devices, 30 anti personal mines and two anti-tank.

10 Jun 2013 description

Lubango – Some 23 people died in the southern Huíla province victims of cholera, from February to the present day, in a total of 598 cases recorded by the local sanitary authorities.

This was said to Angop on Sunday by the chief of department for Public Health and Endemic Disease Control, João Kiala.

He said that most of the deaths were recorded in Lubango district with 14 cases.

João Kiala stated that six patients are admitted this moment in the Centre for Cholera Treatment of Lubango city, all in the favourable recovery phase.

04 Jun 2013 description

Menongue - At least 33,000 peasant families of Southern East Kuando-Kubango province are affected by drought that has been hitting the region and destroyed some plantations, Angop has learnt.

A press note delivered to Angop states that drought hits the Municipalities of Cuangar, Cali, Dirico, Kuchi, Mavinga and Nancova.

The document was delivered by the chief of the Technical Unit of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Aid (Utach), Augusto Chicanho, who added that some animals have been destroying plantations of manioc and sweet potatoes.

13 May 2013 description

Ondjiva – At least 300 tonnes of several goods, among foodstuff and medicines, were distributed by the Angolan government, through the Ministry of Assistance and Social Reintegration and National Civil Protection Services, aimed to assist the population affected by the drought in the southern Cunene province.

This was said to Angop on Saturday in Ondjiva city by the provincial governor, António Didalelwa, during the distribution act of 181 tones of several products.