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14 Mar 2011 description
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From the centre of Luanda it takes two hours by car to reach the remote bairro of Pedreira, on the northern peripheries of Angola's capital.

08 Dec 2010 description
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Bad immunisation strategy has been blamed for an outbreak of polio, which has killed nearly 200 and is believed to have caused paralysis in more than 2 000 others across Angola, Congo and the =ADDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

A mass vaccination campaign has now been launched to cover the population of Congo, 16 districts of the DRC and the Angolan =ADprovince of Cabinda.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has, meanwhile, placed neighbouring countries on high alert in case the virus spreads across more borders.

Polio, a highly infectious viral disease that invades the …

01 Feb 2007 description
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LUANDA: Joao Ndjakosoma is not talking today; since he and his friend got lost coming back from the beach and walked into a minefield by accident 20 years ago, he started suffering debilitating epileptic fits.

Yesterday, he had a particularly violent one, biting through his tongue and lower lip -- but at least he is alive, unlike his friend who was killed by a mine and whose name no one in Salinas really remembers anymore.

01 Nov 2005 description
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Authorities will lift blocking orders on four bank accounts and return $21-million to Angola for use in humanitarian projects, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The money was frozen in connection with a Swiss investigation of French businessman Pierre Falcone, who was suspected of helping Angolan officials embezzle part of the African country's debt repayment to the Russian Federation.

The case was closed in December 2004, after it was established that no irregularities occurred in the settlement of the debt.

Justice authorities cleared Falcone of all charges that he …

21 Apr 2005 description
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Jean-Jacques Cornish | Pretoria

20 Jan 2003 description
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Rory Carroll, Mavinga

By dawn, the convoy is ploughing through the bush, rolling east into a rising sun with 58 tonnes of emergency food for a settlement camp cut off without aid deep in Angola's famine territory.

15 Apr 2002 description
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A ceasefire has been declared in Angola, but who will take Unita into the future?


Luanda. April 15, 2002 - For more than a year employees of Angola's moribund state shipping company, Angonave, kept a round-the-clock vigil outside the company's headquarters as they remained on strike. Their placards, describing the government as "fascist" and accusing the president of stealing billions of dollars, had become a landmark in the city.

As of last Friday that landmark is no more.

08 Nov 2001 description
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According to Angolan government government sources, Angola has "attained positive results in its fight against illicit diamonds trafficking through actions which have included adopting a new certificate of origin and quality."

A statement released by the ministry of geology and mining at a Luanda international conference on conflict diamonds says that another measure adopted was setting up a special monitoring body in what has contributed to a substantial increase in tax incomes and a cut in conflicts diamonds smuggling.

20 Aug 2001 description
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Camacupa, Angola. August 20, 2001

Angolans have been uprooted in the war on Unita and aid workers now fear mass starvation.


A human catastrophe is under way in the war-torn central highlands of Angola, amid claims that the government of Eduardo dos Santos is deliberately "cleansing" large areas of its village population in order to starve Jonas Savimbi's Unita rebels out of existence.

19 Jun 2001 description
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Kuito, Angola. June 19, 2001

United Nations officials are meeting today in Luanda to decide whether aid flights to the hungry town of Kuito can resume


Last Friday UN aid flights in Angola were suspended after Unita rebels fired missiles at two UN cargo aircraft, hitting one of them.

14 May 2001 description
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Child kidnappings seen as a show of strength by Unita


Tales of children being rounded up at gunpoint and forced to carry plundered goods into the bush this week formed a stark reminder of the power still wielded by Unita rebels in Angola.

The abduction of 60 children from a school compound in Caxito - less than 80km from the capital, Luanda - took place on Saturday, after a dawn raid on the town left at least 79 people dead. Some reports put the death toll at more than 100.

On Thursday, aid workers still had no information on the whereabouts of the missing …

05 Dec 2000 description
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The Angolan rebel group Unita said government forces were massing near its eastern frontier with Zambia for an all-out offensive that could spread into the neighbouring country. Unita claims that government forces led by Armed Forces Chief General Joao de Matos were deploying forces and equipment in Moxico province along the Zambian border. Moxico can still be regarded as a Unita stronghold. Reports indicate that further north in the province Lunda Sul Unita rebels are increasing pressure on government forces in the diamond-bearing areas towards the city of Saurimo.

06 Oct 2000 description
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Angolans fleeing the war in their country are finding the life of a refugee to be a mixed blessing


Thousands of Angolan refugees who have fled to Zambia to escape war in their country are riled by stringent restrictions that bar them from visiting nearby villages or towns.

They say the strict rules confining them to camps - which are in force in all of Zambia's refugee camps - curtail their freedom of movement and are a human rights issue.

"I know that we are refugees but being restricted in this manner puts us in more misery than when we came. There …

25 Sep 2000 description
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Despite enjoying the protection of the UNHCR, an increasing number of refugees are being denied their basic right of access to health care

01 Aug 2000 description
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Just when it seemed as if cross-border attacks on north-eastern Namibia by Angolan gunmen had stopped, the killing has started again.


At least three people were killed and close to half a dozen have been injured in the past three weeks in the Kavango region, following a month-long lull in raids and a bombing campaign involving South African-manufactured explosives.

28 Apr 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa.

28 Mar 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa. March 28 2000

14 Mar 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa. March 14 2000

Rebel leader Jonas Savimbi could face a US indictment for murder, as the United Nations moves to get him out of the Angolan picture.


Jonas Savimbi, the leader of Angola's Unita rebel movement, could be indicted for murder in the United States - the country that for nearly two decades of the cold war was his unconditional backer.

The proposal by the United Nations sanctions committee is to be discussed by the security council tomorrow.

01 Mar 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa. March 1 2000

19 Jan 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa. January 19 2000

A British minister has used parliamentary privilege to publicly expose businessmen involved in breaking UN sanctions against Angolan rebels.


The British foreign office minister Peter Hain yesterday took the unique step of publicly naming three businessmen whom he claimed have been breaking United Nations sanctions on rebel forces in Angola.

Using parliamentary privilege, which carries immunity from libel action, he blamed a Belgian, a Portuguese South African and a former senior KGB officer.