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18 Dec 2000 description

Refugee news briefings

18 Dec 2000 description

Two years after evacuating the area, MSF is hoping to again provide basic healthcare services to the people of M'banza Congo, in Zaire province, Angola. As part of the new programme, MSF is considering starting a sleeping sickness project in the area.

12 Dec 2000 description
report Médecins du Monde

Tchétchénie, Angola, Ethiopie, Somalie, Birmanie, Afghanistan, Colombie, - Des pays parmi d'autres qui, depuis des années, sont en proie à des conflits latents ou déclarés. Les crises qu'ils subissent n'en finissent pas de durer, mais les caméras ont déserté, ce sont des crises oubliées. Pourtant la souffrance des populations civiles déplacées, affamées, terrorisées, demeure. Dans certains cas, même les ONG ne sont plus présentes.

07 Dec 2000 description

Communication to the press No. 00/45

20 Nov 2000 description
report GOAL

GOAL has been operational in Angola since 1993 responding to the ongoing needs of a country suffering from prolonged conflict.

10 Nov 2000 description


08 Nov 2000 description

The Namibia Red Cross, supported by the International Federation and in consultation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Namibia, wishes to advise all concerned that the Namibian Red Cross has redeployed all Red Cross project personnel to the Osire refugee camp and activities are back to normal.

02 Nov 2000 description

UN Sanctions Mechanism under pressure to deliver

31 Oct 2000 description


31 Oct 2000 description

Period covered: 1 September - 20 October, 2000
With the security situation in Angola and the region remaining of serious concern, the potential for an ongoing influx of new arrivals is considerable. While the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS), supported by the Federation, continues to deliver high-quality assistance and services to a growing refugee population, as well as focusing on capacity building efforts, the operation is threatened by limited donor support and insufficient funds.

The context

25 Oct 2000 description

Appeal Target: US$ 3,169,365
Request from ACT Network: US$ 1,172,797
Geneva, 25 October 2000

Dear Colleagues,

During the month of September over 10,000 Angolan refugees crossed into the North Western and Western provinces of Zambia to seek refuge from the fierce fighting inside Angola between the Angolan army and the UNITA forces. The Lutheran World Federation - Zambia Christian Refugee Service (LWF/ZCRS) the main partner to UNHCR, estimate the number to soon reach 15,000.

19 Oct 2000 description

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is sponsoring a delegation from the Inter-Ecclesiastic Committee for Peace in Angola (COIEPA) on a second visit to the UN. The purpose is to help bring peace to Angola, a country on the southwest coast of Africa that has been at war for more than a quarter century. The delegation arrives in the U.S. on Wednesday, October 25, 2000, for a 10-day visit.

16 Oct 2000 description

Refugee news briefings

12 Oct 2000 description

Catholic Relief Services continues its dedicated work in Angola, a country plagued by more than 25 years of conflict and fighting between government and rebel forces. After the Lusaka Protocol was signed in 1994, peace was seemingly near. The situation soon deteriorated and the war resumed in December 1998.