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26 Jul 2006 description
report Medair

From Medair

Angola -- Medair is withdrawing from Angola in August 2006. The organisations that fund our programmes there believe that our presence is no longer as necessary as before. We are taking an optimistic approach and viewing it as good news, because this means that the situation in Angola is improving.

Medair is withdrawing from Angola in August 2006. The organisations that fund our programmes there believe that our presence is no longer as necessary as before.

09 Dec 2005 description
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It was early February 2002 when the first Medair team set foot in Luena. Angola was still at war and the small plane bringing the team had to circle down steeply onto the runway to avoid the possibility of a rebel missile attack while landing. Luena, the provincial capital of remote Moxico province (700km east from Luanda as the crow flies) had suffered terribly during the civil war. What health services remained were grossly inadequate for the population that was swollen by tens of thousands of internally displaced people fleeing the fighting.

02 Jun 2005 description
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Bonnie Zylka Distribution, Coordinator in Lumbala N'guimbo

It's a beautiful morning in Kayaweh. The distribution team and I have traveled from our base in Lumbala N'guimbo to the village for today's distribution. The sun has just risen. In a little less than an hour, the area where I am standing will be teeming with people ready to receive their monthly food distribution, with some people traveling for a day to reach the distribution site.

26 May 2005 description
report Medair

This weekend will see the beginning of the 2005 voluntary repatriation of Angolan Refugees from Zambia back to Lumbala N'guimbo in southern Moxico Province, Angola.

We expect just over 500 people to arrive by plane from Zambia this Friday and Saturday. Partnering with UNHCR and IOM our team will be providing care for the returnees in their first few days back in Angola. For many it will be their first time in Angola for many years, for some of the children it will be the first time they set foot in their 'own' country.

08 Oct 2004 description
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Eleanor Margolis, Country Director

Since the Organised Repatriation started on 14th August, Lumbala N'guimbo has received nearly 5000 returnees. Now 1200 refugees per week are being transported back to Lumbala N'guimbo and being received by Medair into the Reception Centre. All are being flown back by IOM (International Organisation for Migration) from refugee camps in Zambia where some have lived for the past decade having fled the civil war in Angola which lasted for nearly three decades and finally came to an end in 2002.

26 May 2003 description
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By Mark Screeton, Desk Officer

04 Nov 2002 description
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Heather Amstutz (Project Coordinator)

03 Sep 2002 description
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Mark Screeton (Desk Officer)

11 Jun 2002 description
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" Je viens d'arriver en Angola et je vous assure que les images sont dures à supporter. Autour de nous, tout n'est que désolation, boue, malnutrition, maladies, maisons détruites, camps de familles déplacées, enfants errants, dormant à même le sol...

03 Jun 2002 description
report Medair

Angola : political instability threatens to increase malnutrition

01 May 2002 description
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Ce pays est embourbé dans un conflit pratiquement permanent depuis 40 ans. L'Unicef l'a déclaré en tant que "pire endroit du monde pour un enfant". Le nouveau programme Medair dans ce pays est de fournir une aide médicale et un soutien à la formation.
Depuis 1961 l'Angola n'a connu pratiquement que la guerre. La mort de Jonas Savimbi le 22 février a permis enfin la signature d'un cessez-le-feu général entre l'UNITA et le gouvernement.

07 Apr 2002 description
report Medair

Heather has been working for Medair as logistician since January 2002. She landed in Luanda, Angola and gives us her first impressions here.

16 Jan 2002 description
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The Medair activities in Angola