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29 Nov 2012 description

Kuito - Seven people died in Kuito city, Central Bie province, following heavy rains hitting the region, says the local administrator, Avis Vieira Agostinho.

He said that deaths occurred in the wards of Cangote, Popular, Engenharia, Ilha, Cambulucuto and Sao João, due to the fall of residences and electric discharges.

Some schools and churches were also destroyed by the rains, adds the administrator.

22 Nov 2012 description

Increased rainfall during the last week helped to improve mid-season dryness across Kenya and Somalia, however moderate seasonal deficits remain for many local areas.

1) Even with a reduction of precipitation last week, several weeks of above-average rainfall has led to significant moisture surpluses. An elevated potential for moderate to heavy rainfall may trigger additional flooding, damage local infrastructure, and negatively impact cropping activities throughout Uganda, Kenya, northern Tanzania,
Rwanda and Burundi.

19 Nov 2012 description

Gaza has been under attack since Wednesday, when Israel launched a military offensive with the declared goal of deterring fighters in the Palestinian enclave from launching rockets into its territory. 84 Palestinians have reportedly been killed. Violence erupted in the eastern provinces of DRC, following a months-long calm, with the rebel group M23 advancing on the regional capital of Goma. Heavy fighting between rebels and the military continues to rage nationwide in Syria, primarily in Idlib, Deir al-Zor, Damascus and Aleppo governorates.

14 Nov 2012 description

Heavy rains continue across eastern Kenya and Tanzania, while a mid-season cessation of rains bring developing moisture deficits to portions of Somalia and neighboring regions of Ethiopia and Kenya.

Heavy, but not well-distributed rains received in parts of Kenya, Somalia.

07 Nov 2012 description

Malanje - At least 600 families were left homeless in the Municipalities of Malanje, Quirima and Luquemba, following the destruction of 120 residences, due to the heavy rains over the last three days, Angop has learnt.

This was announced by the spokesman of the fire and civil protection services, Miguel Bernardo, who added that among the destroyed infrastructures are three commercial undertakings, as well as a sanitary tend.Works are in progress to accommodate the mentioned families, says the source.

30 Oct 2012 description

Chinjenje - At least 49 residences were destroyed on Sunday, in Chinjenje city, Huambo province, following the heavy rains hitting the municipality, Angop has learnt.

The disaster took place in the awards Valódia, Calondeia, Cachiquela, Caenda and Caparracassa leaving 49 families homeless.

The rains also destroyed a community school and a church.

16 Oct 2012 description

Longonjo - At least 29 families from Longonjo town, some 64 kilometres west of Huambo city (central Angola) were left homeless as a result of rains pouring in the region.

Angop learned that the compounds of Camaco, Capango and Cassola were the most affected.

Tiago Rodrigues, one of the victims of the disaster, said this is the second time he is left homeless.

He said on the previous occasion in 2011, he was supplied with zinc sheets and other basic commodities by the Government.

30 Sep 2012 description


  • Lesotho has launched a Flash Appeal to respond to the dire food security situation.

  • The appeal is only 22% funded to date, with a current shortfall of around $30 million

  • Swaziland was hit by severe storms in September that affected hundreds of people

  • The SADC Preparedness Workshop enables Governments and partners to identify priority areas in the run-up to the rainfall season and address gaps.

31 Aug 2012 description

In this issue

  • 2012/13 Seasonal Rainfall Forecast P.1

  • Regional Food Security Worsens P.2

  • Comoros Early Recovery Plan P.5

  • Regional Humanitarian Trainings P.5

31 May 2012 description


  • Regionally, 553,773 people were affected by floods and storms this rainfall season.

  • The flood response in Comoros is moving towards the early recovery phase.

  • While the harvest season is progressing well, serious pockets of food insecurity persist.

  • In Angola, an estimated 366,780 households (1,833,900 people) are expected to be affected by drought, with 533,000 children under age 5 that could be affected by various levels of malnutrition.

18 May 2012 description

Key Messages

  • Food security conditions over most parts of Southern Africa remain satisfactory and conditions are expected to remain so throughout the Outlook period. The projected average to above-average maize harvests are assessed to be sufficient to meet the region’s requirements for the next six months and beyond.

  • Current reports indicate that household food access has improved and increased on-farm food supplies have eased the pressure on local markets. Prices have stabilized, and in some cases, started dropping.

05 Apr 2012 description

This update is issued by the OCHA Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSA). It covers the period of 01 March to 04 April 2012. The timing of the next report will depend on changes in flood conditions.


  • No reports of new flooding have been received in the past three weeks, and no new cyclones have formed over the south-west Indian Ocean.

  • Flood conditions persist in northern Namibia.

  • Between April and June, normal to below normal rainfall is forecasted for most of the region.

07 Mar 2012 description
  • Despite active tropical system activities over the Mozambique Channel during - - February, eastern southern Africa has continued to experience dryness.
  • Heavy rainfall was observed across the Lake Victoria region and southern Ethiopia during the past week.