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27 Dec 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Angolan military forces (FAA) have announced the capture of the traditional UNITA stronghold at Jamba in southeast Angola, and say they have secured the entire border with Namibia, meaning that UNITA will be hard-pressed to fall back into Namibian territory. AP has reported that Namibian Defense Forces (NDF) participated with their FAA ally in the operation. Reuters reported on December 27 that Angolan state radio said 200 UNITA soldiers were captured in the process.

01 Dec 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Understanding the situation on the ground in Angola remains almost impossible for the public at large. Xinhua has reported, however, on November 30 that Angolan rebels have launched a new round of raids on government targets, attacking the town of Waco Kungo and ambushing tanker trucks belonging to the state oil company Sonangol. An official source said that Angolan government forces and UNITA rebels are currently engaged in "violent combat" around the town of Waco Kungo, which is on the Luanda-Huambo road, about 300 km south-southeast of Luanda.

24 Nov 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

How can this be? Angola's oil discoveries are said to be major, the price of oil is now over $25 per barrel, and the government says it has routed UNITA and is pushing for the final kill

Reuters reported on November 22 that UN estimates now are that fully one sixth of the Angolan population, or roughly 1.8 million citizens, has been displaced during the past year of fighting. Reuters also said the UN estimates that as many as 200 people die each day from starvation.

These are remarkable figures.

22 Aug 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Pope John Paul has described the Angolan war as one of the worst humanitarian crises in Africa and the Pope warned that it threatened to engulf the entire region. Reuters reported that Pope John said specifically, "Ever more worrying news reaches us from Angola where, because of civil war, one of the most serious humanitarian crises is developing in silence and with no respect for human dignity.

18 May 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Lara Pawson reported for Reutersthat humanitarian conditions in Malanje are "extremely worrying" and the humanitarian situation in the rest of Angola continues to deteriorate as well.

The problem is that the dos Santos government is hunkered down defending the provincial capitals and the national capital while UNITA rebels hold virtually all of the lines of communication into and out of the cities, able to prevent or impede the flow of foodstuffs and other supplies into and out of the provincial capitals.

16 Apr 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Xinhua reported that the UN World Food Program's(WFP) deputy representative in Angola has said that the humanitarian situation in Angola is now worse than during the 1993-1994 civil war period. The estimate of newly displaced people in the country has now risen to over 800,000, food stuffs are in very short supply, it is extremely difficult to replenish the stocks in provincial capitals because they are under siege, children and aged people now account for more than 70% of the people in refugee camps, and there is a threat of disease, most notably an epidemic of polio in the Luanda …

07 Apr 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

April 7, 1999 12:41 GMT, updated 13:22 GMT: LUSA is reporting that a combined allied force of Angolan, Zimbabwean, and Namibian troops have begun combat operations against UNITA Angolan rebels in the northwestern Angola-southwestern DR Congo border region. LUSA said this operation is targeted against UNITA and DR Congo rebels operating with them. If true, the wars in Angola and the DR Congo have been joined and a new front may have opened for

23 Feb 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Angola's vice-minister for territorial administration, Higino Carneiro, has arrived in New York and has again rejected the UN Security Council's request to maintain a political and military presence in Angola. Evelyn Leopold, reporting for Reuters from New York, said Mr. Carneiro told the UN Security Council Angola even rejected a small "multidisciplinary presence" in Angola that would have included some military observers and a special representative and staff. Carneiro said the special representative and staff could work from New York.

06 Jan 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

SUMMARY: Angola's dos Santos says he will support a UN search and rescue effort for Flights 806 and 806A if Savimbi agrees to a cease-fire. This has all kinds of implications. There are increasing concerns in Namibia that the Angolan civil war is spilling into Namibia and that the easy availability of weapons flowing to support regional warfare on the continent is strengthening Namibian Caprivi separatists.


UN Flight 806 at Crash + 11 and no search and rescue response. Fourteen souls aboard.

UN Flight 806A at Crash +4 and no search and rescue response.

05 Jan 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Summary: Warfare is full throttle in Angola. Malanje has come under rebel artillery shelling for the second consecutive day and fighting is raging throughout the country. The dos Santos government has closed the door to initiating any search and rescue operations for the two UN flights that crashed in the central highlands. The short explanation is "It's not my job."


UN Flight 806 at Crash + 10 and no search and rescue response. Fourteen souls aboard.

UN Flight 806A at Crash +3 and no search and rescue response.