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30 Jun 1999 description

Giving people the means to overcome increasingly severe food shortages without making them dependent on food aid: such is the aim of the vast ICRC agricultural assistance programme launched in Huambo on 21 June.

01 Apr 1999 description

ICRC News 99/13
Over the past few days Kuito, on the Angolan Planalto, has again come under shellfire, prompting many inhabitants of Kunje and other particularly exposed areas on the outskirts of the city to converge on the centre. These displaced people have swollen the ranks of thousands of others who are already sheltering in the provincial capital. The toll taken by the shelling is as yet unknown.

01 Mar 1999 description

Joint communication to the press: ICRC No. 99/10 - Federation No. 99/05

05 Feb 1999 description

99/02 - Today the war in Angola seems generalized over country but with varying degrees of intensity. The fighting, which was initially concentrated in the central part, namely the Planalto, is mainly spreading northwards. Consequently, the situation in the north-west of the country (Uige and Zaire provinces) is very worrying. Malange and the areas around it are the scene of hostilities, with the town being regularly shelled. The situation there is particularly tense. In the Planalto, heavy artillery fire is still occasionally reported in the vicinity of Huambo and Kuito cities.

15 Jan 1999 description

An aircraft of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) landed on Friday 15 January in Kuito, capital of Bié province, on Angola's Planalto. The region is the scene of heavy fighting between government forces and UNITA.

13 Jan 1999 description

ICRC staff distributed essential relief supplies in Huambo's Munda neighbourhood on 7 January. Tarpaulins, blankets, soap, cooking utensils and pails donated by UNICEF were provided for 426 displaced families (totalling 2,595 people) who had fled to the town in the previous three weeks.

06 Jan 1999 description

The ICRC has strengthened its operational capacity in Angola so as to be able to respond to the new humanitarian needs created by the resumption of hostilities, particularly in Huambo and Bi■ provinces. On 2January it sent 2,000 tarpaulins, 3,000 blankets, 1,500 kilos of soap and 700 kilos of medicines to Huambo.