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22 Dec 1999 description

Angola. Government offensives in the Central Highlands have resulted in new displacement and subsequent humanitarian needs. Very high prevalences of malnutrition have once more been re-ported in Malange among children and also adults, and thus the situation has not improved since the last survey in June and affects both IDPs and the resident population.

22 Dec 1999 description
report UN Children's Fund

Wednesday, 22 December 1999: Humanitarian favouritism is threatening the lives and future of the most needy children and women in the developing world, UNICEF warned today at the launch of its annual humanitarian appeal for children and women in countries in crisis.

15 Dec 1999 description

This is the last of three annual issues of this report prepared by the FAO Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) on the food supply situation and cereal import and food aid requirements for all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The report is designed to provide the latest analysis and information on the food situation in these countries to governments, international organizations and other institutions engaged in relief operations.

15 Dec 1999 description

ROME (Reuters) - Serious food supply difficulties are emerging in parts of east Africa, mainly due to unfavorable weather, civil conflicts and pests, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said in a report released Wednesday.

15 Dec 1999 description

Médecins Sans Frontières issues the "Top Ten" list of the year's most under-reported humanitarian stories. This second annual listing emphasizes forgotten wars in Angola, Burundi and Sri Lanka.

08 Dec 1999 description
report Oxfam

In Africa, millions of lives are being threatened by wars that have driven people from their homes and ruined their livelihoods. However, peace could be attained by an immediate increase in international humanitarian assistance and a long-term political commitment to uphold peace agreements.

01 Dec 1999 description

Lecture by Mrs Sadako Ogata, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, At the Istituto Studi di Politica Internazionale
"On the Humanitarian Frontlines: New Challenges of Refugee Work"

26 Nov 1999 description

This report includes: A) East Africa: Burundi and Tanzania B) Ethiopia C) Somalia D) Sudan E) Angola F) India.

26 Nov 1999 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations. Quoted text from this briefing note may be attributed to the UNHCR spokesperson named below

19 Nov 1999 description

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network for Central and Eastern Africa
Tel: +254 2 622147
Fax: +254 2 622129

15 Nov 1999 description

KIGALI, Rwanda (PANA) - Africa's human rights situation is continuing to arouse a great deal of concern in several countries, noted the 26th ordinary session of the African Commission of Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) which ended on Monday in Kigali.

15 Nov 1999 description

Press Release 99/70 C/5
Rome, November 15, 1999 -- While increasing numbers of people face food emergencies, the causes are changing, suggest two UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports released today. "For the first time, human induced disasters such as civil strife and economic crises have more effect on food shortages than nature-induced crises," said Dr. Hartwig de Haen, Assistant Director General of FAO.

12 Nov 1999 description
report UN General Assembly

Press Release GA/SHC/3558 - 19991112
Hazards from Internal Strife Said to Complicate Work of Agency; Stability, Post-Conflict Recovery Now Critical to Relief Efforts

Refugee issues today could not be discussed without reference to security, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadako Ogata, told the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) this morning as it began considering questions related to refugees.

01 Nov 1999 description

November 1999

As of January 1999, there were 6.3 million people of concern to UNHCR in Africa, out of an estimated 21.5 million worldwide. The Africa figure includes 3.3 million refugees, 1.6 million internally displaced and 1.3 million former refugees who have recently returned home. In January 1998, the global number of people of concern to UNHCR was 22.3 million, of whom 7.3 million were in Africa.

Among the 10 largest return movements in 1998, seven were to African countries. These were:

Liberia: 235,700
Sierra Leone: 193,800
DRC: 62,400

22 Oct 1999 description

This report includes: A) Indonesia - East Timor B) Sierra Leone C) Angola D) Somalia E) Security issues.

11 Oct 1999 description

GENEVA -- The donation of polio vaccine by a leading manufacturer for five endemic countries at war has given a big boost to the campaign to eradicate polio from the world by the end of the year 2000.

08 Oct 1999 description

Says situation in Angola a cause for concern