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01 Oct 2000 description

Luanda, Angola - Anti-personnel mines have claimed more than 250,000 lives in Southern Africa in the past two years, according to an official source in the capital of Angola.

29 Jul 2000 description

LUBANGO, Angola (PANA) - At least 12 civilians got killed and two others seriously wounded in landmines blasts during the past 13 days in the areas of Figueira and Cusse, in Angola's southern Huila province, aid workers have said.

17 May 2000 description

LUENA, Angola (PANA) - The US government has granted 500,000 dollars for the clearance of landmine fields in eastern Angola's Moxico province, an official said Wednesday.

25 Apr 2000 description

LUANDA, Angola (PANA) - Thirty-eight people were killed Sunday on the Puri-Negage road in the northern Uige province when the vehicles they were travelling in triggered an anti-tank mine.

07 Dec 1999 description

LUANDA, Angola (PANA) - A total of 52 people were killed by landmines in the eastern Angolan province of Moxico between January and November in the eastern Angolan province of Moxico, the national news agency reported Tuesday.

19 Nov 1999 description

MALANGE, Angola (PANA) - Landmines killed more than 40 people in Angola, including children and elderly, while 19 others had their legs mutilated between January and October, the Angolan News Agency reported Friday.

12 Oct 1999 description

HUAMBO, Angola (PANA) - A vehicle belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross involved in the delivery of relief aid to displaced people in Angola was destroyed Friday by an anti-tank mine on the Huambo-Petroleo road, the Angolan news agency reported Tuesday, quoting Red Cross officials.

01 Mar 1999 description

DAKAR, Senegal (PANA) - The 1997 treaty banning landmines took effect Monday with a condemnation of those who continue to use the dangerous weapon, especially Angola, a signatory state.