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30 Dec 2009 description


This report examines the various types of activities conducted by PRC government and corporate organizations in Africa and Latin America, discusses the challenges to conducting an assessment of China's assistance to these regions, and outlines U.S. government efforts to engage the PRC government of development issues and to encourage greater transparency regarding its foreign assistance activities.

30 Dec 2009 description

Luanda - At least 170 hectares, out of a total of 400 of land available, have been prepared for the coming agricultural season in Luanda's Viana district, the provincial director of agriculture, Maria Jeorgina da Paz, announced.

The official added that this figure is part of the he institution's forecast that expects a greater production in the 2009/2010 period, according to the programme meant for reducing famine and creating incentives to production.

This perspective she said, is part of the rural extension project and supports such micro credit programmes, that includes …

30 Dec 2009 description

Luena, - Seventy houses collapsed in the outskirts of the city of Luena, capital of eastern Moxico province, due to heavy rains pouring down since last Saturday, informed the spokesperson of the fire-fighters department, Paulo Muhongo.

From the houses destroyed, highlight falls to a church in Sahuambo ward, which was considered as the most affected infrastructure.

According to the source, in consequence of this natural disaster two children from the same family perished and four others were left injured.

The source stressed that there was only one fire in Saidy-Mingas ward, which …

29 Dec 2009 description

Luanda - Production of cereals in the country reached 1.5 million tonnes in the 2008/2009 agricultural period, against the 737,9 tonnes of the previous season.

The information was released Tuesday in Luanda by Angolan minister of Agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga.

Addressing the ceremony of yearend greetings, the minister said the figure represents a 42 percent rise, adding that tuberous crops have risen 21,5 percent, having reached 14 million tonnes.

According to the minister, altogether, the agricultural sector recorded a 29 percent growth, with timber reaching 90,476 cubic …

23 Dec 2009 description

Ondjiva - At least 2,711 explosive devices were deactivated and destroyed from January to the first fortnight of December this year in southern Cunene province, Angop leaned.

This was disclosed Wednesday by the corporation's commander, Jorge António "Jojo", who said the operation was carried out by an Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) brigade.

According to the FAA's high ranking officer, the brigade destroyed 11 anti-tanks and 10 personnel landmines, 2,406 assorted metals and several other devices, including hand grenades, ammunitions of diverse calibres, 60 and 80 mm …

15 Dec 2009 description

Malaria: Overview

Saving Lives

Every 30 seconds an African child dies of malaria. At least 1 million infants and children under 5 in sub-Saharan Africa die each year from the mosquito-borne disease.

A Global Leader in Fighting Malaria

USAID has been committed to saving lives and fighting malaria since the 1950s. The Agency works closely with national governments to build their capacity to prevent and treat the disease.

12 Dec 2009 description

Caimbambo, dec 12 - Over 16,000 kids received school meals in 2009 in Caimbambo, 70 miles southeast of Benguela, a local education official told Angop today.

Avelino Ngungui summed up to 16,747 the total number of school children helped with meals, a project which is being implemented by the non-governamental organization JAM, since 2007 with positive results., in 72 out of the 97 schools in Caimbambo.

11 Dec 2009 description

Caxito - The fourth phase of the national vaccination campaign against polio in northern Bengo province began Friday, expecting to cover 51.365 children under five years of age.

Speaking to Angop in Caxito, head of the Broad Vaccination Programme (PAV) in the province, Eduardo Adriano, said that 155 mobile teams will be involved, with more than 400 volunteers, among vaccinators, activists and supervisors who will use the door-to-door vaccination during the three days of the campaign.

For the success of the campaign 66.775 doses of vaccines have been prepared to cover the districts of …

11 Dec 2009 description

Cuvelai - At least 20,000 children aged between zero and five years were vaccinated against poliomyelitis and measles in Cuvelai, Angola's southern province of Cunene, from January to November this year by the public health services.

According to the supervisor of the Broad Vaccination Programme (PAV) in Cuvelai, Tibério José, this number correspond to the districts of Mupa, Cubaty, Kalonga and Mukolongodjo, where vitamin "A" parasite cleansing drugs were also administered.

Cuvelai, situated about 171 kilometres of Cunene capital city, Ondjiva, comprises four districts …

11 Dec 2009 description

Cabinda - Heavy rains thursday destroyed 155 homes in Buco Zau, far northern Cabinda province, leaving 930 families homeless, Angop learned today.

Rains increased the flow of river Luali crossing the village, locaed 80 miles north of Cabinda, flooding the neighbouhoods, Primeiro de Maio, Quatro de Fevereiro, Terra Nova, Bata Manga and Chimbayanga.

Cabinda province deputy governor, António Gime, visited the region to assess the damages and distributed clothes and blankets to the victims, including children sheltered in the classrooms of the Education Institute.

Antonio Gime pledged …

11 Dec 2009 description

Uíge - The Luanda students assossiation friday delivered assorted basic goods to mitigate the hindrances of angolan refugees recently expelled from Congo Brazzaville and the DRCongo.

The donation made up of rice, spaghetti, cooking oil, maize flour, beans, frozen fish, salt, soap and clothes was handed over to the director of Cáritas de Angola in Uige, Joana António, who asked other youth organizations to support the refugees.

The provincial secretary of the Luanda students assossiation, Júlio António, stated that they felt the need to start a campaign to help the refugees because …

10 Dec 2009 description

Caála, - One hundred and eighty nine people died from January to November in the Municipal Hospital of Caala out of 35,326 malaria reported patients, a local health official said today.

10 Dec 2009 description

Luanda - More than one million children below the age of five will be vaccinated against poliomyelitis in the country's capital, Luanda, from December 11-13, during a campaign being promoted by the local health department.

Speaking to ANGOP in Ingombota district, the provincial health director, Vita Vemba, stressed that the campaign will be conducted freely from door-to-door, markets, churches and other sites with a high concentration of the population.

However, the official appealed for the collaboration of parents and guardians for the children to be vaccinated and be …

04 Dec 2009 description


The Desert Locust situation continued developing in western Mauritania in early to mid-November. The national locust control center (CNLA) treated close to 9,560 during this month (close to 13,770 ha since 11 September, 2009). CNLA staff and three survey specialists - two from Morocco and one from Libya continued operations in Mauritania in November.

04 Dec 2009 description

This week - a year early - Rwanda was officially declared landmine-free

DFID's support is helping draw the deadly sting out of millions of square miles of land in countries recovering from the pains of recent conflict.

Inches beneath the surface of countries like Rwanda, Afghanistan and Angola, millions of mines and munitions lie unexploded, a chilling legacy from their recent past.

About 70 countries remain affected by landmines, which claimed nearly 5,200 casualties around the world last year.

The UK has actively supported mine action since 1993, donating more than £100 …

04 Dec 2009 description

Uíge - The Baptist Evangelic Church (IEBA) handed over last Thursday about 20 tons of various products such as rice, beans, cassava and corn flowers, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, soap and used clothes to help the Angolan citizens that were expelled from the DR Congo.

IEBA's pastor, reverend Makiadi Filipe, who handed over the products, said that this gesture is also aimed at responding to the appeal of the Angolan government to support these returnees from DR Congo.

The Uige Province deputy governor for economic and social matters, Piedade Samuel Hebo thanked IEBA's …

03 Dec 2009 description

As the hunger season sets in, food security conditions remain generally stable over most of the region. This is in line with the improved regional food availability over the 2009/10 consumption period on account of better food crop production in most SADC countries. Adequate on?farm and market food availability has contributed to relatively stable food prices. Price stability has facilitated adequate access by market?dependent households.

03 Dec 2009 description

Kuito - The representative of network against HIV/AIDS net in central Bie province, Almeida António Chissuva, said Wednesday in Kuito that the lack of finance is affecting the work of the local Non-Governmental Organisations in the fight against the disease.

The source who would not mentioned the amount neeed, added that his institution controls about 30 local ONGs, of which only four have some fund to carry out their work of control and awareness about the disease.

Founded more than five years ago, the Network Against HIV/AIDS, is tasked with working with the Health Ministry in …

02 Dec 2009 description

Huambo - At least 64,380 landmines were cleared from January 1995 to October 2009 by the Non-governmental organisation "The Halo Trust" in the provinces of Bié, Huambo, Benguela and Kuando Kubango, Angop learned Wednesday.

According to the NGO operations officer, Valdemar Fernandes, of the mines cleared, 52,561 were anti-personnel and 11,819 anti-tank.

He also said that 73,068 unexploded ordnances that hindered the free flow of people and goods in the region were defused.

Valdemar Fernandes explained that from 1995 to date The Halo Trust has cleared 11.9 million square …

02 Dec 2009 description

Cabinda - A total of 903 cases of Hiv/Aids were recorded from January to October this year in Angola's northern Cabinda province, with 47 deaths.

The information was released Monday by the provincial secretary of Health, Carlos Zeca, during the ceremony that marked the World Aids Day, December 1.

According to the source, altogether 4,813 people infected with hiv/Aids were recorded in the province, being currently receiving anti-retroviral treatment.

Carlos Zeca considered that, taking into account the population of Cabinda province, estimated at around 500.000 inhabitants, the …