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17 Oct 2009 description

A UMNS Report

By Linda Bloom*

United Methodist Bishop Thomas Bickerton keeps a $10 bill in his pocket so he can demonstrate how little money it takes to protect an African household from malaria.

But the roving ambassador for the denomination's involvement in the Nothing But Nets project, a joint effort with the United Nations Foundations and other groups, has a much larger goal than the millions of bed nets that have been sent to Africa.

Bickerton, who is chairperson of the Global Health Initiative for the United Methodist Council of Bishops, seeks nothing less than the …

06 Apr 2009 description

A recent meeting of bishops and United Methodist health care leaders in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, has led to major capacity-building efforts throughout the Central Conferences in Africa through the assistance and support of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

30 Jan 2007 description


In Afghanistan, where vast numbers lack even basic shelter and electricity, winter can be a deadly season. In Paktya and Wardak Provinces families will have an easier time this year thanks to UMCOR Afghanistan's winterization program.  The program seeks the most vulnerable families in areas where UMCOR serves and provides them with blankets, a stove, and firewood to fuel the stove.

31 May 2005 description

Many Hands Make Small Work in Sri Lanka

Providing employment for the area's fisher folk who lost their livelihoods in the tsunami was just one of the many reasons UMCOR and the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka started the beach clearing project in Sri Lanka. A clean beach is necessary because it keeps nets from tearing. Initially UMCOR agreed to work with 16 societies to clear fishing beaches. On the day of the planning meeting, 28 societies showed up. With the agreement of the initial 16, all 28 societies were included the project. In one week about 6 miles of beach were cleaned.

18 Jan 2002 description

UMCOR continues to work with the United Methodist Church in Angola as they reach out to thousands of people that have been displaced by war in the countryside and have flocked to the cities. A recent UMCOR grant will be used to support an agricultural project for a community of displaced people. You may join in this ministry by giving to Angola War Recovery, Advance #105720-5.

11 Dec 2001 description

UMCOR Advance Story of the Month, December 2001
All I Want for Christmas Is ...

26 Oct 2001 description

Gifts to Love in the Midst of Tragedy, Advance #901125-3 continue to be used to provide relief both within the United States and for the people of Afghanistan. Through Church World Service, UMCOR has helped distribute 2500 shelter kits in central Afghanistan. These kits include a family-sized tent, ground cloth, plastic sheeting, and blankets. Three thousand additional shelter kits are being delivered to displaced people in the Jalalabad region. UMCOR is also supporting an emergency quilt project among refugee women in Quetta, Pakistan.

18 May 2001 description

The number of internally displaced persons fleeing the fighting in Lofa, Liberia has grown to 20,000. UMCOR staff and the United Methodist Church in Liberia are working to provide food, other emergency supplies, and medical assistance. Your ongoing support of UMCOR's International Disaster Response, Advance #982450-8 enables UMCOR to respond to such crises.

04 May 2001 description

Recovery work from the flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 continues in New Jersey and North Carolina. UMCOR has sent an additional grant for rebuilding work in New Jersey, and disaster response workers in North Carolina continue to discover people who need assistance in repairing and rebuilding their homes. Thousands of volunteers are needed in the coming weeks and months in North Carolina. Please call the Volunteer Line at (800) 918-3100 for more information.

27 Apr 2001 description

UMCOR continues to monitor the flooding situation along the Mississippi River. Reports from Annual Conference Bishops and Disaster Coordinators have indicated that the flooding so far has affected very few homes. Bishop Palmer of Iowa Annual Conference is anticipating the need of flood buckets, which will be provided by UMCOR.

27 Aug 1999 description

by Brenda Wilkinson
General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church