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04 Oct 2012 description

Assemblée générale Soixante-septième session Conseil de sécurité Soixante-septième année Point 64 b) de l’ordre du jour provisoire**
Nouveau Partenariat pour le développement de l’Afrique : progrès accomplis dans la mise en œuvre et appui international : les causes des conflits et la promotion d’une paix et d’un développement durables en Afrique


08 Aug 2012 description

Efforts to build lasting peace at regional level involve multiple strata of actors, institutions and processes. Regional organisations that are in search of shared peace and security must take cognisance of the various layers of political and social history of many sovereign states. These bodies must accommodate different economies, legal systems and security capacities, cultures and confl icting interests. Challenges such as these are particuraly acute for new regional institutions, especially when they ambitiously set out to solve newly-defi ned problems.

22 May 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

By Ignatius Banda*

BULAWAYO , May 22, 2012 (IPS) - Gertrude Mkoloi earns a living harvesting maize on a small piece of land in rural Zimbabwe. Or at least she used to.

Deep in rural Binga, more than 400 km from the country’s second-largest city, Bulawayo, Mkoloi stared blankly at her maize crop, scorched brown by the sun during what was meant to be the rainy season.

"This is what I have for my labour," she said, pointing to charred maize stalks that failed to grow tassels – a cluster of male maize flowers required for pollination.

20 May 2012 description
report Human Rights Watch

Angola: stop rape, abuse of Congolese migrants

Government Should Rein in Security Forces

(Johannesburg, May 21, 2012) – Angolan security forces frequently abuse irregular migrants during expulsions from Angola, including sexual violence and other degrading and inhuman treatment, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

09 May 2012 description

Bujumbura 08 Mai 2012- La Conférence Internationale sur la Région des Grands Lacs (CIRGL) organise la Sixième Session du Comité Régional sur l’Initiative Régionale de lutte contre l’Exploitation Illicite des Ressources Naturelles (CR-IRRN) au sein des Etats membres de la CIRGL. La session aura lieu à Bujumbura du 09 au 10 mai 2012.