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27 Nov 2019 description

Aprehensiones en la frontera sur de los Estados Unidos

  • El año fiscal 2019 registra el número más alto de aprehensiones después del 2007, más del doble del registro final del 2018.

  • Con respecto a las nacionalidades de las personas aprehendidas, 19,6% eran mexicanas, 31% guatemaltecas, 29,8% hondureñas y 10,6% salvadoreñas y tan solo un 9% corresponde a otras nacionalidades.

27 Aug 2019 description

12.8 million People in need (Source: OCHA)

8 million IDPs displaced in DRC (Source: OCHA)

92 Points of Control/Points of Entry supported by IOM


A rapid response team including National Programme of Hygiene at Borders (PNHF) and IOM staff was deployed to South Kivu Province for rapid assessment and supporting the response following the two Ebola virus disease (EVD) positive cases confirmed in Mwenga territory, 90km from Bukavu (South Kivu Province).

14 Aug 2019 description

Los Planes, Panamá. En los primeros seis meses del 2019, Panamá ha recibido desde Suramérica 34% más migrantes extrarregionales de los que se recibieron en todo el 2018. Cada día llegan a la Estación Temporal de Ayuda Humanitaria (ETAH) Los Planes, ubicada en la frontera de Costa Rica y Panamá, un promedio de 120 personas. En este contexto, OIM desarrolló la segunda ronda de encuestas de monitoreo de flujos a migrantes extrarregionales, bajo la metodología DTM (matriz de seguimiento a la movilidad, por sus siglas en inglés).

13 Aug 2019 description

12.8 million People in need

4.8 million IDPs displaced in DRC

83 Points of Control/Points of Entry supported by IOM


During the reporting period, IOM provided kits for shelter assistance to over 100 households at the Eliya displacement site in Tanganyika Province, after fires ravaged a large portion of the shelters.

Between 18 and 31 July, a total of 12 additional POE/POCs in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces from 71 to 83 POE/POCs.

26 Jul 2019 description

12.8 million People in need

4.8 million IDPs displaced in DRC

80 Points of Control/Points of Entry supported by IOM


Following the approval by local authorities, IOM is coordinating the site planning process of the new "Lycee Kigonze" relocation site in Bunia (Ituri Province) with preliminary land preparation works having begun on 15 July.

IOM has rolled out Flow Monitoring of populations in Goma and its vicinities to understand the movement patterns of the population to and from hotspots to Goma.

27 Jun 2019 description

En la frontera sur de los Estados Unidos en años fiscales

  • Guatemala y Honduras son los dos países con mayor registro de aprehensiones desde el 2007 hasta marzo del año fiscal 2019 (oct-mar).

  • La tendencia en años fiscales pasados demuestra que los adultos viajando solos son el grupo con mayor registro de aprehensiones. Sin embargo, las aprehensiones de migrantes viajando como grupos familiares han aumentado significativamente en los últimos 6 meses del año fiscal 2019.

11 Jun 2019 description

E N C H I F F R E S :

  • 60 millions de voyageurs dépistés pour lutter contre la propagation d’Ebola.

  • 35 agents de la DGM formés à la gestion humanitaire des frontières au Kasaï Central.

  • 4436 personnes vulnérables auxquelles l’OIM a apporté une aide en transport d’urgence pour quitter la zone frontalière avec l’Angola.

  • 275 policiers formés à MbujiMayi


11 Jun 2019 description

Christine Nikolaidou of IOM Greece’s Athens office confirmed Tuesday morning these details of a deadly shipwreck off the island of Lesvos in Greece’s Aegean Sea. The location of the tragedy appears to have been approximately 2.5 miles away from the Lesvos’ port of Mitilene, in an area known as Pamfyla.

The rescue operation began at 7:00 am Tuesday morning, with forces from the Hellenic Coast Guard, Frontex and the Hellenic Air Force searching waters for victims. The HCG reported the operation finished at 11:30 AM, adding that it knows of no victims who remain missing.

15 Mar 2019 description

Geneva – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that 10,308 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea through 13 March, a 16 per cent decrease from the 12,318 arriving during the same period last year. Deaths on the three main Mediterranean Sea routes through just over ten weeks of the new year are at 234 individuals – or about half the 466 deaths that occurred during the same period in 2018. (see chart below)

IOM Italy

22 Oct 2018 description

Kinshasa - L’OIM, l’organisme des Nations Unies chargé des migrations, en République démocratique du Congo, a fourni une aide humanitaire à 3 000 ressortissants congolais expulsés d’Angola depuis le 11 octobre.

16 Oct 2018 description

Kinshasa – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has in recent days provided humanitarian assistance to 3,000 Congolese nationals expelled from Angola.

07 May 2018 description


DTM flow monitoring data compiled from national authorities and IOM offices show that the number of arrivals through Mediterranean routes between January and March 2018 is half the number of arrivals in the same period in 2017. In the first quarter of 2018 a total of 1,956 migrants and asylum seekers arrived in Europe using different land and sea routes, in comparison to 34,531 registered in the first quarter of 2017. As previously reported, the decrease is mainly due to the drop in arrivals in Italy.

03 Apr 2018 description



19 Jan 2018 description

GENEVA, Jan 19 2018 (IOM) - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is appealing for nearly USD 1.4 billion to address the needs of over 80 million people in 50 countries in 2018. These vital funds will support people displaced within the borders of their own countries, migrants, refugees and the communities that host them, people returning to their areas of origin and people experiencing or recovering from conflict and natural disasters.

31 May 2017 description

L’OIM-Guinée poursuit ses activités de collecte de données pour le suivi des flux migratoires dans les préfectures de Siguiri et de Mandiana en collaboration avec les autorités. Ces flux sont mesurés en vue d’identifier les migrants dont certains tentent d’effectuer un parcours compliqué impliquant plusieurs pays.
Les chiffres et infographies donnent un aperçu global sur le flux et le profil des individus observés au mois de mai 2017 dans les différents points de suivi des mouvements de population.

25 Apr 2017 description

Democratic Republic of the Congo - The UN Migration Agency Director General William Lacy Swing has approved the release of USD 100,000 from the agency’s Operational Support Income budget to kick-start relief operations for more than 1.1 million people displaced by widespread hostilities to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s south central Kasai region.

20 Dec 2016 description
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Screenshot of the interactive content as of 20 Dec 2016.

The map below shows asylum applications by under age 18 year olds and gender. Darker colours mean more people have applied in a certain country. Use the slider to select a year or the drop down menus below to display data for different age groups or different home countries.

13 Dec 2016 description

Mozambique - Over the last decade, countries in Southern Africa have been hit by recurrent and frequent floods, droughts and strong cyclones, which have resulted in the displacement of people in both urban and rural areas.

Severe flooding in 2015 led to the displacement of thousands of people in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar, while drought in Namibia prompted the country to declare a state of emergency in 2016. Such environmental emergencies require timely and effective interventions in order to prevent massive internal and cross-border displacements of people.

31 May 2016 description

Greece - IOM Greece has published a report based on interviews with 1,206 unaccompanied child migrants in Greece. Some 508 said that they would not consider returning to their countries of origin because it was their intention to reach a northern European country and 282 expressed the wish to return back to their country of origin. The remainder initially expressed willingness to return home but later changed their minds and decided to stay in Greece.