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31 Dec 2013 description

 Heavy rains are expected in eastern Southern Africa, increasing risks for localized flooding during the next outlook period.

1) Both delayed start and poor distribution of rainfall since the beginning of the October-December rainy season have led to moisture deficits and below-average ground conditions across northern Kenya and parts of southern Somalia. With the season already coming to an end, the potential for recovery is unlikely.

31 Dec 2013 description

Executive Summary

In 2009, an estimated 400 000 children were newly infected with HIV, with 90% of infections occurring in children in sub-Saharan Africa through mother-to-child transmission (MTCT). Without any intervention, the risk of MTCT ranges from 20% to 45%; without any treatment, half of the babies will die before their second birthday. About 42 000 to 60 000 of pregnant women die from HIV. In contrast, in high-income countries, the number of new infections among children as well as the number of maternal and child deaths due to HIV are virtually zero.

26 Dec 2013 description

UNHCR operational highlights

• UNHCR and CNR organized a joint mission in Bas-Congo Province for registration of exemption claims over the cessation of Angolan refugee status for those living Tseke zole, Mfuiki, Lundu and Matende Kimbianga. The mission met some 481 Angolan refugees (171 families). The Eligibility Committee has exempted them later in the month.

26 Dec 2013 description



26 Dec 2013 description

Kassongue - The provincial governor of central coastal Kwanza Sul, Eugenio de Brito Teixeira, announced on Monday at Cassongue Village, that the actions of his office in Rural Development Programme and fight against Famine and Poverty, in 2014, will prioritize the aid to drought-hit people in identified zones of the province.

The official said that on the occasion of inauguration of the first extraordinary session of Technical Unit of fight against Poverty (UTPLCP), which is taking place in Cassongue.

24 Dec 2013 description

Enhanced rains were observed across Southern Africa during the past observation period.

1) Both delayed start and poor distribution of rainfall since the beginning of the October- December rainy season have led to moisture deficits and below-average ground conditions across northern Kenya and parts of southern Somalia. With the season already coming to an end, the potential for recovery is unlikely.

24 Dec 2013 description

Most households in Southern Africa depend on maize as their main source of food and energy, given the high volumes and ease with which it is produced. Alternative food crops that are consumed as substitutes include rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, and tubers such as cassava and potatoes. Consumption of these substitutes occurs mainly when maize is not available or among those households in areas where such substitutes are more easily available (for example, cassava in northern Mozambique).

23 Dec 2013 description
report Radio Okapi

L’ONG Médecins du monde/Belgique dénonce les viols dont sont victimes des Congolaises lors de leurs expulsions de l’Angola. De janvier à novembre 2013, l’association indique avoir permis la prise en charge de 950 femmes violées, dans les zones de santé de Luambo et Kamonia au Kasaï-Occidental, où elle prend en charge les populations congolaises expulsées des territoires angolais voisins.

Les violences sexuelles sont souvent perpétrées collectivement par des militaires angolais, selon les témoignages des victimes, lors des expulsions.

23 Dec 2013 description

Madagascar: Second Round of Elections Conducted A total of 20,001 electoral pools were opened for the second round of presidential and legislative elections that were held on 20 December 2013. 49,92 % of eligible voters cast their vote, compared to 61% in the first round. The election day was relatively calm; a few polling stations in the greater south reported that ballot papers were missing. On 19 December, the day before the election, the 'dahalo' destroyed election equipment in two districts.

19 Dec 2013 description


  • Short season (Vuli) in bimodal areas of northern Tanzania experiences poor rainfall performance

  • Good rains in early December slightly help to ease 1-to-2-year dryness in southern Angola, Botswana, northern Namibia, and South Africa

  • Onset of rains in southern Malawi, central Mozambique, eastern Zambia, and northern Zimbabwe delayed by more than 1 month

18 Dec 2013 description

Increased rains during the past week have helped to replenish soil moisture in eastern Southern Africa, while limited rains have worsened dryness in northern Kenya and southern Somalia.

1) Though an increase in rainfall was observed in southern Kenya over the past few weeks, the delayed onset and uneven distribution of the October-December rainy season have already negatively impacted ground conditions over northern Kenya and parts of southern Somalia. With the season already coming to an end, recovery is unlikely.

17 Dec 2013 description

In Syria, government military aircraft targeted rebel-held districts in the northern city of Aleppo, killing at least 15 people according to opposition activists. In parallel, Damascus announced that it had retaken control of the key Damascus – Homs supply highway after gaining ground in the battle for the strategic Qalamoun region. London and Washington decided to suspend all non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition fearing that military equipment may fall under the control of Islamic radical groups.

16 Dec 2013 description


According to WHO there is an ongoing cholera outbreak in the south in Cunene and Namibe provinces. A Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) has been established. A total of 156 cholera cases have been treated at the CTC, and 3 people suffering from cholera have died.


16 Dec 2013 description
report ACT Alliance

Heavy rains in Angola have sparked fears a cholera epidemic in southern provinces of the country will worsen, resulting in significant loss of life.

Until recently, the Huila and Cunene provinces had been plagued by a three-year drought that left 1.83 million people with severe food shortages and resultant health problems. While the long-awaited rainfall is bringing drought relief, with it has come a rise in the number of cholera cases.

11 Dec 2013 description

Below-average rainfall was observed in eastern Southern Africa during the past week, exacerbating dryness over parts of Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.

1) Although local areas of equatorial eastern Africa have received increased rainfall over the past few weeks, poor rainfall performance since the beginning of the October has led to large moisture deficits over central Kenya and southern Somalia. This dryness is likely to negatively impact the development of crops and pastoral conditions, with little opportunity for recovery before the end of the rainy season.

10 Dec 2013 description

Huambo - Five new cases of cholera is recorded daily in Hambo Municipality since a cholera outbreak took place last month, which claimed eight lives, according to the provincial supervisor for epidemiology watch, Artur Braga.

Artur Braga told ANGOP on Tuesday that up to date 95 cases has been notified adding that the outbreak started with three cases daily at the beginning.

He pointed out the areas of Calomanda, Macolocolo, Calundo, Santo Antonio Chiva and Benfica Frederico, in the suburbs of the capital city, as the most endemic zones.

10 Dec 2013 description
DIPECHO Southern Africa and Indian Ocean - version
Technical Annex

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2014/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 7 000 000

10 Dec 2013 description

Snapshot 3 - 10 December

In Syria, the conflict has been going on for over 1,000 days, and to date, the war has displaced 6.5 million people internally and forced 2.3 million to cross into neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, Washington indicated that it has been in talks with Islamist opposition factions non-linked to Al-Qaeda, in order to push for a negotiated settlement to the crisis.