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18 Dec 1998 description

Thousands flee UNITA all-out assault
Nearly a hundred thousand people have fled their homes in recent days to the town of Cuito, Bie province, in the face of an all-out assault by the rebel movement UNITA. Reports have emerged that around one hundred civilians were killed on 16 December in an attack by UNITA on a disused railway station in Kunje, close to Cuito.

27 Nov 1998 description

UNITA resists Government's efforts to reassert authority

28 Oct 1998 description

Jonas Savimbi's leadership under new challenge

07 Oct 1998 description

Jonas Savimbi isolated as UNITA leaders call for renewal

30 Jul 1998 description

UNITA relaunches war
UNITA forces on 28 July attacked and captured the strategic town of Mussende in central Angola. The town had only recently been handed over by the rebels to government control.

The retaking of Mussende, Kwanza Sul province, marks the point where over a quarter of places previously handed over to state administration have now been retaken by UNITA by force.

02 Jul 1998 description

War looms as UNITA shuns peace process

01 Jun 1998 description

United Nations lose grip in Angola
There are signs that the United Nations Observer Mission in Angola (MONUA) is struggling to meet its international obligations as military attacks by the rebel movement UNITA increase. The decision by the UN Security Council on 29 April to cut the size of MONUA's troops from 1,045 to 450 by the end of June has reduced the ability of MONUA to verify government allegations of attacks by UNITA, at the same time as military tension has risen in the country.

30 Apr 1998 description

UN plans to withdraw by end of 1998

27 Mar 1998 description

Region: Southern Africa
Issue Areas: +security/peace+
Summary Contents:
This posting of the latest issue of the Angola Peace Monitor notes further steps towards implementation of the peace treaty in Angola. It warns, however, that UNITA leader Savimbi has again avoided personal commitment to the process and is still preserving UNITA's capacity to make war.

26 Feb 1998 description

Summary Contents:

This issue of the Angola Peace Monitor notes the failure of UNITA to comply with the "final" deadline for completion of the peace process, and the consequent danger of renewed conflict.

Published by ACTSA on behalf of the Angola Emergency Campaign

"Final" timetable collapses

30 Jan 1998 description

UNITA driven out of Cuango Valley

The Angolan government has regained control of the Cuango Valley, one of the major diamond areas occupied by UNITA in 1992 on its return to war. A ceremony was held on 13 January in Cuango where the area was formally handed over by UNITA. However, reports point to the hand-over being a fait accompli.