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15 Jul 2019 description

• Based on the results of the 2019 Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis (RVAA), it is estimated that 41 million people will be food insecure in the peak lean season, of which 9 million people require immediate assistance (Table 1).

• Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia account for 75% of the total number needing immediate assistance.

• In Eswatini and Lesotho, 20% and 24% of the rural population are in need of immediate assistance.

25 Apr 2019 description


  • The 2018/2019 season was the driest since at least 1981 in central and western parts of the region.
    The drought resulted in crop failure, reduced forage, and poor water availability.

  • A delayed and erratic onset of rains, mid-season dry spells, and early cessation of rains in several parts of the region have contributed to poor crop production expectations in many areas.

19 Feb 2019 description

- A late and erratic onset of rains delayed planting and reduced area planted in southern and western parts of the region.
- A dry spell from mid-January to early February caused moderate to severe crop moisture stress in the central parts of the region. The dry spell ended in early February, allowing recovery of some crops. Observations however indicate that permanent wilting had occurred in several areas.

25 Jan 2019 description


Well-below average rainfall has been received in most parts of the region for the October through early January period

  • Rainfall improved in parts of December through early and mid-January in some central areas, while erratic rains continued in the south

  • Extreme high temperatures affected many parts of the region in December

  • Seasonal forecasts for reduced rainfall continue to raise concerns of potentially negative impacts on crop harvests

Regional Summary

03 May 2017 description

- Good rains continued to the end of season in most areas, resulting in positive production expectations in several countries.
- The high seasonal rainfall improved dam and groundwater levels, providing good water availability for irrigation over the coming seasons.
- Preliminary reports suggest the regional impact of the Fall Armyworm was not severe. However, experts advise robust, coordinated control measures for coming seasons.

Regional Summary

21 Feb 2017 description


  • Southern and central areas continued to receive well above average rains in January

  • Poor rainfall was received in western and north-eastern SADC and Madagascar

  • The Fall Armyworm has been confirmed in 7 countries in the region. The severity of the impact on regional crop production is yet to be established

  • Tropical cyclones Carlos and Dineo affected the region in early to mid-February. The impacts of Cyclone Dineo are severe, particularly in southern Mozambique

13 Jun 2013 description


  • An estimated 518,000 people across southern Africa were affected by floods and storms during the 2012/2013 rainfall season.

  • The most affected country was Mozambique, where 250,000 people received humanitarian assistance.

  • Due in part to the sub-optimal temporal distribution of rainfall, most countries may have below average rainfall-related crop performance this season.

19 Dec 2005 description

Nutritional assessments undertaken in a number of countries over the past month show an increase in acute malnutrition. In the drought affected areas in Mozambique, acute malnutrition records 5%; the food insecure districts in Zambia show acute malnutrition figures of 7.7%; in Malawi the centre and southern parts recorded increased number of admissions to Nutritional Rehabilitation Units compared to last year; in Zimbabwe vulnerable districts recorded acute malnutrition rates of 9% and in Madagascar, acute malnutrition rates doubled since 1997 to 14% country wide.