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29 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/29 - The Japanese ambassador to Angola, Suaumo Shibata, this Thursday morning here will hand over to the country's authorities 4,597 tonnes of rice, states a press note.
According to the note, the product is estimated at 250 million yens (about 2 million dollars) and will be sold with the objective of collecting funds to finance projects with social impact.

The donation is to be received by the secretary-general of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Manuel Gomas, in a ceremony that is scheduled for 11 o'clock, in the head-office of this institution.

28 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/28 - The humanitarian situation in Angola has substantially improved in 2005, despite estimates of 700,000 people needing assistance, resulting from hard road access to some localities of the country. This was announced Wednesday in Luanda by the Social Welfare minister, Jo=E3o Baptista Kussumua, while addressing a ceremony of yearend compliments.

23 Dec 2005 description

Caxito, 12/23 - Twelve journalists from different media organs attended on Thursday, in Caxito, north-central Bengo Province, an upgrading seminar on land mines danger awareness.

20 Dec 2005 description

Huambo, 12/20 - At least 2,510 firearms were voluntarily surrendered this year to the national police in central Huambo province by civilians, Angop learned.

According to a note from the police, the civilians also handed over 477 shells of various calibres and 67 anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, 82 hand-grenades and 33 missiles.

The civilians that surrendered the weapons came from the province's 11districts.

19 Dec 2005 description

Caimbambo, 12/19 - At least 20 families repatriated from Zambia and settled in Caimbambo district, in central Benguela province, are benefitting from foods granted by the World Food Programe (WFP) and the local Government, Angop was informed.
The gift comprises maize, beans, seeds, agricultural tools, and cooking oil, said WFP local official, Domingos Francisco.

The mentioned people also benefit from maize seeds, 4,000 hoes, 400 axes and cutlasses, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development.

19 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/19 - About 42,561 people are now getting drinking water in the provinces of Huambo and Bie in the ambit of a project of building and rehabilitating fountains in the rural zones, which was carried out this year by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

19 Dec 2005 description

Ondjiva, 12/19 - About USD 490,272 were invested by the World Bank in projects for the socio-economic reintegration of 391 demobilized soldiers and their respective families in the municipalities Ombandja, Kuanhama, Namacunde and Kuvelai, in the southern Cunene Province.

17 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/17 - The World Bank (WB), European Union (EU) Angola-based Commission and Angolan Government Friday in Luanda signed a USD 13.1 million accord intended to help the country with the demobilisation and social reintegration of ex-militaries, under a national process that started in 2002.

The amount was released by EU, through its Angola-based delegation and will be run by the WB, with participation of the Institute of Social Reintegration of Ex-militaries (IRSM) representing the Angolan Government.

16 Dec 2005 description

Lwena, 12/16 - The International Organisation of Migrations (IOM) has transported this year by road some 20,215 Angolans, who were living in neighbouring Zambia as refugees, from Cazombo district (eastern Moxico Province) to other localities of the country.

According to an IOM official, most of the people have been re-settled in the provinces of Huambo, Bie, Benguela, Kuando Kubango, Luanda, Lunda-Sul, Lunda-Norte.

Meanwhile, officials of that UN organisation are concerned about the bad condition of the roads.

16 Dec 2005 description

Benguela, 12/16 - A total of 20 journalists from Benguela's radio stations will attend this Friday here a seminar on dangers of land mines promoted by the Angola Red Cross jointly with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The meeting aims also to equip the participants with knowledge on the type of information and counselling messages to the people in order to adopt a safe behaviour in areas with mines. This seminar is included in the strategy of education on land mines dangers through the broadcasting stations.

14 Dec 2005 description

Ondjiva 12/14 - The Provincial Commission for the Disarmament of Civilians in Southern Cunene province has collected a total of 1,490 assorted weapons from September to November in the municipalities of Kuanhama, Namacunde, Ombandja and Kuvelai.

A note from the Commission made available to Angop reads that the weapons include 82mm mortars, 6,752 rounds of ammunitions and 1,503 assorted explosive devices.

In the same period, the corporation destroyed four anti-tank mines, six anti-personnel landmines, 16 RPG7 grenades, 40 grenades, 11 mortar fuses and 10 hand grenades.

14 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/14 - About 742 disabled people received orthopaedic prostheses in the provinces of Huambo, Bie and Luanda, in an activity carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), from January to September of the current year.

According to a note from this institution, during the same period were distributed 1,410 pairs of crutches, 42 wheel-chairs and equal numbers of other equipments from the Health Ministry .

The technical and financial support of the ICRC contributed with around 50 percent of the prostheses and orthopaedic services supplied recently in Angola …

13 Dec 2005 description

Kuito, 12/13 - At least 127 tons of maize seeds were distributed this season to peasants of Kunhinga district, in central Bie province, Angop learned.
The seeds were handed supplied by the Irish Non-Governmental Organisation "Concern" to about 17,000 vulnerable families recently resettled in their areas of origin, said a source with the mentioned institution.

According to the source, Concern has also handed over another 22 tons of fertilisers.

13 Dec 2005 description

Kuito 12/13 - Some USD 219,000 were invested this year in the central Bie Province by the Spanish Red Cross (SRC) in socio-professional actions for abandoned youths and traumatised by the armed conflict.

This information was given on Monday in Kuito city by the director of SRC, Vicente Ruiz, stating that among other activities carried out in the current year there is training of 70 youths in carpentry, fashion and sewing, electronics, metalworking, cookery, masonry, as well as family planning and natural medicine, in a period between four to six months.

12 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/12 - A process of search and localisation of anti-personnel landmines stockpile will start in the first quarter of 2006, in response to Article 4 of the Ottawa Convention of which Angola is a signatory.

Under Article 4 of the Mine Ban Treaty all State Parties are obligated to destroy their stockpile, and all antipersonnel landmines under their jurisdiction or control, within four years of entry into force.

11 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/11 - The provincial department of the Ministry of Ex-Combatants and War Veterans will push to improve the living condition of its affiliates next year, Angop learned Sunday here.

09 Dec 2005 description

Huambo, 12/09 - At least 3,183 assorted shells were destroyed over the last seven days in the districts of Caála and Mungo (about 23 and 153 kilometres west and north, of Huambo city, respectively), reads a weekly report from the provincial command of the National Police.

07 Dec 2005 description

Kuito, 12/07 - A seminar about the dangers that land mines and other explosive devices represent in the society was held on Tuesday in Kuito city (southern Bie Province), under the promotion of the Red Cross of Angola (CVA).

The seminar was attended by journalists from all media organs and workers of demining companies and mines awareness supervisors.

07 Dec 2005 description

Luanda, 12/07 - The process of social reintegration of demobilised soldiers cleared a total of 97,000 former soldiers of the Angolan former rebel army, of the 105,000 planned.

The information was released Wednesday in Luanda by the Cabinet Council Standing Commission.

The 8th ordinary session of the Cabinet Council Standing Commission, chaired by the head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, also learned of the process of selection of the 33,000 of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) that will be demobilised.

A press note released at the end of the meeting states that the accessment made …

05 Dec 2005 description

Lubango, 12/05 - At least USD 400 million will be invested in the rehabilitation of water supply network in Lubango city, southern Huila province, to benefit about two million people.
This was announced by the provincial director of the office of planning and statistics of the local government, fernando pontes.

According to the source, talks with the World Bank are in progress for the release of the funds.