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18 Jun 2019 description

89,508 refugee returnees (2014 - 2019)

This figure includes voluntary repatriation from Kenya (83,845) and Assisted Spontaneous returnees from Yemen (4,298) as well as 1,365 returnees from other countries such as Djibouti (783), Libya (394), Sudan (143), Eritrea (34), Pakistan, Gambia, Angola, Cambodia and others. Somali refugees from these or other countries who return spontaneously without assistance from the UNHCR are not included.

18 Jun 2019 description
report HALO Trust

The HALO Trust seeks additional funds to safeguard the entire Okavango watershed in the Angolan highlands

LONDON-LUANDA – A major new conservation initiative was announced today between landmine clearance charity The HALO Trust and the Government of Angola.

The event was hosted by Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, and saw Paula Coelho, Angola’s Minister for the Environment, announce that her government will invest $60 million through HALO in an initiative to clear landmines surrounding the Angolan Okavango watershed.

17 Jun 2019 description


This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 75 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key new and ongoing events, including:

17 Jun 2019 description
  • What is containment all about? WHO has developed a new animated video to help explain poliovirus containment and why it is needed to secure a lasting polio-free world.
17 Jun 2019 description

By Jane Cocking

Decades ago Angola was an agricultural breadbasket – self-sufficient in all major food crops and exporting many others. More than a million landmines have contributed to a legacy of war which has left rural communities decimated, fearful and unable to make use of Angola’s natural gifts to produce food and income to thrive.

14 Jun 2019 description

Global Environment Facility approves $179 million to support FAO-led projects

14 June 2019, Rome - FAO today welcomed a decision by the Council of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to provide $179 million to support the UN agency's work with countries worldwide at the critical nexus between agriculture and the environment. This includes projects focussed on biodiversity conservation, transboundary water resources management, sustainable land management, highly hazardous pesticide remediation, and climate change adaptation.

14 Jun 2019 description

Ce document fournit une mise à jour intermédiaire sur les principaux évènements ayant lieu entre la publication mensuelle des rapports opérationnels du HCR.


14 Jun 2019 description

This document provides a mid-month update on major developments between the publication of UNHCR’s monthly Operational Updates.


  • Between 1 and 15 May, 887 South Sudanese refugees were relocated to Biringi settlement, Ituri Province. 191 additional South Sudanese refugees remain at the transit centres, awaiting relocation. Most of them had arrived during an influx in the first half of February, while some had been staying along the border for months or years, and now complied with the authorities’ request to move further inland.

14 Jun 2019 description

Des affrontements à Ibu Ibu, à 25km de la frontière sudsoudanaise en Province de l’Ituri, ont poussé un nombre nonconfirmé de réfugiés sud-soudanais à se relocaliser plus loin de la frontière. Certains sont retournés au Soudan du Sud, mais sont ensuite revenus en RDC à la recherche de protection internationale.

Un afflux de réfugiés centrafricains a lieu depuis le 4 avril à Mogoro, à 45km de Gbadolite, en Province du NordUbangi. Le HCR et son partenaire la CNR ont préenregistré 3.829 personnes (1.096 ménages).

14 Jun 2019 description

Clashes in Ibu Ibu, 25km into DRC’s Ituri Province, led an unconfirmed number of South Sudanese refugees to relocate away from border areas. Some returned to South Sudan after the incident, but subsequently re-entered DRC to seek international protection.

An influx of Central African refugees has been taking place since 4 April in Mogoro, 45km from Gbadolite, Nord-Ubangi Province. UNHCR and its partner CNR pre-registered 3,829 people (1,096 households).

13 Jun 2019 description

Luanda - The National Executive Secretariat of the Ruling party’s women wing (OMA) Wednesday launched a solidarity campaign aimed at raising essential goods to support the drought-hit victims in the provinces of Cunene, Namibe, Huíla and Cuando-Cubango.

The campaign, which is running until 30 June, aims to collect non-perishable food, used clothing, table water, hygiene products, medicines, among other goods.

The secretary general of OMA, Luzia Inglês, who chaired the ceremony, said that the initiative will be supported by media, truck companies and other organisations.

12 Jun 2019 description

Ondjiva - The First Lady Ana Dias Lourenço donated Tuesday food items to the people affected by the drought in southern Cunene province.

Ana Dias Lourenço delivered to the provincial government of Cunene 200 bags of rice, 100 boxes of vegetable oil, 20 bags of sugar and 30 bundles of used clothes.

The provincial government also received an ambulance, a water tank, three 3-wheel motorcycles and expendable material for hospital use, also to assist drought-hit families.

12 Jun 2019 description

Uige - An amount of USD 200,000 have been spent on land mine removal in northern Uige province in the last 12 months, announced Tuesday the Japanese Embassy in Angola.

Speaking to journalist, the Chargés d’Affaires of Japan’s Embassy, Toshinori Matshushiro, said the money was earmarked for demining process in five areas located in Dange-Quitexe (three), Bungo (one) and Maquela do Zombo (one).

11 Jun 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


• As part of World Vaccination month, 4,244 children (6months-14years) were vaccinated against measles through the RRMP mechanism

• During the month of April, 46,275 persons were provided with essential household items, and shelter materials

• Ebola outbreak: as of 14 April 2019, 1,264 total cases of Ebola, 1,198 confirmed cases and 748 deaths linked to Ebola have been recorded in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.


11 Jun 2019 description

Heads of states, ministers and other development actors focus on the role of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

11 June 2019, Malabo - The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF), a powerful demonstration of solidarity among African countries to improve agriculture and food security, needs to forge broader partnerships and explore innovative financing mechanisms to tackle the challenges facing the continent.

11 Jun 2019 description

E N C H I F F R E S :

  • 60 millions de voyageurs dépistés pour lutter contre la propagation d’Ebola.

  • 35 agents de la DGM formés à la gestion humanitaire des frontières au Kasaï Central.

  • 4436 personnes vulnérables auxquelles l’OIM a apporté une aide en transport d’urgence pour quitter la zone frontalière avec l’Angola.

  • 275 policiers formés à MbujiMayi


11 Jun 2019 description

The Global Humanitarian Overview published on 4 December announced funding requirements of $21.9 billion for 21 Humanitarian Response Plans and the Venezuela Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan. By the end of May, the requirements had reached $26.42 billion. The change in requirements since last month is mainly due to the finalization of the Sudan HRP ($1.15 billion) and a $103.7 million increase for Mozambique.

11 Jun 2019 description

Christine Nikolaidou of IOM Greece’s Athens office confirmed Tuesday morning these details of a deadly shipwreck off the island of Lesvos in Greece’s Aegean Sea. The location of the tragedy appears to have been approximately 2.5 miles away from the Lesvos’ port of Mitilene, in an area known as Pamfyla.

The rescue operation began at 7:00 am Tuesday morning, with forces from the Hellenic Coast Guard, Frontex and the Hellenic Air Force searching waters for victims. The HCG reported the operation finished at 11:30 AM, adding that it knows of no victims who remain missing.