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30 Mar 2012 description

From the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law

Executive Summary

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate change will disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations in the developing world. Rising temperatures, increasingly severe floods and droughts, and sea-level rise threaten economies that are reliant on agriculture, in countries whose governments lack adaptive capacity, and in areas where populations have little access to healthcare and education.

30 Dec 2011 description

JOHANNESBURG, 30 December 2011 (IRIN) - More than five years after the Front for the Liberation of Cabinda (FLEC) filed a complaint with an African Union (AU) human rights body against the Angolan government for alleged human rights abuses, the AU says it is willing to hear the "merits" of appointing a special rapporteur to investigate the claims.

14 Oct 2011 description
report The Guardian

Nine years after the return of peace to Angola, the country is struggling to get children into school and to find people to teach them

Alex Duval Smith in Lubango, southern Angola

The dusty playground around Primary School 200 is filled with children. It could be breaktime, except that everyone is sitting in attentive groups. Some pupils are gathered beneath trees; others bake in the heat under a long, shiny sheet of corrugated metal that looks like a bike shelter.

03 Oct 2011 description

Drawing on the RAPID Outcome Assessment methodology, this report examines the influence of Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP) on policy in southern Africa and shares lessons learned from these experiences.

27 Sep 2011 description

27 Sep 2011 09:00 Source: Reuters // Reuters

By Kate Kelland

LONDON, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The GAVI international immunisations group said on Tuesday it had agreed more than 50 new deals to fund potentially life-saving vaccines for children in 37 developing countries.

22 Sep 2011 description

NEW YORK, 22 September 2011 (IRIN) - The African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) has launched a scorecard to improve the fight against malaria on the African continent.

“This,” said Agnes Bingwaho, Rwanda’s Health Minister, holding up the laminated scorecard, “is something that will help Africa make progress.”

Updated quarterly, it provides information from each country on policies formulated, preventative measures initiated, money spent, lives saved and lost.

25 Aug 2011 description

24 Aug 2011 17:07

By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent

WASHINGTON, Aug 24 (Reuters) - The El Nino climate cycle, which spreads warm, dry air around the globe every four years or so, doubles the risk of civil wars in 90 tropical countries, researchers reported on Wednesday.

And because El Nino patterns can be predicted up to two years in advance, scientists suggest their findings could be used to help prepare for some conflicts and the humanitarian crises they cause.

24 Aug 2011 description

To mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, this special issue of Disasters features a selection of the most relevant and original articles about refugee and displacement issues published by the journal over the past 35 years.

These articles provide a rich source of informed thinking on humanitarian responses to the needs of populations fleeing persecution, war and disaster, with much to contribute to our understanding of refugee and displacement crises past, present and future.

24 Aug 2011 description

Following the famine in Somalia, this virtual issue of Disasters brings together a number of seminal articles on previous famines in the Horn of Africa and elsewhere. The collection includes articles by world class scholars on early warning systems, targeting of emergency food aid, effectiveness of famine response, interface between war and famine, malnutrition, disease and mortality in times of famine and discussion of the definition of 'famine'. It is hoped that this rich literature, spanning almost 30 years, can be of help in informing the current response.

08 Aug 2011 description

Special Report by Claudia Hofmann and Ulrich Schneckener


Transnational nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have developed strategies to improve the diffusion of and general adherence to international norms among nonstate armed actors, with the goal of persuading armed actors to adapt their behavior accordingly.

21 Jul 2011 description

JOHANNESBURG, 21 July 2011 (IRIN) - The death toll in southern Africa during the 2010-2011 rainy season (December-May) was "markedly higher" than in recent years, with 477 people killed, compared to seven during the same period in 2009-2010, and 212 in 2008-2009, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

08 Jul 2011 description

By Alex VinesMarkus Weimer
Contributor: Jennifer G. Cooke, Richard Downie
Jul 7, 2011

30 Jun 2011 description

By Richard Downie, Jennifer G. Cooke
Jun 30, 2011

28 Jun 2011 description
report New Era

by Magreth Nunuhe

OSIRE - Most Angolan refugees at Osire are adamant that they would not go back home when the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) applies the Cessation Clause on that country at the end of this year.

The refugees are urging the Namibian Government to consider other alternatives than send them home.

A spokesman for the refugees, Aderito Kalimbi, said they need help from the Namibian Government so that they are not taken back to Angola.

17 Jun 2011 description

KANANGA, KASAI OCCIDENTAL PROVINCE, 17 June 2011 (IRIN) - "I have been left without anything - I don't even have anywhere to go now." Thirty-year-old Mwamba Kashane, one of the thousands of Congolese to be expelled from Angola in the past month, recounts his ordeal from Kamako, a town close to the Angolan border in the province of Kasai Occidental.

04 May 2011 description

This sixth edition of the Yearbook of Peace Processes analyses conflicts in which negotiations are being held to reach a peace agreement, regardless of whether these negotiations are formalised, are in the exploratory phase, are faring well or, to the contrary, are stalled or in the midst of crisis. It also analyses some cases in which negotiations or explorations are partial; that is, they do not include all the armed groups present in the country (such as the case of India, for example).

30 Apr 2011 description

Proceedings from an ACCORD Workshop
14&15 September 2009

21 Apr 2011 description

John L. Hirsch l Senior Adviser

The arrest of Laurent Gbagbo in the bunker of the presidential palace in Abidjan on April 11th marks a turning point in the struggle to place Alassane Ouattara, the declared winner of the December 2010 election, in his rightful place as President of the Ivory Coast.

14 Mar 2011 description
report Mail and Guardian


From the centre of Luanda it takes two hours by car to reach the remote bairro of Pedreira, on the northern peripheries of Angola's capital.