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16 Jan 2004 description

By Richard Poole, IMC Country Director

12 Feb 2003 description

For those suffering from disease, warfare or disaster, even a small bag of seeds can go a long way toward re-building shattered lives. Seeds provided by International Medical Corps represent a source of food, potential income, and hope for tens of thousands of people in regions around the world being served by IMC.

05 Dec 2002 description

In recent months, IMC has intensified its immunization campaigns with a special focus on measles prevention. Other IMC initiatives in Uige, Huambo and Malange provinces have addressed the need for reproductive health care for women, including extensive training programs for traditional birth attendants and health education on sexually transmitted diseases and family planning.

05 Nov 2002 description

Extract from "In the Field" Newsletter - Fall 2002 Issue

11 Mar 1998 description

Los Angeles: A physician working in Angola for the Los Angeles-based humanitarian relief agency International Medical Corps (IMC) was found today in a remote northwest area of the country after being abducted by unknown assailants on Sunday, March 1.

29 Aug 1997 description

International Medical Corps (IMC) began an emergency relief program in Angola in August, 1990, with the primary objective of reducing the preventable causes of maternal/child morbidity and mortality through appropriate health interventions.

12 Jun 1997 description

Gourgelia do Nascimento is only 25, but she is playing a big role in the future of her country. As a health worker in Angola, she is helping reduce one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world.

Under a program sponsored by International Medical Corps (IMC), Gourgelia is teaching local women who assist in childbirth. They are called "traditional birth attendants," but most of these women have no formal training. They learn their profession by apprenticing with older women, following practices that have been handed down for generations.