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23 Apr 2019 description

Key trends in the South and Southeast Asian region last week include: targeted attacks in Afghanistan stemming from the Taliban spring offensive (and the Easter bombings early this week in Sri Lanka); violence involving domestic rebel groups in Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand; election-related violence and disorder in both India and Indonesia; and unrest stemming from farming and land disputes in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand.

23 Apr 2019 description

JALALABAD - A longstanding dispute over water resources between two tribes in the eastern province of Nangarhar has been resolved through mediation and community engagement.

A peace Jirga involving the Markikhil and Kadarkhil tribes in Shirzad district, concluded with a resolution regulating water distribution being unanimously adopted. The Jirga was facilitated by UNAMA as part of its Local Peace Initiative program, in close coordination with the Nangarhar Conflict Resolution Commission (CRC).

21 Apr 2019 description
report Start Network


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund Anticipation process.

19 Apr 2019 description

Islamist groups have been deemed one of the most significant threats to international security in the 21st century, and current conflicts include peak levels of political violence involving Islamist actors (New York Times, 6 July 2018). Islamism can imply a variety of qualities – most commonly, the term implies that the group in question aims to establish a state governed according to Islamic law or principles, or to gain independence for Muslims living under non-Islamic states (Wilson Center, n.d.).

18 Apr 2019 description
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Kandahar, Afghanistan – Today, sixty women graduates received government-issued certificates recognizing their year-long training and work experience through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) internship program. USAID’s internship program equips women with the knowledge and skills to qualify for jobs with the Afghan civil service.

18 Apr 2019 description

Kabul, Afghanistan – The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) held a women’s empowerment event today for graduates of the Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) Jawana and Royesh programs. Senior Afghan government officials, leaders in the private sector, and civil society representatives attended the event, which highlighted the achievements of the WLD graduates and strengthened their support network as future leaders in Afghanistan.

16 Apr 2019 description

Key trends in Asia last week included the official launch of the Taliban’s annual spring offensive in Afghanistan, election violence in India and Indonesia, as well as ongoing militant violence in several South and Southeast Asian countries.

16 Apr 2019 description

KANDAHAR - Activists in Kandahar are turning to social media to better coordinate and strengthen efforts to promote women’s rights.

To help further the effective and safe use of social media, Kandahar field office of UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) hosted a discussion with 20 women representatives of civil society, local media, provincial council members, teachers and university students active on social media.

09 Apr 2019 description

Last week, levels of organized violence remained static while demonstration events continued to decrease across the South and Southeast Asian regions. In South Asia, while Indian voters are getting ready for the general elections starting on 11 April, attacks on political activists and clashes with armed groups have been reported from across the country.

08 Apr 2019 description
report European Union
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Council conclusions

The Council today discussed the situation in Afghanistan. Foreign ministers focused on current peace efforts and how the EU can best contribute to these efforts. The Council adopted conclusions on the Afghanistan's peace process. In the conclusions, the Council reaffirms its political commitment and long-term support to the people of Afghanistan on their path towards peace, security and prosperity. The EU encourages the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban to intensify their efforts towards a peaceful and negotiated settlement of the conflict.

07 Apr 2019 description

LASHKAR GAH - The following is a transcript of the statement delivered by the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto on the Role of Women in Peace and Security in Afghanistan.


The Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, at the AIHRC National Inquiry on the Role of Women in Peace and Security in Afghanistan

[as delivered ]

Lashkar Gah, 7 April 2019

04 Apr 2019 description

SUROBI - Leaders in the Surobi district of Kabul province are turning to radio to urge community members to join local peace initiatives and development projects.

Elders’ Shura members, religious scholars, women’s organisations and local authorities are increasingly using Surobi Radio to canvass for peace and community action on challenges affecting the district.

03 Apr 2019 description


The report provides a brief account of the current state of knowledge of the links between climate change and conflict. It then presents relevant literature from Afghanistan (although this is limited), and finally examples from other countries or regions where links have been proposed (many of which can be considered fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS)).

02 Apr 2019 description

Last week, in Asia, organized violence remained relatively static while demonstration events continued to decline. In South Asia, Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum escaped an assassination attempt by Taliban fighters in Balkh province while election violence continued in India and Bangladesh. In Southeast Asia, police reportedly killed 14 suspected New People’s Army members in the Philippines, though reports have emerged that those killed may have been unassociated farmers.

29 Mar 2019 description

BY: Danielle Robertson; Steven E. Steiner

USIP recently partnered with New America to convene roundtable discussions with government, civil society, and humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding organizations to learn from the past decade of women’s programming in fragile states such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on these discussions, this report provides guidance for improving future programming to not only integrate the needs of women but also recognize the role women play in transforming violent conflict and sustaining a durable peace.

29 Mar 2019 description

I am pleased to present SIGAR’s 2019 High-Risk List to the 116th Congress and the Secretaries of State and Defense.

27 Mar 2019 description

On the occasion of the 4th Session of the Pakistan-European Union Strategic Dialogue, held in Islamabad on 25 March 2019, between Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, the two sides discussed regional foreign policy issues of mutual interest, notably the situation in Afghanistan.

27 Mar 2019 description
report European Commission

The EU’s relationship with Afghanistan is guided by the EU Strategy for Afghanistan, adopted in 2017, aimed at strengthening the country’s institutions and economy. The 2017 Cooperation Agreement provides the basis for developing a mutually beneficial relationship in several areas such as: the rule of law, health, rural development, education, science and technology, the fights against terrorism, organised crime and narcotics.