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20 May 2009 description

Travelling from Jalalabad to Torkham on the border with Pakistan, you pass the district of Mohmand Dara.

In the past this district of the eastern province of Nangarhar was known for poppy cultivation and the number of illegal armed groups.

But today the image is one of peace and security after the armed groups handed their weapons over to DIAG - the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups - a United Nations and Government of Afghanistan programme.

At the Emal Baba Higher Secondary School 2,000 students are taught by 20 teachers in ten classrooms; two other smaller rooms are used by …

30 Jul 2008 description

Kabul, 30 July 2008 - On Wednesday 30th July, the Afghanistan's New Beginnings Programme (ANBP) organized a Workshop for Tribal Elders and Religious Scholars in Support of Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG).

The aim of this workshop was to disseminate relevant information on DIAG among the elders and local community in Kapisa Province and to expedite the implementation of DIAG and the Gun Law with support of the Tribal Elders.

24 Jul 2008 description

D&RC Targets another 12 Districts for Disbandment of Illegal armed Groups and Development

Kabul -24 July 2008 - On 24 July 2008, the Disarmament and Reintegration Commission (D&RC) officially launched the DIAG District Implementation (DDI) Phase 4, supported by UNDP Project called Afghanistan's New Beginnings Programme (ANBP).

The first, second and third rounds of DDI are ongoing in 70 districts nationwide.

18 Jun 2008 description

Kabul, 18 June 2008 - The Japanese Chargé d'Affaires ad interim, Mr Katsuhide Ariyoshi and the Deputy Country Director and Officer in Charge of UNDP, Mr Ian Holland, held a Signing Ceremony for the Exchange of Notes this morning to provide an additional 477 million yen ($4.5 million) to Afghanistan's New Beginnings Programme (ANBP) for the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG).

The funds provided by Japan on Wednesday will be used to disband illegal armed groups as well to assist in promoting community development to those districts that have complied with the …

08 May 2008 description

Kabul, 08 May 2008

Twelve different kinds of light and heavy weapons along with one truckload of mines, ammunition and military equipment will be handed over to DIAG by Kabul police officials in a ceremony. These weapons and ammunition were confiscated as a result of Police operations in Kabul Province.

26 Apr 2008 description

Kabul 26 April 2008 - On 26th April 2008 the officials of Kabul Police Head Quarter handed over 119 different types of light weapons to Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) programme

The weapons were collected from criminal groups and individuals as a result of police operations around Kabul city and districts in the past several months.

The DIAG process was launched on 11 June 2005 when officially announced by Vice President Khalili.

17 Mar 2008 description

Fifty-one different light weapons were handed over to DIAG in a ceremony on 17 March.

12 Dec 2007 description

On Thursday 13 December, a Veterinary Clinic will be inaugurated by the Joint Secretariat of the Disarmament and Reintegration Commission (D&RC) in Kohistan 2, District of Kapisa Province. A special ceremony will be held at 11.00 am at the District Center to inaugurate the Kohaistan 2 project. The governmental authorities, ANBP and Joint Secretariat officials will take part in the ceremony.

The veterinary clinic will directly benefit 141 villages and over 100,000 people as well as inhabitants from neighboring districts.

11 Nov 2007 description

Kabul, November 11, 2007 - On 11th November at 10 am, 4 commanders will hand over 35 different types of weapons to DIAG programme in Da-e-Sabaz Kabul Province.

The ceremony will take place at the district building and will be attended by Deputy Minister of Interior, Abdul Malik Sediqi , Kabul Governor, Haji Deen Mohammad, Chief of Police, Salim Ehsaas and representatives from NDS, DIAG and ANBP programme.

By voluntarily surrendering these weapons, the commanders are demonstrating their willingness to take an active role in the reconstruction, peace and stability of the country.

04 Nov 2007 description

Kabul, 4, November, 2007 - On 5th of November at 10 am , 8 Commanders will hand over around 100 heavy and light weapons to DIAG Programme (Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups) in the center of Warsaj District in Takhar Province.

The event will be attended by the Provincial Governor of Warsaj District, Abdul Latif Ebrahimi, the Chief of NDS , Dr. Gulestan, the district Manager, Abdul Wadud Saeedi and representatives from ANBP, DIAG, UNAMA and the Provincial Police.

25 Oct 2007 description


EightCommandersfromSozmaQalaDistrictarehandingover100lightweaponstoDIAGonThursday25thOctoberat10:30AM,inSozmaQalaDistrictGovernor'soffice.Thesamedayin theafternoon,tenCommandersfromFaizabadDistrict(JawzjanProvince)willhandover45weaponstoDIAG,inFaizabadDistrictGovernor'soffice(3:00PM,tobeconfirmed).Inthecourseofthesetwoceremonies,thecommanderswillsignandreceivetheirdisbandmentcertificates.


24 Oct 2007 description

Puli Alam, 24th October, 2007: Peace district - 20 different weapons and one load truck of ammunitions is handed over to DIAG on Wednesday 24th October, in Puli Alam, centre of Logar province at 10:00 am in Logar governor's office.

03 Oct 2007 description

Kabul, 3, October, 2007 - On 1st of October, Nangarhar Chief of Police handed over 1273 weapons which include 1234 shot hunting guns, 39 AK47, and a few RPKs and Pistols to the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) programme during a ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by Nangarhar Deputy Governor, Cop, government authorities and ANBP officials.

30 Sep 2007 description



19 Sep 2007 description

Bamyan,19September 2007: Saighan district of Bamyan province will be announced as Peace District, as 70 different sorts of weapons plus ammunitions will be surrendered by 13 commanders on Thursday in Saighan centre.

On the 21st September ANBP team will participate in the of celebration Peace Day along withBamyan Provincial Governor, all governmental departments,New Zealand PRT,UN agenciesof Central Highlands.

BamyanGovernorMrs.HabibaSarabi,(DavidWilsonANBPCountryProgramDirector),Representatives of UNAMA, ANBP, AIHRC and other agencies in Bamyan, NZPRT, ProvincialPolice, Security …

31 Jul 2007 description

The Afghanistan's New Beginnings Programme (ANBP) is a project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It was created in April 2003 to assist the Government of Afghanistan in implementing Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). DDR was successfully completed in June 2006.

24 Jul 2007 description

Kabul, 24 July 2007: The Chief of Police (CoP) office of Kabul and Kabul Governor will handover a total of 450 heavy and light weapons confiscated during police operations and voluntarysurrenders by local people to the DIAG programme in 5thdistrict of Kabul city here on Tuesday.

The ceremony will take place at main police station of the fifth district at 09:00 hrs in which highranking officials from MoI and Kabul Governor will participate (Called the Khoshal Khan Area,District Five is within the Kabul city boundaries towards west).

17 Jul 2007 description

Balkh, 17 July 2007: Afghanistan's New Beginnings Programme (ANBP) will hand over custodianship of the Ammunition Collection Point (ACP) in Deh Dadi, Mazar-e Sharif to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Tuesday, 17 July. This handover marks the final of eight ACPs to be transferred to the MoD.

The ceremony will take place in Dehdadi ACP, Depoyee Mamr-e Hawayee (Air Force Fuel Station) at 10:00 A.M. Located in Balkh province, the ACP contains over 1,600 metric tonnes of different types of ammunition.

05 Jul 2007 description

On Tuesday 3 July, approximately 9,000 rounds of ammunition and 79 weapons were handed over by Baghlan Police Department to the DIAG programme in Pol-i Khumri centre of Baghlan Province.

Provincial police collected the weapons and ammunition from 21 commanders from different parts of Baghlan, mainly from Khenjan district. Approximately 65% of these weapons and ammunitions are serviceable and the rest is deemed unserviceable. The unserviceable weapons and ammunition are currently being disposed of by ANBP's implementing partner the HALO Trust.

07 Jun 2007 description

Kabul, 7th June 2007: On Sunday June 10, Afghanistan's News Beginnings Programme (ANBP) will hand over the Central Weapons Collection Point (WCP) to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) during a special ceremony.