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04 Nov 2002 description

Kabul is often called the widows' capital of the world, and one of the city's 30,000 widows is Shkiba.
Shkiba guesses her age to be close to 28. She has come to Kabul out of sheer necessity. Her husband, a farmer, died six years ago, the victim of a Taliban assault in northern Afghanistan.

Shkiba shepherded her seven children to relative safety in Kabul, living for a time in a deserted home since reclaimed by one of the many families now returning from Pakistan. Now Shkiba and her children live in one of Kabul's many abandoned buildings.

28 Oct 2002 description

"What is striking to a visitor making a second trip to Afghanistan in just 15 months," says Chris Herlinger, CWS Emergency Response Program, "is how many of the problems evident during a July 2001 visit - drought, severe economic hardship, day-to-day insecurity and continued inequity between men and women - are still apparent." Herlinger , who returned this past week from Afghanistan, says it would be a mistake, however, to paint a wholly pessimistic picture.

21 Oct 2002 description

"We are very thankful. This has come at a very crucial time for us," said Rahmuddin Huzruddin, 22, as he took a break on October 14 from placing wooden beams atop the house he and his family hope to occupy within two weeks.

26 Aug 2002 description

The initial foundations have been cleared and mud-bricking begun on the homes of several hundred families in the Shomali Valley, north of Kabul, reports Donna Derr, CWS coordinator of international emergency response. Fifteen hundred returning refugee and internally-displaced families build their new homes with building materials provided through the CWS Afghanistan Rehabilitation Housing Program. CWS is purchasing the materials within the region.

30 Jun 2002 description

The following represent some of the many ways Church World Service is creating a rainbow of help and hope - a beautiful Rainbow of Caring - through the Tools of Hope & Blanket Program.

24 Jun 2002 description

Dr. Sima Samar, Vice-Chair of the Afghan Interim Administration and first Minister for Women's Affairs of Afghanistan, is also founder of the Shuhada Organization, a CWS partner in Afghanistan for 15 years. Dr. Samar played an important role in organizing the new government during the recently convened Loya Jirga, which this past week elected Hamid Karzai as president.

22 Apr 2002 description

With your help, CWS can provide chairs, tables, and CWS "Gift of the Heart" School Kits for at least 50,000 school children in 77 schools, as part of CWS's long-term recovery program in Afghanistan. A CWS "Gift of the Heart" School Kit and $10 will provide a study chair and desk for a student, a teacher's desk and chair for each classroom, and much-needed school supplies for a child.

16 Apr 2002 description

CWS has focused its efforts during the first six months of the current Afghanistan/ Pakistan crisis on immediate relief assistance to help displaced persons within Afghanistan as well as refugees who have crossed the border into Pakistan. This work builds on 48 years of CWS work in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

15 Apr 2002 description

Needs in Afghanistan remain "humongous," reports Afghanistan/Pakistan Director Marvin Parvez. "I sometimes wonder how much more Afghanistan can take," said Parvez in the wake of a third earthquake (April 12) to hit the country in less than six weeks. CWS will again help provide relief supplies if needed.

11 Apr 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6939

01 Apr 2002 description

Some 100,000 people have been displaced by recent earthquakes in northern Afghanistan. "This disaster adds yet another layer of need to the already critical needs that continue to multiply in Afghanistan," reports Church World Service Pakistan/Afghanistan Director Marvin Parvez. The series of quakes, which hit March 25 and 26, hit a remote mountainous area in Baghlan province, in the Hindu Kush region, north of Kabul. Death toll estimates vary between 800 and 2000. Some 20,000 families are homeless.

26 Mar 2002 description

SITUATION: A series of earthquakes -- including one measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale -- hit a remote mountainous area of northern Afghanistan late Monday (March 25) and early today. The earthquake occurred in Baghlan province, in the Hindu Kush region.

18 Mar 2002 description

"A lot of news out of Afghanistan is bad news," says Marvin Parvez, director of the CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan Office, "but there is good news, too, about how churches, CROP WALKS and others are helping people in need."

04 Mar 2002 description

SITUATION: An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale struck northern Afghanistan Sunday (March 3, 2002). At least 50 were killed in northern Samangan province, a spokesman for the World Food Program (WFP) reported today, and 150 people were reported missing and presumed dead in a landslide that struck a village southeast of Mazar-e-Sharif.

18 Feb 2002 description

Questioned about their own lives, widows in Afghanistan often answer by telling about their husbands, as if their former status as a wife is the only status they will ever have.

11 Feb 2002 description

"Given the history in Afghanistan, I was taken with how very optimistic our partners are that change is imminent, and that people will have opportunities they haven't had for the past ten or more years," reports Donna Derr, CWS Emergency Response Associate Director, following a recent trip to the region. "Nonetheless, people are expressing ongoing concern that the international community needs to have a continuing role in managing the tensions between tribal leaders," says Derr.

04 Feb 2002 description

High in the mountains of northwest Pakistan, the newest Afghan refugee camp is nearly full. The new camp, which will house some 20,000 people, is needed because Afghan refugees continue to come into Pakistan, and many of those who are already there are not returning to Afghanistan. A thousand new residents arrive at a time in Shalman Camp, bused here from much bigger, more crowded, and much older refugee camps around the city of Peshawar, Pakistan.