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06 Nov 2018 description

On 4 November 2018 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of EMERGENCY’s Maternity Hospital in Panjshir, Anabah, an outbreak of an unknown and as yet not determined origin was registered.

Twelve newborns, who were already in a critical condition and on antibiotic therapy, passed away due to what presented itself as sepsis.

EMERGENCY immediately informed the health authorities regarding the ongoing outbreak and involved an external private laboratory in Kabul to carry out microbiological tests. EMERGENCY will communicate the results as soon as they are available.

24 Mar 2018 description

The death toll of this morning’s suicide bombing in Kabul amounts to at least 26, according to the Afghan Ministry of the Interior.

Yesterday, on 20 March, was ‘Nowruz’, the Persian New Year; today, near the Sakhi Shrine, in the western part of the Afghan capital, hundreds of people had gathered to celebrate. The explosion occurred near the University.

13 victims were taken to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Kabul: 10 were admitted, 3 had already passed away.

02 Feb 2018 description

Kabul. An explosion near the government’s former Ministry of the Interior building caused more deaths in the Afghan capital just a few days after the attack at the Intercontinental Hotel.

78 wounded were to the EMERGENCY hospital so far, 12 already dead on arrival.

“It’s a massacre,” says Dejan Panic, EMERGENCY Programme Coordinator in Afghanistan.

The attack happened a few hundred meters from our hospital.

31 May 2017 description

Kabul car bombing: 69 injured hospitalised at the EMERGENCY Surgery Hospital.

This morning, at 8:30 am, Kabul was hit by yet another attack: a car bomb explosion, at a time when the streets were very crowded, has caused tens of deaths and hundreds of wounded in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, the embassy area.

The EMERGENCY Hospital, a few hundred yards away, has accommodated 69 wounded, 8 dead on arrival. The A&E ward is still full of patients. The hospital also suffered some damage, but our staff are fine and they are working tirelessly to assist the injured.

13 Aug 2014 description

Today an EMERGENCY NGO ambulance was caught in the middle of the fighting in the Tagab district, in the north-east province of Kapisa. The driver of the ambulance, our Afghan colleague Hamza Khan, was wounded by gunfire and died. The ambulance was on its way to EMERGENCY's First Aid Post in Tagab, where numerous patients wounded in the violent clashes over the past hours had been taken, to help transport the patients to our surgical centre in Kabul.

05 Aug 2014 description

326 war patients treated in our Kabul hospital last July, highest number recorded since 1999

In July, we treated 326 patients for war wounds at our Kabul hospital: more than 10 per day.

It's the highest number recorded in our Afghanistan hospitals since 1999. 602 more patients with war wounds were also treated in our Kabul OPD in the same month.

16 Jan 2013 description

This morning a car bomb exploded in Kabul, near the National Directorate of Security's facilities. One attacker died during the explosion, four others were killed during shootings with the police.

Three civilians died in the attack, twenty-seven have been injured. Ten of them have been transferred to EMERGENCY's Surgical Centre for war victims. None of them is in life-threatening conditions.

16 Apr 2012 description

April 16. Twenty-seven victims of yesterday's attacks in Kabul - which ended only today in the morning - were brought to EMERGENCY's Surgical Centre. Four Afghan soldiers were dead on arrival; fifteen injured people have been operated - one of them, who arrived in critical conditions, died during the intervention; eight, with lesser wounds, were treated in the Opd.

20 Oct 2011 description

Nearly 4 million refugees and more than 1.5 million people killed: that’s the outcome of 27 years of wars in Afghanistan.

EMERGENCY - an organisation which provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the victims of war, landmines and poverty - started working in Afghanistan in 1999, where they built a Surgical Centre for War Victims. This Centre was previously former barracks in Anabah in the Panshir Valley.

11 Apr 2007 description

Today, Wednesday 11th April, Emergency's international staff left Kabul for Dubai. The reasons for this decision and the meaning of this choice are explained in the following statement, which will be published also in Afghanistan, in English and in the local languages.

Emergency's international staff leave Afghanistan

Following the disgraceful statement of Mr.

30 Mar 2002 description

As a consequence of the Earthquake that did take place last Monday in the province of Baghlan , in Afghanistan, The Afghan Ministry of Health, after a field survey in the area, has communicated to us some impressive and yet reliable data:

  • 1200 dead
  • 1500 seriously wounded
  • 78 villages destroyed
  • 99% of the old town of Narhin destroyed; 90% of the new part of town destroyed
  • 20,000 homeless families .
In agreement with the Afghan Ministry of Health, lady Dr.
18 May 2001 description

From: EMERGENCY Headquarters
Milan - Italy - 18th May 2001 - Following the numerous requests and telepone calls which have reached EMERGENCY's headquarters in Milan, the organisation has decided to make this press release to relate the events which took place yesterday in its hospital at Kabul and to clarify the information spread by various agencies.

Late morning yesterday the Taliban religious police, made up of about 25 people, forced their way into EMERGENCY's hospital by climbing over the perimeter wall and threatening the hospital staff.