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05 Jul 2016 description

On Monday, the National Police Headquarter informed Hungarian news agency MTI that between Friday and Sunday 350 people crossing the border illegally were apprehended in Hungary. According to the statistics published on the Police’s website, on Friday 140, on Saturday 103 and on Sunday 107 were apprehended.

07 Jun 2016 description

“No physical atrocities occurred and nobody was injured during protests by illegal immigrants at the Guarded Refugee Receiving Centre in Békéscsaba”, the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor on Homeland Security told Hungarian news agency MTI.

“The camp in Békés County is home to 165 people, seventy of whom began acting in a disorderly and aggressive manner in the late afternoon. About thirty men began protesting in the institution’s courtyard. Their demands include acceleration of their cases’ processing and to be released on bail”, Mr. Bakondi told the press.

16 Sep 2015 description

A humanitarian disaster has been successfully prevented in the last few days by virtue of the coordinated efforts made by the Hungarian authorities and aid organisations in the vicinity of the Serbian-Hungarian border, the Minister of Human Resources stated at a press conference concerning illegal migration held on Wednesday in Szeged.

19 Jan 2010 description

Greece has offered another 300,000 euros of support for Hungary's development assistance in Afghanistan. The funding will enable Hungarian civil organisations to implement development projects selected by Greece within the Hungarian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) framework.

The projects focus on education and health-care development as well as improving conditions for women, including their positions on the labour market in Afghanistan.

19 Dec 2008 description

Year by year hundreds of family homes, household plots and large agricultural areas used to be threatened by flood waves on the Darya-Baghlan river in Baghlani Jadid District, Afghanistan. For example, in the spring of this year, when the flood hit two villages, namely Qarabaraq and Balucha, local people had to use boats to move around.

28 May 2008 description

At the Hungarian government committee session, 500 million forints - allocated for the current phase of reconstruction work in Afghanistan's Baghlan province - was distributed between the ministries, though, in the meantime discussions were also held about new foreign funding. National resources would not be sufficient for the financing of such a huge undertaking, said Foreign Minister Kinga Göncz at a press conference in parliament following the committee session.

28 Jun 2006 description

Hungary has accepted leadership of a regional reconstruction team in Afghanistan, State Secretary for the Prime Minister?s Office Zolt·n J. G·l told the press after the Government session. The Hungarian mission will take over leadership in Baglan Province from The Netherlands in October 2006, thus supplementing its peacekeeping role with this task for two years. Relocation will start as early as the end of July, and the transfer of command will take place in October. Actual operations are foreseen to start after a preparatory phase, in April 2007.