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21 Nov 2011 description

Farzana Ali khan

A change in society is improbable as inadequate educational facilities for girls and the low level of industrial development make life difficult for women while stringent laws make Pashtoon women less visible. Pushtoons are residing in Khyber Paktunkha province of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There is a line in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet: "Frailty thy name is woman." It hints at the fact that women are feeble creatures.

09 Dec 2009 description

ASIA: Crisis in Human Rights Protection in Asia -- Bad Policing Systems as a Major Threat to Human Rights

On the 10th of December Human Rights Day is celebrated the world over. It reminds us of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, which symbolized the start of an era based on a respect for human dignity and on the obligations of states to protect human rights. But what kind of reminder is this day for people living in the Asian region?

05 Jun 2009 description

Date: June 5, 2009
Document id: ALRC-COS-11-011-2009
Speaker: Gail Davidson