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26 May 2010 description
report MADRE

Afghan women have been denied their human rights for decades-the right to education, to work, to health care, to political participation. More than 87 percent of Afghan women cannot read or write. Pervasive violence against women is now considered a "silent epidemic" with roots in the low status of women and fueled by ongoing warfare and political upheaval.

Following are stories of brutality ... and survival. Read how The Afghan Women's Survival Fund and MADRE member support are saving women's lives.

Shabana's Story

"I am not a toy. I am a human.

25 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

The women's health delegation arrived in Jimani, Dominican Republic last Tuesday, and they immediately began working around the clock to provide emergency services to the many busloads of people who had fled Haiti. The team has since arrived in Fonds Pariesien, Haiti, where they are working in a clinic to respond to the needs of the incoming earthquake survivors.

Another medical team arrived on January 23rd to begin working on a Rapid Health Assessment to identify the most pressing women's health needs in Haiti.

19 Nov 2009 description
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How Your Gifts Save Lives

MADRE is a small organization with a big reach. We're able to have an impact beyond our size because we know how to focus on the most strategic places to make change.

26 May 2009 description
report MADRE

To help shore up domestic support for its war in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration spoke often of the need to free Afghan women from the Taliban. Indeed, that regime robbed women of even a minimal degree of self-determination, violating basic rights to education, employment, healthcare, freedom of movement and freedom from violence.

After the Taliban was deposed by the US, women's circumstances improved somewhat, mainly in the cities.

18 May 2009 description
report MADRE

Women in Afghanistan are routinely denied basic human rights, including education, healthcare, freedom from violence, and freedom of movement. Afghan women who fight to change this reality are attacked and even assassinated by ultra-conservatives.

Meanwhile, US airstrikes that kill civilians further endanger Afghan women and their families.

02 Apr 2009 description
report MADRE

We know that elements in the military and Congress exerted great pressure on President Obama to ratchet up the war on Afghanistan. To achieve a more rational and peaceful outcome, we need to exert a counter-pressure. MADRE calls on the Obama administration to chart a whole new course in US-Afghan relations, based on the understanding that the US needs to engage with the rest of the world, not just occupy it.

Seven Reasons to Oppose a Troop Surge

1. More troops will mean more civilian casualties.

- Each year that the occupation drags on, more Afghan civilians are killed.

02 Apr 2009 description
report MADRE

Background on Afghan Women's Activism

- Most people in the US assume that Taliban-style extremism is deeply ingrained in Afghan history and culture. In fact, it's a recent imposition and a product of US intervention.

- Since the mid-1800s, Afghan governments have slowly but steadily advanced progressive reforms in democratization, education and women's rights.