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14 Sep 2017 description
report Operation Mercy

It is with great joy that we confirm the release of our Finnish colleague who was abducted on 20 May. The well-being of our colleague is being assessed at this time. We request privacy for our colleague and our colleague’s family.

We are also still mourning the death of our German colleague and the Afghan house guard who were killed in the initial attack on the Kabul home of our colleagues. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with both families as we all deal with this tragic loss.

21 May 2017 description
report Operation Mercy

Saturday evening, Kabul time, the residence of two Operation Mercy staff members was broken into. One staff member, a German national, was killed along with her house guard, an Afghan national. Another Operation Mercy staff member, a Finnish national, is missing. We will provide updates as more information becomes available. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families involved.

Please direct all enquiries to Operation Mercy’s spokesperson, Cathy Stanley: media@mercy.se, +46 7614 66 944.

04 Feb 2010 description
report Operation Mercy

In Afghanistan, many women are vulnerable and it is difficult for the women themselves to improve their situation. This is due to the social structure that often leads to isolation for many women. It is because of this that Operation Mercy has encouraged the formation of Self Help Groups.

Every human being has a tremendous God given potential. This hidden potential in the poor can be unleashed if a conducive environment is provided.

Individually the poor are voiceless, powerless and vulnerable. However by bringing the poor together as a group a tremendous strength can be gained.

25 May 2009 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy provided winter relief to some of the most vulnerable families in Northern Afghanistan. Here is an account of the distribution.

"On 22nd December with snow on the ground and a cold wind blowing, our two trucks made it to the distribution point with the wheat, beans, cooking oil, tea and quilts", an Operation Mercy co-worker says. He continues:

"I had engaged two students from the educational projects to process the distribution cards and get signatures. We had a number of other helpers from the village including the school headmaster.

19 May 2009 description
report Operation Mercy

The earthquake on April 17 in southeast Afghanistan has left hundreds of families homeless, with nearly all the homes in 5 villages totally destroyed. Operation Mercy Afghanistan has carefully coordinated with a small team of locals to assess needs in the earthquake zone. Upon confirming with local government bodies and other international organizations, we hope to distribute 200 high-quality tents to families that are still without shelter. The area is a sensitive, troubled zone and wisdom is needed for the distribution.

Your gift can help shelter a needy Afghan family.

04 Dec 2008 description
report Operation Mercy

Over the past seven years, millions of refugees have returned to Afghanistan after fleeing the years of violence and oppression. Because of the ongoing security situation, many are not able to return to their home districts and so live as internally displaced people within their own country.

These poor and vulnerable families suffer greatly during the winter months because of their dependence on the daily labour market which dries up during the winter. In addition, harsh weather conditions require additional income for fossil heating material and to cover seasonal medical needs.

19 Mar 2008 description
report Operation Mercy

The relief effort in northeastern Afghanistan continues to reach the forgotten of Afghan society. We are distributing food to women who are attending a literacy class at a local women's NGO. They are widows, orphans or struggling with other issues that have resulted in poverty. Families recommended by the local community also receive food. Additionally, we work in the Hazor Smooch district among its very poor Uzbek shepherds.

We use home to home visitation in order to assess the needs of families in the area.

04 Feb 2008 description
report Operation Mercy

Latest figures from Afghanistan's National Disasters Management Authority indicate that more than 500 people - mostly children and the elderly - have lost their lives due to cold weather and heavy snow since December 2007. Some parts of Afghanistan are facing their harshest winter in 30 years, with temperatures falling to minus 25 degrees, aid agencies say.

Because of these urgent needs, Operation Mercy has started emergency intervention.

20 Sep 2006 description
report Operation Mercy

You are probably aware that Afghanistan has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Operation Mercy's staff has been teaching "BLiSS" - Birth Life Saving Skills under the supervision of one of our midwives for more than a year in northern Afghanistan. She shares some highlights from this very important work:

"We found that our training in BLiSS has been very effective in the village.

30 Aug 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Mazar I Sharif in Afghanistan

Women's Birth Life Saving Skill Training

This training was designed for illiterate people. All themes are shared through drama, and pictures are used for explanation. They learn about bleeding during and after delivery, swelling and fits, respiration problems, under weight babies, infections and so on. This project is new to this village and so far, 14 women from two local communities have attended the training, three of them were TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants).

11 Apr 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Afghanistan: (2005-04-11) - The years of war have left tens of thousands of fatherless children and widows in Afghanistan. They have survived bombing and shelling of their homes, schools and playing fields. Others have been killed, raped, sold into prostitution or maimed by landmines, which still litter the country. Many women and children today continue to suffer serious traumatic stress.

Afghan orphans often live on the street; only the lucky ones find a home in orphanages, which, for the most part, operate on very limited resources.

13 May 2004 description
report Operation Mercy

After two years of providing emergency relief aid and assisting with rebuilding in the mountain village of Chah Ab, an Operation Mercy team has now moved into the village. The move allows us to continue our work and to expand into the vital area of health education.

23 Jan 2004 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy is working in two camps in the Bam region: the BAFIA and Hamadan Camps. We have an office based in the UN camp as well. Our work in the BAFIA camp has been established from the beginning of January. We are now aiming to expand our efforts into the two other camps. We are at present providing hygiene packs for the families in the camps.

13 Jan 2004 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy personnel, consisting of six expatriates and three local workers, have set up base in one of the relief aid camps in Bam, Iran. There are around 3000 people who are being treated for injuries due to the recent earthquake. We are coordinating the distribution of 100 tons of clothes that were recently brought in by truck.

21 Oct 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy has been providing water to a number of villages in the Chah Ab district of Afghanistan. This, as well as the road projects, has been part of the Food-For-Work or Clothes-For-Work programme. Meaning that local residents are working on improvements to their surroundings and get either food or clothes as payment.

20 Sep 2002 description
report Operation Mercy

Project Number: 85 093 400

24 Jun 2002 description
report Operation Mercy

by Operation Mercy's Director of Afghan Relief Operations

26 Mar 2002 description
report Operation Mercy

An update of our work in Afghanistan from our Country Director in Tajikistan

25 Jan 2002 description
report Operation Mercy

Project Number: 85093470