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05 Feb 2018 description

There is currently much talk of the private sector role in nutrition, and whether the state can ‘shape’ the market to deliver better nutritional outcomes. This issue of the IDS Bulletin presents research findings in this area, developed by the consortium of research partners under the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) programme.

09 Feb 2017 description

Travers Barclay Child

HiCN Working Paper 244


02 Dec 2016 description

This issue of Frontiers of CLTS explores the potential, and some of the recorded learning, on how CLTS, as a community-based, collaborative approach to sanitation behavioural change, can be applied successfully in contexts of fragility and displacement, leading to communities more convinced and prepared to maintain and develop safe sanitation practices.

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23 Oct 2016 description

Vincent A. Floreani, Gladys López-Acevedo, and Martín Rama

HiCN Working Paper 234


20 Sep 2012 description
Executive Summary

Women make peace but men negotiate it

A new report from ActionAid, IDS, and Womankind looks at the role of women in local peacebuilding initiatives, finding that women are more likely than men to adopt a broad definition of peace which includes the household level and focuses on the attainment of individual rights and freedoms such as education, healthcare and freedom from violence.

In contrast, men have a greater tendency to associate peace with the absence of formal conflict and the stability of formal structures such as governance and infrastructure.

20 Feb 2008 description

by Guy Collender

A senior member of the Afghan government stressed the success of community-led development and microfinance in Afghanistan when he visited IDS.