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17 Jul 2015 description
report Refugee Council

A new investigation by the BBC has revealed that young Afghan asylum seekers who arrived in Britain as unaccompanied children are being returned to Afghanistan despite growing fears for their safety.

The BBC’s film Deported to Afghanistan, highlights that young people who are returned to Afghanistan fear for their lives amid a deteriorating security situation.

13 Mar 2015 description
report Refugee Council

A warm welcome for child refugees

Unaccompanied child refugees flee to Britain escaping war and persecution. They have often experienced significant trauma; including witnessing the death of a loved one or suffering abuse or exploitation themselves.

Unsurprisingly, child refugees are usually extremely frightened and completely bewildered when they arrive on British shores.

29 Apr 2003 description
report Refugee Council

In response to news that the Government is forcibly returning Afghan asylum seekers, Margaret Lally, acting Chief Executive of the Refugee Council said:

  • It is far too early for forced returns to Afghanistan when there is very credible evidence that the country is not yet safe. The fact that coalition troops remain in the country is a strong indication in itself that the security situation in Afghanistan continues to be unstable. A climate of impunity exists in many areas and consequently people's protection cannot be guaranteed.