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19 Jun 2019 description

203 organizations with the capacity to provide humanitarian services in January, February and March 2019.

19 Jun 2019 description

146 organizations with the capacity to provide humanitarian services in January, February and March 2019.

18 Jun 2019 description


A key challenge faced by humanitarian agencies is how to ensure that limited available resources are allocated where they are most needed and are efficiently delivered in a principled manner. Decisions to allocate resources must strike a balance between meeting the immediate needs of crisis affected communities and supporting efforts to strengthen resilience and response preparedness to future emergencies.

11 Jun 2019 description


● Participants strongly agreed on the need for a solution to the global coordination debates.
Coordination is not adequately resourced in any of the countries/regions which has a tangible impact on the effectiveness of the CWGs to ensure preparedness, reduce duplication and link humanitarian activities appropriately to the government.

● Some interim solutions include:

o Budgeting the cost for dedicated coordinator and information management support in proposals and HRPs

06 Jun 2019 description

April saw an increased number of refugees and migrants in UnaSana Canton (USC) and in particular of unaccompanied and separated children and families.

Protection outreach efforts have been intensified and a dedicated Working Group established in USC to coordinate protection efforts outside of centres.

Measles, mumps, and rubella, immunization of refugee and migrant children commenced in April, with the support of the WHO, UNICEF, and partners.

Key Indicators

23 May 2019 description


The Community-Based Protection (CBP) and Urban Outreach Strategy (2017-2019) for refugees in Pakistan was endorsed in July 2017. The overall goal of the strategy is for refugees living in Pakistan to be empowered and their resilient capacity strengthened, enabling them to minimize their exposure to protection risks and improve their overall protection environment, with a special focus on the most vulnerable.

The four key priorities of the strategy covers:

20 May 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


• In April, UNICEF supported national efforts to prevent and address child marriage. Together with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, UNICEF trained more than 600 staff from the Ministry of Interior, who play a key role in the immediate response to child marriage cases.

13 May 2019 description
report Protection Cluster

The new centrality of protection in humanitarian action 2018 review is out. The five country case studies selected for the 2018 GPC Review (Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ukraine, Whole of Syria and Yemen) allow for more context specific reflection and highlight particular issues around accountability, shrinking humanitarian space, localisation and the humanitarian-peace-development nexus. The country studies also highlight innovative practice in overcoming the challenges faced by protection clusters in leading the development and implementation of many protection activities.

10 May 2019 description


Internal displacement is a global challenge, but it is also heavily concentrated in a few countries and triggered by few events. 28 million new internal displacements associated with conflict and disasters across 148 countries and territories were recorded in 2018, with nine countries each accounting for more than a million.

10 May 2019 description

09/05/2019 Kabul The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Union (EU) have joined forces to support the development of the first ever Geographical Indication (GI) system in Afghanistan.

Thanks to this new agreement, the Afghan Government will be able to set up a national GI system that will help to facilitate increased income generation for smallholder producers and agribusinesses in the prioritized GI value chain.

05 May 2019 description

Natural disaster Assessment and Response Update:


Total number of families verified: 1,132

Total number of families assisted: 164

Ongoing and Planned distribution: 968

27 Apr 2019 description

Natural disaster Assessment and Response Update:


Total number of families verified: 2,977
Total number of families assisted: 1,953
Ongoing and Planned distribution: 1024

24 Apr 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • In March, 404,610 children received a payment from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) Programme for Syrians and Other Refugees. The total number of refugee children who have benefitted from the CCTE to date is 494,620, including 1,324 out-of-school children enrolled in the Accelerated Learning Programme.