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09 Jul 2012 description
report Carleton University

Executive Summary

This CIFP report provides a global fragility ranking for 2011 for a total of 197 countries. The global rankings indicate that Somalia tops the list of most fragile countries followed closely by Afghanistan, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, and Central African Republic. Sudan, Eritrea, Pakistan and Cote d'Ivoire round out our top 10.

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30 Sep 2007 description
report Carleton University

Afghanistan is a country in transition; the question is whether it is shifting to a stable, more controlled governance pattern, or whether the ongoing conflict will spiral further out of the Karzai government's control. Afghanistan scores moderately in terms of Legitimacy on the strength of the civil processes and institutions that have supported Hamid Karzai since he was confirmed as President in late 2004. Authority and Capacity exhibit much higher risk; Afghanistan is among the ten highest risk countries globally in both areas.

28 Feb 2002 description
report Carleton University


Afghanistan has had a turbulent history of conflict for over three decades. After the collapse of the constitutional monarchy led by King Zahir Shah in 1973 and the establishment of a republic by Muhammad Daud, the country fell into the throws of civil strife. A leftist coup that overthrew and killed Daud in 1978 sparked more civil unrest prompting Soviet intervention and the sending of troops.