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26 Jan 2018 description

We, the 61 undersigned National and International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), members of Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR), condemn in the strongest terms the atrocious attack on NGO offices in Jalalabad (Nangarhar) on Wednesday 24 January. It has been reported that there is a loss of at least 7 lives, more than 31 people injured, including five children. We would like to pass our condolences to the families of the victims of this atrocious attack.

25 Jun 2017 description
report ActionAid

This is a summary publication of the main lessons learned from ActionAid flagship project Ready for Anything that was implemented from July 2013 to December 2016. The project promoted a holistic approach to building community resilience in rural communities in Afghanistan, Malawi, Myanmar and Nepal. It aimed to equip women in the target communities with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead community resilience building. Women and families were supported to adapt farming practices to tackle climate change, using a Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture approach.

14 Oct 2016 description
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Greek version

This briefing paper is the result of a joint effort by 12 national and international organizations operating in Greece. The aim is to explain the current situation for those stranded in Greece for over six months since the closure of the northern border and introduction of the European Union (EU) – Turkey deal.

09 Oct 2016 description

This position paper of the Afghanistan Resilience Consortium prepared for the 2016 Brussels Conference on Afghanistan calls on the country and its partners to allocate greater political, technical, and financial resources to building the country’s resilience to natural hazards and climate change. Afghanistan is facing one of the world’s most serious crises, with millions of people in need of assistance and an even greater number at risk from natural hazards and climate change.

The recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners include:

20 Jun 2016 description
report ActionAid, Oxfam

Since the beginning of 2015 more than one million migrants, including refugees, fleeing war, persecution, natural disasters and poverty, have travelled through Turkey to Greece in search of safety and a dignified life in Europe. Lacking safe and legal alternatives, they put their lives in the hands of smugglers and risk everything during perilous sea and land crossings.

03 Mar 2016 description

As thousands of people arrive in Europe seeking safety, authorities in Austria and the Western Balkans have started selectively closing their borders. These measures are clearly infringing international and European law that protect the right to seek asylum.

06 Feb 2015 description
report ActionAid

Tina Kang Youth Marketing and Communications Officer

We're ramping up support for skateboarders in Afghanistan who are taking the skating world by storm - and who's running that world? Girls! Young Afghan girls are shredding up the unequal system they've been brought up in - becoming empowered and educated and it's all down to Skateboarding

05 Dec 2014 description
report ActionAid

Anjali Kwatra

She has travelled all the way from her village in Bamyan province to attend an international conference on Afghanistan, taking place in London tomorrow - 4th December, to tell the world what life is really like for women in her country and to speak up for their rights.

Government ministers, officials and the new Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, will be there discussing Afghanistan's progress and its future at this critical time when international troops are withdrawing.

What does the future hold?

25 Nov 2014 description
report ActionAid

Executive summary

Women in Afghanistan have paid a heavy price for the political turmoil, conflict and repression that have blighted their country for decades. But they have fought back bravely to make gains in their freedoms and in recent years have secured real – if fragile and uneven – progress. This has attracted significant support from an international community keen to emphasise the benefits to women from the invasion to oust the Taliban.

03 Oct 2014 description
report ActionAid

03 October 2014

In response to remarks by David Cameron during his visit to Afghanistan today, Rowan Harvey, ActionAid's women's rights policy advisor, said:

"The £178m a year the UK government has pledged to support Afghanistan's development is an important first step, but the most fragile and patchy progress so far has been in realizing the rights of women.

05 Sep 2014 description
report ActionAid

Anjali Kwatra

The NATO Summit taking place in Wales yesterday and today is the largest gathering of international leaders ever held in Britain.

With everything that’s going on in the world – Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, Syria to name but a few – the world leaders attending will have a lot on their plate.

01 Feb 2014 description

Author: Steph Cousins, Humanitarian Advocacy Lead, Oxfam Australia, and co-Chair of the ACFID Afghanistan Working Group

As Afghanistan prepares for presidential elections and the withdrawal of international forces, insecurity continues to spread across the country, with a devastating impact on civilians.

13 Feb 2013 description
report ActionAid

Emily Lauffer, Volunteer News Team Assistant

The Kite Runner is an unforgettable film for many reasons, but one scene is especially unshakeable: a young Hazara boy dressed as a girl with bells on his ankles dances for a group of grown men, as the sex slave of a Taliban commander.

18 Oct 2012 description

Urgent assistance needed to avoid deaths among displaced during cold

Urgent steps are needed if Afghanistan is to avoid a repeat of the deaths among children and adults in the country’s displacement camps that occurred during last year’s bitterly cold winter conditions, a coalition of 30 NGOs including Amnesty International said.

The 2011/12 winter was unusually cold in Afghanistan, and more than a 100 people, mostly children, died in refugee camps from the cold or illness.

20 Sep 2012 description
Executive Summary

Women make peace but men negotiate it

A new report from ActionAid, IDS, and Womankind looks at the role of women in local peacebuilding initiatives, finding that women are more likely than men to adopt a broad definition of peace which includes the household level and focuses on the attainment of individual rights and freedoms such as education, healthcare and freedom from violence.

In contrast, men have a greater tendency to associate peace with the absence of formal conflict and the stability of formal structures such as governance and infrastructure.

02 Jul 2012 description
report ActionAid

In brief

Afghan women’s rights, improving steadily since 2001, are now in extreme jeopardy. Violence against women remains endemic in Afghanistan, with attacks on women becoming more frequent as tension grows in the run up to NATO troop withdrawal.

17 May 2012 description
report ActionAid

NATO risks turning back the clock on women’s rights and undoing any progress made over the past 10 years if more isn’t done to boost the capacity of Afghan security forces to protect the human rights and security of Afghan civilians, particularly women and children, says international development agency, ActionAid.

ActionAid points out that civilian casualties have continued to rise year-on-year over the past five consecutive years with 2011 being the worst year for the number of civilians killed.

02 Dec 2011 description
report ActionAid

Leaders attending the Bonn Conference on the future of Afghanistan must make an explicit declaration that women’s rights will not be negotiated away in any peace deal with insurgent groups, ActionAid said today.

Foreign Ministers and officials from more than 65 countries and international bodies, including Foreign Secretary William Hague and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as Afghan President Hamid Karzai, will attend the one day conference on Monday to discuss a road map for Afghanistan as international troops begin to withdraw.

03 Nov 2011 description
report ActionAid

I met Khadicha, a woman with four children and a disabled husband, in the village Khan Arigh of Murdian district, Jawzjan Province, Northern Afghanistan. We sat down together in her modest one-room traditional mud-brick house, joined by the elected chief of the Community Development Council (CDC).

Afghanistan is currently experiencing a severe drought, affecting over 14 provinces and over 2.6 million people. Murdian is one of the most severely affected districts in Jawzjan province. Farmers have been unable to harvest 80% of crops and livestock have died in their thousands.

27 Oct 2011 description
report ActionAid

A combination of poverty and politics makes life for women in Afghanistan notoriously difficult. As US and UK troops withdraw, and the government enters into talks with the Taliban, what does this mean for the future of women?

This October marks 10 years since British and US forces entered Afghanistan and helped bring down the repressive Taliban regime. A vast mountainous country of remote villages, minimal infrastructure and deep rooted poverty, Afghanistan has struggled to find peace and security ever since.