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14 Oct 1996 description

KABUL (Reuter) - The Afghan Taleban militia was preparing the defence of Kabul Monday after suffering stunning reverses north of the city at the hands of the government it ousted less than three weeks ago, witnesses said.

They said the purist Islamic militia, which had swept all before it until coming up against the wall of the Hindu Kush, was
reinforcing positions on the two roads north of the capital and one entering the city from the west.

A large force of Taleban was assembling about 20 km (12 miles) north of Kabul to block the main road from the north and

14 Oct 1996 description
report Voice of America


13 Oct 1996 description

KABUL (Reuter) - Former Afghan government military chief Ahmad Shah Masood has rolled back the Taleban militia that drove him from Kabul two weeks ago, taking two towns and possibly further territory, reliable sources said Sunday.

They said Jabal-os-Saraj, the Taleban front-line headquarters town at the mouth of the Salang Pass through the Hindu Kush
mountains and a two-hour drive from Kabul, fell on Saturday.

Masood then captured Charikar, a 30-minute drive south of Jabal-os-Saraj, after a fierce five-hour battle later in the day, the

11 Oct 1996 description

This report includes: A) Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania B) Liberia and Sierra Leone C) Afghanistan

11 Oct 1996 description

SARAY KHOEJA, Afghanistan (Reuter) - Local fighters turned on the purist Islamic Taleban militia near the Bagram air base just north of Kabul Friday, two weeks after it took the Afghan capital, villagers said.

Fleeing villagers said men from Saray Khoeja, which is on the main road north from Kabul that leads to the Taleban front lines some 90 minutes drive away, had attacked the Taleban just after 9 a.m.

More than 30 minutes later, the fighting was still going on, a Reuters photographer reported.

11 Oct 1996 description
report CARE

WHAT: All non-Afghan CARE staff in Kabul will be evacuated today for the second time in two weeks due to fighting between Taliban forces and the troops of the former Defense Minister, Ahmad Shah Mas'ud, 50 miles north of the city. Two CARE staff, one man and one woman, will leave for Peshawar until the situation becomes more clear.

10 Oct 1996 description

Kabul, 10 October 1996 (RFE/RL) -- The United Nations ordered most of its foreign staff to evacuate Kabul today as fighting between the Taliban militia and soldiers loyal to the deposed government appeared to draw closer to the Afghan capital.

10 Oct 1996 description

Catherine Bertini, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme -- the largest relief agency in Afghanistan -- has announced that in view of recent events in Afghanistan humanitarian operations could be threatened and must be reassessed.

09 Oct 1996 description

QALATAK, Afghanistan (Reuter) - Afghan Muslim fundamentalist said Wednesday they had contained a major

08 Oct 1996 description

Special Mission
Dr. Norbert Holl, head of the UN Special Mission, arrived in Kabul on 1 October to discuss with Mulla Rabbani the current situation. On 3 October Dr. Holl held talks with Mullah Rabbani and Mullah Ghaus in Kabul and General Dostum in Mazar-i-Sharif.

08 Oct 1996 description

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan (Reuter) - Afghanistan's ousted President Burhanuddin Rabbani met General Abdul Rashid Dostum Tuesday in the strongest sign so far that the Uzbek military commander would oppose the Taleban militia.

After embracing along the road in front of Dostum's uniformed soldiers near the dusty city of Mazar-I-Sharif 250 miles northwest of Kabul, Rabbani and the Afghan warlord drove off in a convoy for talks at Dostum's stronghold.

07 Oct 1996 description

A few hours after the take-over of Kabul by the Taliban the ICRC's Head of Delegation in Afghanistan met the Taliban's leadership to discuss the continuation of the institution's activities in the Afghan capital. As all the necessary guarantees were given, ICRC operations on behalf of conflict victims can go on.

07 Oct 1996 description

Active in Afghanistan since 1987 and witness to both the withdrawal of Soviet troops in February 1989 and the fall of President Najibullah's regime in 1992, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has maintained a constant presence and ongoing programmes to help the victims of the interminable Afghan conflict, a conflict so universally forgotten, particularly in its post-Soviet, civil-war phase, that the whole country until recently seemed to have faded from the map of the world.

04 Oct 1996 description


04 Oct 1996 description

This report includes: A) Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania B) Liberia and Sierra Leone C) Angola D) Afghanistan

03 Oct 1996 description
report Times

Christopher Thomasreports from the Salang Tunnel

TALEBAN Islamic soldiers are massed at the mouth of the strategic Salang Tunnel in northern Afghanistan, waiting in high spirits for the order to march. These are the "holy warriors" who have conquered most of the country in barely two years: they are fired with a sense of invincibility.

A heavy machinegun points into the highway tunnel. Heavy guns stare down from the surrounding Hindu Kush mountains. Just beyond the other end, 1.6 miles away, the forces of General Rashid Dostum, the Uzbek warlord of the north, are waiting.

02 Oct 1996 description

In the few days the Taleban have controlled Kabul, their armed militia have taken prisoner up to 1,000 civilians during house to house searches throughout the city, according to information received by Amnesty International.

02 Oct 1996 description
report Voice of America