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22 Jul 1999 description
report Xinhua

ISLAMABAD (July 22) XINHUA - Predicting 16 percent reduction in this year's cereal production in Afghanistan, a recent U.N. survey said the war-ravaged country is expected to import more cereals, said U.N. sources here Thursday.

The Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Program of the United Nations conducted a joint Crop and Food Supply Assessment to Afghanistan in June this year to estimate the 1999 cereal harvest and subsequent cereal import requirements for 1999-2000.

22 Jul 1999 description

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL, July 22 (Reuters) - The United Nations envoy for Afghanistan has arrived in Kabul for talks with the ruling Taleban amid preparations by the Islamic movement for an offensive against their last major foe.

Lakhdar Brahimi is expected to hold several days of talks with the Taleban, who control 90 percent of the country, in an effort to persuade its leadership to give peace talks another chance, diplomatic sources said.

Brahimi arrived from Tashkent where inconclusive talks between the Taleban and an opposition alliance were held at a meeting of the …

20 Jul 1999 description

TASHKENT, July 20 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's warring Taleban militia and opposition alliance ended peace talks in neighbouring Uzbekistan on Tuesday without announcing significant progress.

They agreed to hold further meetings to try to end an ongoing conflict despite the Taleban saying it was preparing for a major summer offensive against its last remaining military foe.

"We had the opportunity to get together with the opposition," Taleban Information Minister Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi told reporters.

20 Jul 1999 description

By Mike Collett-White

TASHKENT, July 20 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's warring Taleban militia and opposition alliance failed to make a major breakthrough in peace talks in Uzbekistan on Tuesday, vowing only to continue the search for an end to 20 years of bloodshed.

They said they would go back to their respective sides in Afghanistan and consult before deciding to go ahead with further negotiations.

"We had the opportunity to get together with the opposition," Taleban Information Minister Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi told reporters after just over two hours of talks with …

20 Jul 1999 description

A total of 14 402 cases of severe diarrhoea, including cholera cases, has been reported between 29 May and 12 July. The most affected area is Kabul province, Central region where nearly 7 000 cases have occurred. Out of 9 samples tested, 5 were laboratory-confirmed as cholera. A significant increase in the number of suspect cholera cases was noted in Kunduz province, North-eastern region and various provinces in Southern region during the week 3 to 9 July.

20 Jul 1999 description

Afghanistan's warring sides, the ruling Taliban and the Northern Alliance, discussed a possible ceasefire during United Nations-sponsored talks in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Tuesday.

19 Jul 1999 description

By Mike Collett-White

TASHKENT, July 19 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's ruling Taleban movement began U.N.-sponsored peace talks with the opposition alliance in Uzbekistan on Monday, despite saying it was poised for an offensive against its last remaining military foe.

The warring parties met in the Central Asian state's capital Tashkent amid tight security for the two-day meeting of the so-called Six-plus-Two contact group on Afghanistan.

The meeting, which groups Afghanistan's neighbouring states plus the United States and Russia, is expected to echo calls by the United …

18 Jul 1999 description

By Andrew Hill

ISLAMABAD, July 18 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's ruling Taleban movement and opposition alliance said on Sunday they would attend U.N.

16 Jul 1999 description

This report includes: A) Ethiopia B) Angola C) Sierra Leone D) East and Central Africa: Uganda, D.R. Congo and Congo/Brazzaville E) Sudan F) Afghanistan G) FR Yugoslavia and region - Kosovo crisis.

15 Jul 1999 description
report Merlin

Sierra Leone

  • Providing nutritional feeding to over 450 severely malnourished and 1,400 moderately malnourished children in hospitals in Kenema and Blama.
  • Running an 80-bed temporary children's hospital for emergency treatment and nutritional feeding in Freetown.
  • Re-establishing and restocking one hospital and 32 health centres in Kenema and Bo districts in eastern Sierra Leone to care for 300,000 people, particularly mothers and young children.
  • Running 4 mobile teams to provide basic health care and re-establishing 3 clinics in Freetown which were destroyed by …
15 Jul 1999 description
report Xinhua

ISLAMABAD (July 15) XINHUA - At least 51,000 Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan in the past six months, reports here said Thursday.

Niaz Ahmed, spokesman for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) based in Peshawar, capital of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province, was quoted as saying that they assisted 51,000 Afghans from January to June this year.

The UNHCR is providing every registered returning Afghan refugee family with three bags of wheat and 5,000 Pakistani rupees.

14 Jul 1999 description

Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
Fifty-first session

13 Jul 1999 description
report United Nations

Major Increase in Funding Said to be Ultimate Solution for Enhancing Humanitarian Assistance

13 Jul 1999 description

After harvesting a bumper cereal crop in 1998, farmers in Afghanistan are facing a much less favourable situation in 1999/2000, according to a recent FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission to the country. The Mission's findings indicate that dry spring weather following a mild winter with little snowfall has contributed to the decline in the country's cereal production. The 1999 cereal production is expected to be about 3.24 million tonnes, down more than 600 000 tonnes from the previous year's output.

09 Jul 1999 description

Depuis le 29 mai dernier, 240 cas ont été signalés à Kaboul par les autorités sanitaires. L'équipe de Médecins Sans Frontières participe aujourd'hui à la prise en charge des malades. Le choléra est endémique en Afghanistan, mais l'accroissement du nombre de malades hospitalisés ces dernières semaines fait redouter l'extension d'une épidémie plus importante que les années précédentes. De plus, les conditions sanitaires sont loin d'être satisfaisantes dans la capitale, o=F9, la semaine dernière, 150 patients ont été soignés.