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23 Apr 2019 description

In March:

  • 4 new cases of wild poliovirus cases were reported.
  • 2 million children were vaccinated in March 2019 at 403 Permanent Transit Points (PTPs) set up across the country.
  • 20.5 million children were vaccinated with oral polio vaccine during March Sub-National Immunization Days campaign (SNID).
21 Apr 2019 description
report Start Network


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund Anticipation process.

19 Apr 2019 description
report Voice of America

Mohammad Habibzada

Some information in this report came from Reuters.

More than 1 million Afghan children, particularly in conflict-stricken regions of the country, were deprived of polio vaccinations in 2018 because of actions taken by Taliban and Islamic State militants, Afghanistan health officials tell VOA.

18 Apr 2019 description
  • Co-chairs of Immunization Management Group (IMG) announced that the global goal set out in 2013 of 126-OPV using countries to introduce 1 dose of IPV in their immunization programme has been achieved.

18 Apr 2019 description
report Rotary

Story Written By: Diana Schoberg, Rotary International

1. There were more cases of wild poliovirus in 2018 than in 2017. Should we be discouraged?

No, not at all. We’ve always expected the number of cases to fluctuate somewhat as we get closer to zero. We’ve gone four straight years with fewer than 100 cases per year. That’s an indicator of great progress. With dedication from governments and Rotarians in areas still affected by polio, we’ll get there.

2. Why is it so difficult to eradicate a disease like polio?

18 Apr 2019 description

Islamabad, 17 April 2019 —Eminent Islamic religious scholars from Afghanistan and Pakistan have reiterated that polio vaccines are not only safe and in compliance with Islamic principles, but also a religious and moral duty incumbent on all parents, in a joint declaration issued at the Afghanistan-Pakistan Eminent Ulama Conference.

17 Apr 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight


Democratic Republic of the Congo

03 March 2019: Update: In Butembo city, North Kivu province, an Ebola Treatment Centre that was attacked by unidentified perpetrators on 27 February 2019 has resumed operations after a temporary shutdown and is now managed by the Health Ministry in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. Sources: Reuters, The Telegraph, Thomson Reuters Foundation and UN News

16 Apr 2019 description

All travellers crossing the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan are vaccinated against polio, regardless of age

On both sides of the historical 2640-kilometre-long border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, communities maintain close familial ties with each other. The constant year-round cross border movement makes for easy wild poliovirus transmission in the common epidemiological block.

12 Apr 2019 description


The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting:

• potential new emergencies resulting from imminent disaster threats

• new developments in countries already affected by protracted crises which are likely to cause a further deterioration of food insecurity

12 Apr 2019 description
  • The report by the Director-General World Health Organization on the eradication of poliomyelitis is online, ahead of the 72ndWorld Health Assembly scheduled for May 2019. The report summarizes the remaining challenges to a polio-free world and presents the main elements of the new GPEI Polio Endgame Strategy 2019-2023.

05 Apr 2019 description


169 Surveillance to track progress towards polio eradication worldwide, 2017–2018

179 Epidemic meningitis control in countries in the African meningitis belt, 2018


169 Surveillance de la poliomyélite: suivi des progrès accomplis vers l’éradication de la maladie à l’échelle mondiale, 2017-2018

179 Lutte contre la méningite épidémique dans les pays de la ceinture africaine de la méningite, 2018

04 Apr 2019 description
  • The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization (SAGE) met on 2-4 April 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. Among other immunization topics, SAGE was provided an update on the latest global epidemiology on polio eradication efforts and an overview of the GPEI Endgame Strategy 2019-2023. In addition, SAGE endorsed the guidelines for surveillance of vaccine-derived polioviruses in persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases.

30 Mar 2019 description

United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS)

16 countries

3,655 mt of cargo

386,330 passengers

1,362 evacuations

28 Mar 2019 description
  • Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General and Chair of the Polio Oversight Board, has issued a personal response to the extraordinary joint statement published in January by the Chairs of the main, independent, advisory and oversight committees of the GPEI.
27 Mar 2019 description
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Central African Republic

26 Mar 2019 description
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Burkina Faso

02 February 2019: In Kongoussi region, militants presumed to be from Ansaroul Islam (JNIM) attacked and stole a Burkina Faso Red Cross vehicle, abducting its four passengers and driver in the process. Source: ACLED

13 February 2019: In Ougarou area, Est region, an ambulance transporting a pregnant woman from Diapaga to Fada-N’gourma was shot at by presumed JNIM or ISGS militants, leaving the pregnant woman’s partner with a gunshot wound but the driver and woman unharmed. Source: ACLED

26 Mar 2019 description

KHAR: The Levies and Khasadar personnel in several tribal districts boycotted duty during the anti-polio campaign on Monday.

They vowed to continue the boycott till acceptance of their demands. The Levies and Khasadar personnel in the merged districts anonymously announced to boycott security duty during the anti-polio drive. The decision was made in a meeting of core committee of both the forces in all merged district. The Khasadar and Levies personnel have presented 22-point charter of demands to government.

25 Mar 2019 description
report Frontier Post

PESHAWAR: A three-day anti-polio campaign will begin in twenty-five districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tomorrow.

According to Provincial Health Department, about five point six million children up to five years of age will be administered anti-polio vaccine during the campaign.

More than twenty-seven thousand teams have been constituted which will visit door-to-door to ensure administering anti-polio drops to each and every child.