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31 Dec 1999 description

Our weary thoughts of the trip has not subsided. This time a group of us including Chong-gil Yu, Seon-ju, Ji-na, and Ha-sim are escorting Ven.Pomnyun. Our purpose of visiting Khandar is to inspect the situation of the surrounding area for possibly providing aid to the refugees, building a school, and also for setting-up an aid headquarter. When people heard that we were going to drive to Khandahar, not only foreigners, but even the locals, waving their hands, all tried to dissuade us from going.

31 Dec 1999 description

The United Nations Office of the Co-ordinator for Afghanistan
Table of Contents

Political Development By UNSMA

Conflict and peace in Afghanistan

Food security in Afghanistan By Paul Clarke


30 Dec 1999 description

Scott Peterson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - Inside the mosque, the four corners of the main prayer room are packed with students, four different classes reciting their lessons in a diligent singsong cacophony.

The teachers are religious men, draped in the Afghan style in dark woolen shawls and turbans.

22 Dec 1999 description
report UN Children's Fund

Wednesday, 22 December 1999: Humanitarian favouritism is threatening the lives and future of the most needy children and women in the developing world, UNICEF warned today at the launch of its annual humanitarian appeal for children and women in countries in crisis.

17 Dec 1999 description

This report includes: A) East Africa: Uganda and Burundi B) Sudan - WFP air operations C) Angola D) Sierra Leone E) Afghanistan F) Hunger Site - donating food through the Internet.

17 Dec 1999 description
report UN General Assembly

Press Release GA/9691 - 19991217
Other Actions Aimed at Increasing Security of Humanitarian Personnel, Demining Cooperation, Return of Cultural Property; Observer Status Granted to IUCN

The General Assembly this afternoon decided to remove the question of East Timor from its agenda and next year to consider a new agenda item, entitled, "the situation in East Timor during its transition to independence".

16 Dec 1999 description

"The United States today joined other Security Council members in approving a humanitarian flight to transport medicine to Afghanistan for Doctors Without Borders," said James Foley, deputy press spokesman at the U.S. Department of State on December 15.

15 Dec 1999 description

Médecins Sans Frontières issues the "Top Ten" list of the year's most under-reported humanitarian stories. This second annual listing emphasizes forgotten wars in Angola, Burundi and Sri Lanka.

14 Dec 1999 description

Afghanistan Campaign - Physicians for Human Rights

13 Dec 1999 description

Islamabad (Office of the United Nations Co-ordinator for Afghanistan), 13 December 1999--

11 Dec 1999 description
report Xinhua

ISLAMABAD (Dec. 11) XINHUA - Pakistan Saturday said it shared the concern expressed by the World Food Program (WFP) regarding the severe food shortage in Afghanistan and urged the world community to take notice of the grave situation.

"Despite its own dependence on food import, Pakistan will try to help Afghanistan as much as possible to overcome this crisis," a Foreign Office spokesman said here in a statement.

10 Dec 1999 description

This report includes: A) Russian Federation/Chechnya B) Balkans C) Afghanistan D) Somalia E) Tanzania F) Democratic Republic of Congo.

10 Dec 1999 description

Prepared by Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch
For the First Meeting of the Standing Committee of Experts on Stockpile Destruction
Geneva, Switzerland
9-10 December 1999
For more information or to make a clarification or comment, please contact:

Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch
1630 Connecticut Ave NW, #500
Washington, USA 20009
Tel. 1-202-612-3456
Fax. 1-202-612-3333
Email. wareham@hrw.org

1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and On their Destruction

10 Dec 1999 description

On 9 December 1999, Switzerland accepted to take over the chairmanship of the "Afghanistan Support Group" (ASG) from Canada. The ASG is a group of countries which work together to provide international support for Afghanistan. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will be responsible for the chairmanship of the ASG.

Afghanistan has been either on the verge of civil war or in a state of open armed conflict for decades. The degree to which this situation has affected the country varies considerably from one part to another.

10 Dec 1999 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations. Quoted text from this briefing note may be attributed to the UNHCR spokesperson named below left

10 Dec 1999 description

Islamabad (Office of the United Nations Co-ordinator for Afghanistan), 10 December 1999 -- Millions of poor Afghans in urban and rural areas may not be able to get enough food to feed their families if the price of wheat does decrease significantly, the World Food Programme (WFP) for Afghanistan warned today in Islamabad.