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30 Jun 2003 description

Four German peacekeepers were killed on 6th June in a suicide attack in Kabul. A bomb exploded in a taxi which pulled alongside a bus taking them to the airport at the end of their tour of duty. An Afghan teenager who was walking past was also killed. 31 other German soldiers were injured but their injuries were not life-threatening. The casualty figure would have been higher if the soldiers had not been wearing bullet-proof jackets. Up to 10 Afghan passers-by were also injured.

30 Jun 2003 description

Larry Thompson and Michelle Brown of Refugees International recently visited Afghanistan and Pakistan.

30 Jun 2003 description

CHAMAN, Pakistan, 30 June (UNHCR) - The U.N. refugee agency relocated 800 Afghan refugees to new sites inside Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday as it began to clear a controversial makeshift camp just inside the Pakistani border where nearly 20,000 refugees had been stranded since early 2002.

30 Jun 2003 description
report ALNAP

Executive Summary


The Global Study on Consultation with and Participation by Beneficiaries and Affected Populations in the Process of Planning, Managing, Monitoring and Evaluating Humanitarian Action encompasses six country case studies. The country case studies, their related monographs and an extensive literature review, provide the basis for two further Global Study outputs: a Practitioner Handbook and an Overview Book.

30 Jun 2003 description

Data Date & Source: SO Kandahar (1 May 03), SO Hirat (8 Jun 03), SO Mazar (1 May 03), SO Jalalabad (15 Jun 03) SO Kabul (10 Jun 03).
Note: Incompatible data in 1 province: Nuristan(Ghazi Abad:Ind=1,000

29 Jun 2003 description
report UN News Service

Following reports that factional fighting has broken out in Afghanistan's Samangan province, the United Nations is supporting a security commission headed to the area.

28 Jun 2003 description

The Bonn Agreement of December 2001 laid out a process by which Afghanistan would draft and adopt a constitution and establish a democratically elected government. The culmination of this process was to be a national election by June 2004. The transitional government of Hamid Karzai, the United Nations, and the international community all stand firmly behind this timetable.

27 Jun 2003 description

CHAMAN, Pakistan, June 27 (UNHCR) - Hundreds of Afghan refugee families are set for relocation next week when the UN refugee agency starts clearing a controversial makeshift camp just inside the Pakistani border. The camp, better known as the "waiting area", is expected to close by July 15.

27 Jun 2003 description

In the period of the conflict for 23 years, Shomali Plain, where is the north of Kabul, was one of the front lines of the war. Shomali Plain once had fertile land for grape trees, but Taliban burned most grape trees.

27 Jun 2003 description

BANGKOK - The Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, James T. Morris, today called on the nations of Asia to give stronger support to the humanitarian assistance needed in the region and around the world.

27 Jun 2003 description

Afghan Transitional Administration Chairman Hamid Karzai visited Poland on 26 June, meeting with President Aleksander Kwasniewski and Premier Leszek Miller, Polish media reported. Both Polish politicians assured Karzai that Warsaw will continue its military and economic presence in Afghanistan, participating in the country's reconstruction, shipping humanitarian aid, and providing Afghan students in Poland with scholarships. Last year, Poland sent 100 soldiers to the Bagram air base outside Kabul.

27 Jun 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq, (2) Iran, (3) Pakistan, (4) Afghanistan

B) East and Central Africa: (1) DR Congo, (2) Burundi, (3) Eritrea, (4) Djibouti, (5) Ethiopia

C) West Africa: (1) Côte d'Ivoire

D) Southern Africa: (1) Madagascar, (2) Lesotho, (3) Swaziland, (4) Mozambique, (5) Malawi, (6) Zimbabwe, (7) Zambia, (8) Angola, (9) Namibia

E) Asia: (1) DPR Korea

F) Latin America and the Caribbean: (1) Colombia, (2) Ecuador, (3) Guatemala, (4) Honduras

26 Jun 2003 description

The security situation was calm throughout the country. Threats of car bombs or suicide bombs in the central region did not materialise. The first contingents of the Kabul-Kandahar security force were deployed to the southeastern region, helping the implementation of food assistance projects as planned.


During the reporting period, 347,872 beneficiaries received 2,280 MT of food, as in the table below1: