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24 Dec 2003 description

2003: In a dangerous world, a few glimmers of hope

17 Dec 2003 description

Larry Thompson is Director of Advocacy for Refugees International.
"This is the largest vulnerable population in Afghanistan. There are presently no 'return' solutions for Kuchi and there will not be any return until the drought is over in the south, pasture returns, the wells in the Reg [sandy desert] are repaired, and their limited livestock increase to a number that they can sustain themselves."

22 Sep 2003 description

Maureen Lynch is Director of Research and George Kun is McCall-Pierpaoli Fellow with Refugees International.

01 Aug 2003 description

The Shangri-la valley of Bamiyan Province illustrates how much Afghanistan has improved since the overthrow of the Taliban in November 2001. Thousands of refugees have returned here to rebuild their homes and their lives. Their wheat and potato crops look good. Their kids are in school.

09 Jul 2003 description

A year after the establishment of the Afghan Transitional Authority and the election of President Hamid Karzai, many Afghans are finally starting to see an improvement in their lives. In many parts of Afghanistan, security continues to be problematic, but people are slowly rebuilding their lives. Refugees International recently returned from a month-long assessment mission to Afghanistan. We visited the same places we visited a year ago. In many cases, people are now living in houses instead of tents, and wheat fills the unplanted fields of a year ago. People are surviving -- but barely.

07 Jul 2003 description

Larry Thompson and Michelle Brown just returned from a one-month visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

02 Jul 2003 description

Larry Thompson and Michelle Brown just returned from a one-month assessment mission to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

30 Jun 2003 description

Larry Thompson and Michelle Brown of Refugees International recently visited Afghanistan and Pakistan.

28 Jun 2003 description

The Bonn Agreement of December 2001 laid out a process by which Afghanistan would draft and adopt a constitution and establish a democratically elected government. The culmination of this process was to be a national election by June 2004. The transitional government of Hamid Karzai, the United Nations, and the international community all stand firmly behind this timetable.

04 Jun 2003 description

Refugees International has endorsed a call by CARE and the International Rescue Committee for the mandate and strength of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to be expanded in Afghanistan. From the time of the initial ISAF deployment in 2001 after the fall of the Taliban, RI has consistently and vigorously called for an ISAF presence throughout the country, so far to no avail, largely due to U.S. objections.

03 Jun 2003 description

Refugees International's Director of Advocacy Larry Thompson and Advocate Michelle Brown will arrive shortly in Afghanistan and Pakistan to continue RI's advocacy on behalf of Afghan refugees, displaced persons, returnees, and other vulnerable Afghans, especially women.

08 May 2003 description

Peter H. Gantz is Peacekeeping Associate for Refugees International.

26 Feb 2003 description

Michelle Brown and Ada Williams recently returned from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

13 Feb 2003 description

Since the Taliban fell from power, about 2 million Afghans have returned to their country, all hoping to find jobs and rebuild their lives. For many, this hope has not become a reality. Contrary to their high hopes, many Afghans are without shelter and without jobs and are frustrated that they have not received any assistance. Throughout Afghanistan, there remain large groups of people who have not benefited from the reintegration assistance that was promised them.

03 Feb 2003 description

Disabled refugees and internally displaced people are truly forgotten individuals. Little is known about their true numbers or how they cope. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between seven and ten percent of the general population lives with disabilities, and one could extrapolate that among world's current 37 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDP), there are 2.5 to 3.7 million disabled refugees and IDPs.

30 Jan 2003 description

On January 20th and 21st 2003, Refugees International Advocates Michelle Brown and Ada Williams worked with the Afghan Women's Network, the largest women's network in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to deliver a two-day advocacy training in Kabul for 17 women leaders of Afghan non-governmental organizations.

03 Jan 2003 description

"The sad truth is that as things stand the humanitarian system faces the prospect of being completely overwhelmed."
James T. Morris
Executive Director, World Food Programme