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29 Aug 2003 description

As of 9 August 2003, WHO reported 50 cases, including 3 deaths (case fatality rate, 6%) during 12 June and 2 August 2003 in a resettlement camp for internally displaced persons in Kandahar. Preliminary epidemiological data indicate that 74% of the cases were aged 5 to 14. Samples received by the Central Laboratory in Kabul confirm C.diptheriae. Further laboratory investigations are ongoing in Islamabad, Pakistan.

24 Jan 2003 description

KABUL - A World Health Organization-led team of Afghan Ministry of Health, UN and NGO health experts has successfully completed a mission to northeastern Afghanistan to prevent the spread of a deadly pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak.

21 Jan 2003 description

Following the previous report of an outbreak of pertussis in Afghanistan, an emergency team of health officials from the United Nations, WHO and the Afghan Ministry of Health have been working in the Khwahan and Darwaz districts giving the antibiotic, erythromycin, to those people who are not immunized against pertussis. The team is implementing a 10 day treatment regimen of erythromycin to all children under 15 years of age in 5 affected subdistricts.

08 Jan 2003 description

WHO has reported 115 cases and 17 deaths from pertussis in Khwahan district, the provincial capital of Badakhshan, north-eastern Afghanistan. A team consisting of health workers from the Afghan Ministry of Health, WHO and the Aga Khan Development Network have been flown to the field on an Afghan Ministry of Defence helicopter. A United Nations helicopter will follow later with extra supplies of erythromycin, vaccines, and vaccination equipment provided by UNICEF.

05 Jan 2003 description

KABUL - On 2 January 2003, an emergency team travelled with an Afghan Ministry of Defence helicopter from Faizabad, the provincial capital of Badakhshan, to Darwaz district, to stop here an outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) threatening the lives of an estimated 40,000 infants and young children. Badakhshan province is a mountainous area, where many of its villages can only be reached from Tajikistan.

02 Jan 2003 description

Afghan Ministry of Health and international humanitarian agencies join forces for cross-border outbreak response