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03 Dec 2003 description

WASHINGTON, Dec.3, 2003 - Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman today announced plans for $115 million in foreign assistance under the U.S. Department of Agriculture's fiscal 2004 Food for Progress program. These allocations include donations for 22 developing countries in Africa, Asia (including Central Asia), Latin America and Eastern Europe.

01 Oct 2003 description

ANKARA, 1 October (IRIN) - An anti-disaster conference is underway in the Kazakh commercial capital, Almaty, aimed at sharing information and experience in terms of response to emergency situations.
"The issue is to develop common efforts and coordinate activities in preventing emergency situations and eradicating those situations related to the utilisation of weapons of mass destruction," Eldar Kunaev, the head of the disaster prevention department at the Kazakh emergency situations agency told IRIN from Almaty on Wednesday.

01 Aug 2003 description

Officially released statistics for the first half of 2003:

  • GDP increased by 8.6% (over the period of 1991-2001 it decreased by 64%)
  • Industrial production rose by 11.8%
  • Agricultural production rose by 7.1%
07 Jul 2003 description

DUSHANBE, 7 July (IRIN) - With a landscape dominated by mountains, Tajikistan is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and landslides. Such disasters regularly create emergencies in the former Soviet Central Asian republic. As the country's Deputy Minister of Emergencies and Civil Defence, Abdurahim Radjabov faces daunting challenges with little resources in hand.

03 Jul 2003 description

There are about 2,350 Afghan refugees presently living in Kazakhstan, along with some 12,000 refugees from Chechnya, more than 4,000 from Tajikistan, and an unspecified number of Uighurs from China, gazeta.kz reported on 3 July. Most of them have been recognized as refugees by the UNHCR office in Kazakhstan, but not by the government, although Kazakhstan acceded to the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol in February 1999.

03 Jul 2003 description

DUSHANBE , 3 July (IRIN) - The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has closed one of its major Central Asian aid corridors to Afghanistan when it halted logistics operations in Tajikistan's eastern border crossing of Ishkashim.

26 Jun 2003 description

TURKMENABAD, 26 June (IRIN) - Although 80,000 mt of food sponsored by World Food Programme (WFP) has been transited via Turkmenistan into northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan in the past 12 months, the amount is diminishing as emergency food needs in the region change, IRIN learnt on Thursday. "Over the past year, approximately 78,000 mt of WFP food crossed Turkmenabad in Turkmenistan bordering northwestern Afghanistan, with a monthly average of 6,500 mt," Sewoo Kim, a WFP reports officer in the Afghan capital, Kabul, told IRIN.

03 Jun 2003 description

(New York: 3 June 2003): At mid-year, the Consolidated Appeals for countries in crisis have received 1.8 billion of the $5.34 billion---or one-third---of the funds required to carry-out life-sustaining operations in countries in crisis. However, this average masks serious disparities in response. Humanitarian activities in high profile emergencies such as Iraq and Afghanistan have received strong funding, as have appeals for the Great Lakes Region (56%), North Korea (47%,) Chechnya and Neighboring Republics (44%), and Tajikistan (46%).

31 May 2003 description

Forced Migration Review, May 2003

23 May 2003 description

Central Asian media are drawing attention to the potential danger from Tajikistan's Lake Sarez, Deutsche Welle reported on 23 May. The lake was formed high in the mountains in 1911 after a landslide triggered by an earthquake. For many years, scientists have been concerned that the earthen dam created by the landslide could break, sending the water from the 75-kilometer-long lake into populated areas and ultimately into the Amu Darya, with catastrophic results for not only Tajikistan, but also for Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.

22 May 2003 description

KABUL, May 22 (UNHCR) - More than 100,000 Afghan refugees have returned home so far this year - just one-quarter of those repatriated over the same period last year - but more are expected to follow when security and job prospects improve in Afghanistan.

11 Apr 2003 description

ROME -- The United Nations World Food Programme today expressed its gratitude to the Japanese Government for a donation of US$84.5 million for refugees, internally displaced people and victims of natural disasters in Africa, Asia, the Near East and Latin America.

08 Apr 2003 description

(Reissued as received.)

GENEVA, 8 April (UN Information Service) -- The Commission on Human Rights this morning heard statements from six Special Rapporteurs and Chairman-Rapporteurs of working groups on matters related to civil and political rights.

07 Apr 2003 description

Experts from Iran and nine neighbouring countries will cooperate in identifying ways to reduce the risks posed by such natural disasters as drought and earthquakes, which can undermine development gains and worsen poverty.