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30 Nov 1998 description

Afghanistan's anti-landmine campaigners have voted to press ahead with efforts to ban the lethal weapons and vowed to closely monitor both sides in the country's bitter civil war.

The vote, held by the Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines, won immediate support from the Taliban's supreme leader, Mulla Mohammad Omar, who endorsed international efforts to ban production and stockpiling of mines.

In a statement, he said dozens of countrymen had fallen prey to the blind terrorism of landmines which are also considered a major threat to the reconstruction of Aghanistan.

27 Nov 1998 description

ROME - The United NationsWorld Food Programme has just learned this week that a WFP staff member was killed in August in the city of Bamyan, in Afghanistan.

27 Nov 1998 description

This report includes: A) Angola B) Bangladesh C) Afghanistan D) Central America: Hurricane Mitch E) East and Central Africa: Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo and Congo/Brazzaville F) WFP memorial to colleagues killed in the line of duty.

23 Nov 1998 description

Paris, November 23 {No. 98-255} - UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor today expressed alarm at the Taleban's lack of respect for the human and cultural rights, notably linguistic rights, of the people of Afghanistan after he received a letter written by author and academic Latif Pedram and co-signed by 14 other Afghan intellectuals, writers and academics.

15 Nov 1998 description

The following is an excerpt from the USIP Special Report "The Taliban and Afghanistan: Implications for Regional Security and Options for International Action". It includes a summation of Key Points and the Table of Contents. The entire report can be found on the USIP website at http://www.usip.org/oc/sr/sr_afghan.html

06 Nov 1998 description

This report includes: A) Central America: Hurricane Mitch (details in Supplement) B) Somalia C) Sudan D) East and Central Africa: Rwanda, DR Congo, Congo/Brazzaville E) China F) Afghanistan G) WFP on the Web: Updated resources/food aid needs.

05 Nov 1998 description

ISLAMABAD - The United Nations World Food Programme on Wednesday delivered a strong protest to the< Taleban ambassador of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan to Pakistan, following confirmation that 1,500 metric tons of food aid had disappeared from WFP warehouses in Bamyan and Yakawlang.

04 Nov 1998 description

KABUL, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's ruling Taleban movement said on Wednesday it would allow nine expelled Western aid agencies to resume relief work in the capital Kabul because they had agreed to move to new accommodation.

"We have received letters from nine non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in which they have promised to relocate their operations to the Polytechnic (institute) compound," Raaz Mohammad, head of the Taleban planning ministry's department for NGOs, said.

More than 35 NGOs, largely funded by the European Commission, were expelled from Kabul in …

03 Nov 1998 description

UNHCR welcomes Sunday's report by Human Rights Watch, and the attention that is finally being paid to the terrible events that took place in Mazar-i-Sharif on and after 8 August when the city was captured by the Taliban. These events have led to new displacements within Afghanistan, as well as to Pakistan and Iran. UNHCR has carried out extensive interviews with refugees trickling out of northern Afghanistan over the past two months, and our findings very much correspond with those of Human Rights Watch.